I'm officially a baseball mom....

and I LOVE IT!

My love for baseball runs deep, and this may be a forced activity for Cam right now, but I am really hoping that he loves it some day (or I may have to go cheer on someone else's kid).

This past weekend was a good one...May is busy for us, and this was just the start.

Saturday morning was TBall Opening Ceremonies (bor-ing), but we did get some cute pictures, thanks to a little bribery of everything under the sun. Whatever works!

We totally practiced smiling before we left the house, and this is what he insisted on. At least it's better than this:

Avery and Cam...I think they would have done anything for a lollipop!

This is how interested they were in the Opening Ceremonies...

Avery LOVES feeding Louise...for about four seconds, when she gets bored. ;)

We were supposed to wait around for an hour for the professional pictures, but like any normal parents, we saw an opening and snuck in, so we could get on the road to Massachusetts, to look at an Expedition! We have an Explorer, and we LOVE it, but we want more room. Unfortunately, we left with our own car but had some epic naps on the way home.

Cam has been "finding" pacis (I think he's storing them, but whatever) and I've been finding him sleeping with them! Sneaky little kid...

We met up with my mom and Mickey at Margaritas for dinner and...Margaritas! I usually stick with beer, because it's cheaper and I don't like super sweet drinks or margaritas made with juices, but their Blood Orange Margaritas are SO GOOD!

Cam likes that he gets a sombrero every time we go, and that he can scale the granite walls. 

Sunday was a relaxing day until I drank an expired beer....

Louise hates most food and always offers it to me...

I sort of tackled our storage room to put away winter stuff (hopefully) for good. 

Louise also hates baths alone, since she's bathed with either me or Chad for the last few months. I've gone back to the baby tub, so she'll actually stay in. Otherwise, there are huge tears and screams of death. 

So back to my expired beer...all was good, when we decided to visit my mom and Mickey at their new office on Sunday night. They had been painting all day, so we thought we'd bring them some beers. Did someone say beer? I grabbed one, of course, and as soon as I was done (I kind of chugged it because Louise pooped, Cam was touching every glass door, and Chad was getting hungry), my stomach kind of hurt. I went home, ate dinner and went to bed, feeling nauseous. I woke around midnight, to feed Louise, and when I stood up, I was so lightheaded and felt like I was going to puke. As I kneeled to puke, I felt like my body needed to do something else. Knowing I would puke after, I went to a different bathroom as to not contaminate my puking toilet, took care of business, then puked my brains out for an hour. It was awesome...I hadn't done this since college!

Luckily, I am feeling way better (although really hungry with a headache, thanks to no coffee) and hope this lightheadedness goes away soon. I just want to take a nap and call in a part-time Mom for a few hours! 

PS Sugarbit is having a sale on swimwear - 20% off your order with code "water!" I just snagged two super cute suits for Louise!

Happy Monday!


  1. OMG girl! That sounds absolutely awful. I'm so sorry you were sick after drinking that beer. Ugh! Otherwise it sounds like a pretty great weekend. Yay for baseball and looking adorable.

  2. OH my gosh! I'm sorry about the expired beer situation - that sounds terrible! Hope you're feeling better. Cam with the paci is cracking me up! Hope you have a good Monday!

  3. Well, Cam looks absolutely adorable! And CRAZY about the beer - feel better, lady!

  4. Beer expires? Lol! We've never kept it around long enough to have that problem before haha.

    I want to be a baseball mom!!

  5. Cam looks darling!!! Oh goodness, friend. That sounds like torture- how does expired beer do the same thing as regular beer? ;) Hope youre feeling better!

  6. Oh my gosh - baseball Cam is THE CUTEST!! We're 87.3% sure Marcus will be in some organized sport this fall. I'm pulling for baseball.
    Note to self... Check expiration date on beers. Yikes. I hope you're feeling better!!

  7. Eeek, t-ball! Cam is adorable in his jersey and hat. Liam's first day is tomorrow and I simply cannot wait!

  8. Oh how we love baseball, too. And we totally forced it upon Mason at the ripe age of 2 (almost three). I’m really hoping he wants to play it again some day. We are about to wrap up soccer and now he’s talking about karate. I’m praying for baseball. Ha. That margarita looks and sounds amazing. That expired beer sounds awful. Glad it was over pretty quick and didn’t last all night.