40 before 40

1. Take all four kids to Disneyworld
2. Visit another country in Europe
3. Go on a honeymoon
4. Take a trip to Canada (Toronto? Quebec City? Montreal?)
5. Send Chad on a fishing trip with his brother.
6. Take each kid on a weekend trip (indoor water park, Six Flags, etc)...just them and us!
7. Plan a 40th birthday trip with my girlfriends
8. Go to spring training
9. Go on a weekend trip with my Mom

MONEY (in this order)
1. Pay off credit card debt for good
2. Pay off student loans
3. Invest more into retirement (15% of income)
4. Pay mortgage bi-weekly instead of monthly
5. Buy investment properties in Portland
6. Contribute more money to C & L's 529 accounts
** By the time I'm 40, we will not have any child support or day care expenses! 
This will free up so much money to help us accomplish these goals!

1. See James Taylor in concert again
2. Take classes for continuing education credits
3. Take a photography class
4. Continue our tradition of a yearly Patriots' game
5. Continue our tradition of a monthly date on the 15th
6. Start biking
7. Watch every movie on the AFI's top 100 list
8. See Billy Joel at MSG
9. Compete in Tough Mudder or something similar
10. Start skiing as a family

1. Throw a fabulous 50th birthday party for Chad
2. Throw a special 1st birthday for Louise
3. Decide on a school for Cameron
4. Buy (just) four things for each kid every Christmas
5. Baptize both kids
6. Buy a lake house
7. Draw up a will
8. Go to a dermatologist
9. Get a new tattoo (or two)
10. Read more
11. Master and grow our 4th of July and Christmas Eve Eve parties
12. Maintain my weight between 145 - 150 pounds
13. Continue to send snail mail for birthdays and other celebrations
14. Reconnect with Christianity
15. Wear a bikini (confidently)

What would be on YOUR list?


There are so many other things that I want to do, but I know will not be possible to accomplish before I turn 40. These include:
1. Renew our vows (2024 - 10th anniversary) and have a big party in Portland (since we got married in OBX with 14 family members)
2. Go to St John USVI
3. Go to Northwest USA (Seattle, Portland, etc)
4. Buy Chad his dream car - Porsche Carrera
5. Get regular manicures/pedicures
6. Start a tradition of Christmas shopping in NYC with my mom

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