Louise James: ONE YEAR

Height // 28.5"
Weight // 18 lbs 9 oz
Teeth // Seven (plus 3 molars coming in)
Feet // Size 1 (almost a 2)
Diapers // size 3
Clothes // TTS...12 months

My little lady...you are lucky you have us wrapped tight around your finger, because you are so not a good sleeper! You go down RIGHT at 7:00 and wake 1 - 3 times a night. We've done some sleep training, and although it takes almost a week, it works great! Until you get sick. Or a tooth. Or light comes into your bedroom at 5:00 am. We are starting the rotation again, and last night was a full night of sleep (7 - 5, ate then back down until 6:30), so here's to hoping that it lasts for awhile. However, I do not mind the snuggling in your nursery chair. It was the best investment and makes these night time feedings so cozy.

You are still a sh*tty napper at day care and a rock star napper at home! I'll take it, although I am sure the two Megs (your teachers) would appreciate a break, every now and then. You are a happy, sleepy baby, so they don't complain.

You sleep in my favorite Carter's pajamas, your lovey (or four) and a glow-in-the-dark pacifier (with about 2384789 sprinkled throughout your crib, in case you lose yours in the middle of the night). Thankfully, you are nothing like Cameron with the pacifier and sleep perfectly fine, when it falls out. (With Cam, I used to put it back in about 28374 times a night. No joke.) We are using a breathable crib bumper, to keep your legs (and pacifiers) from falling out.

You have developed quite the appetite, thankfully, and bottles are becoming much less frequent. You love meatballs, cheeseburgers, tofu, chicken, anything with bbq sauce, yogurt, bananas (no other fruit), cinnamon raisin toast, bagels and cream cheese, crackers, and chocolate cake. You will drink water from a sippy cup but not milk or formula. We reeeeally want to get you out of bottles!

Your favorite thing to do is throw your food on the ground, then eat it when we let you out of your high chair. #whateverworks

You aren't too interested in your toys at home, although you love walking and riding (or just sitting and watching) in your toys. When we are outside, you are in either one of these, since we have no grass, and your knees are permanently bruised, as it is! When we are inside, you are more interested in being held or eating whatever you're not supposed to. You love to get into cabinets, so we definitely have to baby proof (like, yesterday) and stairs just scream your name, apparently, because you scoot right up them without anyone noticing!

We just pulled out the water table, so you are starting to explore that. When we're on grass somewhere, you always keep one leg up, because it must tickle you! We'll see how you do in the sand...

You aren't walking yet, but you are finally go forward in your walker, instead of backwards, and actually kind of run after Cam, in it! Up until just a day ago, you wouldn't walk unless you were hold TWO hands...now you walk with one, so we're getting there! I am excited for you to walk, so we can do more outside. Not having grass really limits what we can do at home! AND, I think it will help with the constant wanting-to-be-held situation that I love (but I am ready to brush my teeth without holding you).  You are a speed crawler and stair climber, and we have learned that we always have to watch you! You are starting to get curious about going down stairs, which is interesting.

Milestones and Developments//
Not many, besides the above. You aren't clapping, but you're waving. (Your wave kind of looks like a bad dance move, but it works!) You aren't saying many words other than Momma, Dadda and HI! You recognize people...if I say, "Where's Cameron?" you find him immediately! (You LOVE him.) You LOVE to dance and your body is constantly moving, when music is playing. You know when to smile at people and totally take advantage of how cute you are!

You get SO frustrated sometimes, and I can't help but laugh! When we take something away (like the hand sanitizer you want to eat), you screech and get PO'ed! I can't even imagine what life will be like in 10 years, when we take away something from you!

You and Cam now taking sibling baths, and I think everyone is a fan! Cam likes to protect you from drowning, and you like to steal his toys. I hope this never changes!

Fingers crossed, you are fairly healthy! A little runny nose here, a little cough there, but nothing major! We are putting a light laxative in one drink a day, to help with that process, because you're still SCREECHING when you go #2, but so far, it's helped!

You're officially a baseball sister, although we've skipped a few of Cam's tball games/practices because of other stuff. It's your morning nap time anyways, so we're happy to give it up this year. We did a CF walk for Mamie, and you got NO attention. We celebrated Jacob and Jonah's birthdays, at their house, and you were still SO neglected. We celebrated your first birthday, and you were the cutest strawberry I've ever seen!!

Without a doubt, this past year has been one of ups and downs...juggling the new baby stage again, working full time, guilt about Cameron. But in the end, it has been the BEST year. Louise, you are SO SWEET. You wake up in the best mood and snuggle right into my shoulder like a puzzle piece. Your eyes are incredibly beautiful and your cheeks are too squeezable. Your personality is slow to form, but when it comes through, it's elaborate.

You have everyone wrapped around your finger, and nobody minds a bit. Cameron ADORES you, and you can't get enough of him. When you hear his voice, your legs start kicking, your hands start moving, and you get so excited...even first thing in the morning! Then he headlock/tackles you, and you've had enough. I love the interaction between you two. What I love most, though, is how easily you fit into our family. I wasn't quite sure, at first, but you are most definitely the perfect addition to our family.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I am so lucky that I get to be YOUR Momma in this crazy life. I hope I am the best for you; I want you to be smart, confident, humble and kind, and you're teaching me to be the same.

Cameron's 1 Year Update


  1. How can she be ONE already??? My goodness time flies. Happy birthday Louise!!!

  2. "Your personality is slow to form, but when it comes through, it's elaborate." This is Mabel to a T! So basically they should be besties.

    Happy birthday, Louise!!!

    Also- since we're moms and can talk about this stuff- what laxative are you using? Because we're having baby poo probs over here.

  3. When you transition from the bottle, do an update please. My daughter turned 1 on May 12th and we have the same problem. She'll drink anything from a sippy just not her milk. P.S. we also live in Maine!

  4. You NAILED it, she fits your shoulder just like a puzzle piece, LOVE. The first year is such a crazy roller coaster or emotions and change and adjustments, but feeling your family is complete is priceless. You have such cute babes!!!

  5. Oh Louise! You sweet little girl and all of yor fun. But you've gotta sleep for momma baby girl. Way to go momma on surviving the year. ;)

  6. Louise and Julia need to meet up one day. They sound like two peas in a pod (except bananas are the only fruit Julia won't eat).
    The screeching and getting PO'd, the nightly wake-ups, the big brother admiration... all so familiar over here.
    Cheers to year one! The fun is just beginning!

  7. Happy Birthday Louise. She is just getting so big. I love seeing her meet her milestones and being so similar to my girls, Sutton and Avery.

  8. She is just the cutest little thing ever! Happy birthday, Louise! I can't believe how fast this year went. Hopefully this next one will be LOTS more sleeping! ;)

  9. Such a happy little thing! My kids aren't good sleepers either! I would consider 1-3 wake ups a night a huge win, ugh!

  10. She is darling! I can't believe she only likes bananas as far as fruit goes. Sweet girl!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet girl! We're stuck in a similar sleep messy schedule as well! And gosh do those molars ever stink?!

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