Mother's Day Exchange: Part II

Last year, there were a LOT of pregnant at the same time, so someone though it would be fun to shower each other with some goodies. Well, we had so much fun, that we decided to do it again this year, now that our babies are almost (or already) ONE!

I hit the jackpot and had Ashley "assigned" to me. She did not disappoint, which is not surprising. If you have ever seen pictures of her, her girls and her home, you would want her to shop for you, too!!

She got me a Swell bottle,which I've been wanting forever!! I was serioulsy thisclose to buying on at Target online that same day, so when I opened our package, I was overly excited! And, all of my students think that I'm the bee's knees now, because #swelliscool. Everytime one of the teachers saw it, they said, "just wait until you put wine in it!" Message heard loud and clear! Ha

Cam go a yoyo, which he thought was awesome, until he found out that it lit up! Now, it goes everywhere he does!

And Louise...sweet girl thought it was an apple or just something else to put into her mouth...

until she dropped it, and it lit up, too! We were both surprised! 

Don't mind the empty back of Cheez-its...I had a craving while Louise was WIDE AWAKE at 3am!

I think I know what we are doing all day, since we are home sick again. BOTH kiddos were sick last night, so thanks for the entertainment, Ashley!!

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Okay, ladies...what holiday/event is next, so we can do this again?! :) 


  1. Oh man I would have loved to participate in this!

  2. I love that you girls "showered" each other last year! I need to remember that if and when I have another baby (assuming there are other bloggers pregnant with me!). I especially love that you kept the tradition going this year!

  3. What a great idea and so special. Both time you showered each other with gifts was so deserved. Every pregnant woman deserves something fun and mommas deserve it after to celebrate success. Love your Swell Bottle. So fun!

  4. Ashley has wonderful taste! I want a s'well bottle so bad, so I sent Jess one! As how funny that you are "cool" with the students now.

  5. I love that you guys kept the tradition going this year! That is so awesome. And seriously, I need to get on the Swell train because I'm totally having water bottle envy seeing everyone else's!

  6. Okay, I'm brand new here to your blog and commented just so I can say I LOVE your cupboards with the green knobs!

    New Reader, Teri O'Neil

  7. Well. That's about the best gift EVER!! I have my eye on a Swell bottle, but just need to pull the trigger. I mean, if it houses wine nicely I don't really know what I'm waiting for.

  8. Lol oh man- has anything been broken or injured by the yo-yo yet?

    Most fun exchange ever! So glad you got all of us to do this again! :)

  9. What great gifts. I love the color of your new swell bottle!!

  10. PS - hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  11. Hope everyone is feeling better soon! What a fun tradition between you ladies!

  12. What a cool gift exchange! Love the swell bottle! And the ball and yo-yo are such fun items for the kids!