Cameron: FOUR Years

Height // 43" (90%)
Weight // 40 lbs (84%)
Shoes // 11 wide
Clothes // shorts: 2T (skinny boy); pants: 5T; tops: 4/5T

Eating // 

You still LOVE water and almond milk. Lemonade and chocolate milk are your favorite treats.

Your new favorite meal is a turkey and cheese sandwich with mayo, cut into tiny squares, thanks to Funbites. You still love meatballs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

We go to Margarita's a lot for dinner, and you call your cheese quesadilla a "Mexican pizza" and ask if we're going to Mexico for dinner. I wish, buddy!

Sleeping // 

You are in the phase of needing a nap, but when you take one, you are up until 9/10:00. If you don't nap, you break down around 5/6:00 but then crash by 7:30.

You've been sleeping on your floor for about a month...we don't know why, but whatever works. You've also recently become afraid of the may just be a bedtime stall ploy, but you now sleep with a night light and your closet light, with the door kind of open.

Playing // 

You are going to summer camp 2-3 days a week, depending on the week. You LOVE it, but you HAAAATE being dropped off. I felt like THE worst parent after the first morning and worried about you all day...until I went to pick you up, and you didn't want to leave. You still need a counselor to hold you every morning, while I walk away, but you love it. Your counselors are usually Brody and Emily (Elimy to you), and you love them! They even got the whole camp to sign Happy Birthday to you!

We have been spending one day a week together, with no Louise! This time is SO important for both of us, because we get to spend 1:1 time together. We do the movies, a water park, Get Air, etc...we still have about six weeks left of this, and I am already excited for our next adventure!

You are obsessed with Star Wars and Superheros. You love guns (which I hate) and "fighting the bad guys." Papa has convinced you that you should join the Army when you're 18 (Thanks, Dad.).

Your best buddies are Thomas, Jonah, Jackson, Avery, Tino, Rex and Brookes.

You started tball, but you were totally not into it, so we didn't force it. Maybe next year, buddy...

We bought this bounce house instead of renting one, because it was the same price and a little smaller, so it fit into our driveway better. We call the nap-guarantee-er! 

Talking //

You had a speech evaluation this year, and there are no issues with that...your development is above average (the ability to make sentences and make yourself understood), but your articulation is low average, so they are hoping that improves with time.

Some of my favorite words/sayings are:

Flamly - family

Bwekfwewest - Breakfast (You somehow make it an 8 syllable word)

Oh my GOSH


Bizzy = Dizzy

Terrible mess, exhausted and miserable are some of your favorite dramatic phrases.

You have started to insert "like" into, like, every, like, possible sentence, like ever. When did you turn into a Valley Girl? (Or are you listening to me talk too much?)

"I love you that even a number, Mom?" I get this most nights.

Personality // 

You remember EVERYTHING. We go into a store or restaurant, and the first thing you say is, "Remember when we came here and..." Daddy and I look at each other because we don't remember it, until you say it.

When I ask for a bite of something, you never hesitate to say yes, AND you show me the best bite.

You always pull out your knife at a restaurant and give it to us. Some restaurants have special napkins rolled for kids, so when they include a knife, you say, "They must not have known I was coming." Hahaha, my's your world, baby!

You want to marry Louise and get super upset everytime we remind you that you can't. Your second choice is Mia, but you don't want to kiss her until you're grown-ups.

You saw your first double rainbow and said, "That's awesome, Mom!" I love that you still love the little are always commenting no how beautiful something is (flowers, pictures, etc)...I hope you always keep this sense of appreciation.

You love to be independent, except when you don't. Most times, you want to do everything on your own - get your own plate, silverware and whatever food you can reach in the fridge or pantry. If I do something for you that you wanted to do on your own, I hear about it. But if you're too tired or don't want to do something, you let me do it.

You are going through a weird're SO SWEET, but you are craving attention and affirmation. If we give Louise any attention, you immediately do something to get negative attention. We've tried ignoring, rewarding, discipline and charts...our pom pom system is still working, but not always. Deep down, you are a kind and caring kid - you offer to do things without us asking, but when we ask you to put on your shoes, you run around the island 30 times.

You love to make up jokes, and although they usually include a poop reference and rarely make sense (unless you say that the cow is moooing furniture), I love it. Your imaginations is wild already!

Louise //

You still love Louise and help out with her, but you've started to get VERY jealous of her and try to retaliate by taking away her toy or "covering" her with a blanket (also known as putting a heavy blanket on her and walking away as she cries). You love baths with her and are very gentle in there; I think you know it's serious business. ;) Overall, you have the sweetest bond. When she hears your voice or even your name, she gets so excited. 

Developments and Milestones //

You are fully, 100%, no accidents, potty trained! You don't wear diapers, you poop when you need to, and you've only had one accident since April (which was at summer camp, on your first day, because you were so wrapped up in the activity). You've even mastered peeing outside, which makes every male in our family proud.

You got your first bike and real helmet, but you are a little nervous about riding it, because it's kind of wobbly with the training wheels. We got you a balance bike last summer, but you didn't understand why it didn't have pedals, so you wouldn't ride it. 

Just a few weeks ago, you suddenly decided to become interested in writing your name, and you are a pro at writing Cam with the C capitalized and the a &m lowercase. Other than that, you have no interest in writing or drawing.

We just got Highlights High Five magazine, and you are surprising me. You generally don't want to "try" things because you're afraid to do it wrong, but your focus and attention at trying to find the hidden objects, finding out what's different in pictures, counting and recognizing letters is impressive. I love doing this every night and totally buy into "one more game" before bed. You're secretly learning, and I won't stop you!

You finished preschool and will go back to FES in the more year until Kindergarten (cue the tears already)!

Cam-a-lam, Cam Cam, Sweet Boy - you are definitely my baby boy. Your smile and eyes light up my world. Your laugh is contagious and even the most frustrating days end with me peeking on you, while you're sleeping and giving you a dozen kisses. I would do anything for you, and I usually do, even if it's being more your friend than your mom. I hate to see you frustrated and upset, so I usually try to find a happy-medium between making you happy and teaching you a's a tough job!

I love you more, little boy.


  1. We have some of the same names for our Cam too. :) What a big boy and so sweet! I love that you two get alone time every week. I'm jealous of that and wish we could do it too. How special. Why are our boys growing up so fast?

  2. What a beautiful way to recap his years! xo

  3. This made me teary-eyed!
    Such a sweet little boy with the best smile ever.

  4. Oh my, he has just grown up so much all of sudden! We love the highlights Magazine, and Liam is super into writing people's names. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one with a 4 year old who still wears 2T shorts! Finn & he will be the same size soon!

  5. my son turned 4 at the end of june and i can't believe it! they grow so fast! this is such a great recap to have to look back on :)

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