FIve things we did LAST weekend: Picture Overload

Oh, hey there. Here I am, doing our weekend review, as a new weekend is beginning! Last weekend was an epic one, though, so I don't want to skip it! (Get ready for a picture overload!)

ONE // Louise turned ONE! 
We had a small birthday party (nothing Pinterest, designed or even organized) on Friday night. We had some family, a few friends and take out pizza. Louise loved it. Everyone had fun. We spent less than $200 (including food). #winning

Cam got a little jealous of the attention and tried SO HARD to get a bite of her cupcake, until she finally caved and shared. Louise was a sweet doll all night...she totally ate up the attention she was getting. Cam go to go to the playground with my uncle, and I got to drink wine while everyone else watched my kids! :) It was the perfect celebration for our little girl (and motherhood).

TWO // Sam Graduated
We totally skipped tball to go to my God Brother's graduation. (His mom is my God Mother, and my mom is his God Mother, so I call him my God Brother!) He just finished nursing school, so it was a great reason to drink bloody marys and screwdrivers at noon. 

That's Sam in the green shirt; isn't he handsome? Any early 20's gal looking for a good man?! ;)

Clearly, my kids were NOT the best behaved, but whatever. It was another chance for me to drink while other people watched them!

This was pretty much the entire day...Cam laying in the middle of the floor while Papa walked around with Louise

THREE // We Shopped
If you don't agree that the best thing to do after day drinking is to go shopping, we clearly can't be friends. After the graduation party, we headed to the outlets, in Freeport, and Chad bought the entire Vineyard Vines store, my Mom bought a few goodies at JCrew, and I finally found a dress to wear to the wedding we had on Sunday. I almost gave up, until my mom dragged me in Banana, and we found the prettiest pink dress!

FOUR // Lolo and Justin got married!
One of my best friends from high school got married on Sunday. (Remember my box truck story...this her wedding!) It was at a music venue, which is totally perfect for these two, since they are both music buffs. The fireball was flowing, the babies were adorable, and Chad and I got to dirty dance without getting the side eye from our neighbors.

Oh, and our BEST friend, Liz, was the caterer! Delicious!

FIVE // Memorial Day happened
Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays (I mean, they all are), but I love that we get to honor those who have served for us. I'm not being corny, I really LOVE that they get their own day. Now, if we can only find them housing, jobs and support, when they return from war, we will be doing MUCH better!

We grilled some steaks, ate some oysters and played with Louise's toys, because Cam clearly doesn't have an entire full of his own toys. (They're so BOOOORING, Mom.)

Oh, and we dressed in our gangster headband and played in laundry baskets, because that's the most fun.

And, if you've made it to the end, you deserve some kind of a metal...or a cocktail!! 

This weekend will not be nearly as exciting, but we do have a few things up our sleeves including tball, graduation for my high school and a little date night!

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy first birthday sweet Louise! So exciting. How cute is she sharing her cupcake!! That pink dress is everything! Swoon! And it looks great on you. Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite holidays, too! Cute pictures!!

  2. Did you say we get a cocktail? haha. Yay for Louise's party!! And I absolutely love that pink dress on you! So pretty. Hope you guys have another great weekend!

  3. Huge fan of day drinking and then going shopping. lol
    We did a similar style "party" for Ben and it was the best one to date! So not stressful but very enjoyable! Loved it. She is so adorable & I am obsessed with that pink dress from Banana you found.

  4. I'll take a cocktail! :p

    "The fireball was flowing" that sounds like a recipe for a roughhhhh morning the next day lol.

    Sweet Louise sharing her cupcake. These second borns kill me! Because hello, I was totally the older sibling mooching off all of my little brothers stuff. I resonate with Cam lol!

  5. Girl, I freaking love you! Enjoying a drink while other people watch your kids is right up my alley. :) I'm right there with you about having a drink and shopping. Sign me up. Louise's party looks just perfect. I love the picture of her feeding Cam her cupcake. So good at sharing. Ha ha!

  6. i really just want to talk about how awesome your fireplace is.

  7. The 1st birthday party, what a success!! It also has me weepy eyed, because how does a year pass so quickly?!
    That pink dress. You are smoking hot in that (as you are per the usual - but that dress is on fire)!!!!
    I'm also insanely jealous of the multiple occasions where wine was consumed while others watched the babes. Well played, momma. Well. Played.

  8. Any time theres family get togethers Im off the hook with kid duty, so thankful for those mini breaks :D Pink is your color, lady!!!

  9. What a fun weekend! Love the pink dress you found! Looks great on you! Happy first birthday to Louise! Can't beat a simple little celebration! Looks like she enjoyed her cupcake! ;)

  10. You had a busy weekend! That pink dress looks amazing on you! And yay for a successful birthday party!!!