Louise James: 18 Months

My sweet, 2nd child....I am living up to the stereotype of #secondchildproblems, and I'm sorry. But to be fair, I haven't done an update on Cameron since he turned 4, so we'll call it a wash...

Clothes //18 month
Shoes // size 4/5
Diapers // size 4

You are eating a little better...you are in a phase where you want to be held, but we will only let you eat while you're sitting, so that's interesting. You still love meatballs and chicken tossed in bbq sauce, anything dipped in ranch or ketchup, mac and cheese, yogurt, applesauce, and pirate booty.

Oh, you...my little light sleeper! You are napping better at day care, which is great! You go right down at 7 and usually sleep until almost 7! BUT, when you wake up, you want to be fed, held or just want to come down and sit on the couch with us. I do love the snuggles, but I also love when you sleep through the night. :) You nap around 12/1230 and stay down for 1 - 3 hours depending on where you are...You are still sleeping with your paci and lovies. You don't go anywhere without those two things!

You still love to stack things and put stuff in things....cups, boxes, bags, etc...in and out things go all the time. If my purse is open, all of the contents get taken out then put back back. You love the pop up toys at day care and loving shape sorters. You are definitely going to be organized like me! You love anything that makes noise or moves. Cam has a walking dinosaur that you love to imitate...it's hilarious! You love to throw balls, play with buttons and steal anything you're not supposed to have, like phones, remote controls and chargers.

You are starting to form more and more words. You "talk" a lot, but you only say uh oh, uppie, bubba, binkie, bye, hi, wawa and ball. You love to make animal noises, although dogs, birds and pigs all sound strangely similar.

You are literally running all over the place now! You started walking in the middle of August, and you haven't stopped. I love it!! We chase each other. You chase Cam. Cam tackles you. It' amazing.

You actually listen really well, except when we say no! If you take something off a shelf at a store, you put it right back when I tell you to. You are very good at putting things where we say, but if we tell you no, you laugh and keep doing it. If we tell you no and Cameron isn't laughing, you know we are serious. But you still laugh after a few seconds of silence.

You LOVE to dance...you shake your hips side to side, bend your knees to drop it low, move your entire arms around and around...you are a killer dancer. ;)

You wrinkle your nose when you drink your sippy cup, and I literally just stare at you when you do.

You and Cameron are BFFs, and it's adorable. You rarely sit still, but if he's on the couch watching a show, you'll sit right next to him and cuddle in...for a few minutes. You don't want to share him (or anyone), though...if he is sitting on my lap, you throw a fit. If Daddy's arm is touching me, you throw it off. Seriously. I know you love me, but geez! ;)

You are still in the "infant" room until January, when you will sleep on a nap mat (no more crib!), eat a table (which you started doing already) and have one nap - I hope you nap better for them than you do for the Meggies! Your favorite buddies are Nora and Jada, with Ryan up there, too!

How they keep you from getting up while you're eating!

School Picture 2016 <3

You have had a few bumps along the way, little peach. You are still having issues going #2, so your new doctor send you for an x-ray to see if you are constipated or if you have another issue. Sure enough, you're constipated. After a 3-day laxative diet, you're as regular as the sun comes up, but we still put some laxative in your bottle at night, just to keep things moving. You also spent about six hours in the hospital with a 105 fever, but it went away after some double doses of tylenol and ibuprofen.

tummy x-rays

spending the night in the hospital (one of the few times you really cuddled with me!)

Well, we've had a lot of adventures since July! We rented a lake house with Uncle Jim and Aunt Tanya, visited Storyland, we drove to Virginia and back to visit Grandma Scott, and we celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving!


Weezy Pie, you are seriously the sweetest little thing I've ever seen in my life. Your cheeks and your eyes just kill me! You're so so different than Cam, and I love every bit of it. I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow, little girl.