Happy Monday!!

The sun is shining. The summer is getting closer. I have lost two pounds. (It's the little things.)

First, I am over at Whitney's blog today, writing about our decision to stop growing our family. 

Second, my post explains why I've been so MIA - I've really been trying to be better at what I do (mom, wife, teacher, friend, daughter) instead of not-being-good-at-anything, like I've been feeling lately. Unfortunately, that puts the ole blog last because #itdoesntpaymybills.

We've been enjoying our spring, though...lots of t-ball (and bribing Cam with the word to participate), lots of playground trips and underdogs, lots of walking with Louise, while she holds onto my fingertips and lots of outdoor cocktails with Chad. Life is good.

I got a Stitch Fix box last week and LOVED it. 

Bottom to Top: Jeans, Jacket (too "utility" for me), dress (kept), 
blouse (too 17-year old girl) and another blouse (kept)

Unfortunately, the sizes were a bit off, but I was introduced to Kut from the Kloth. (I always have such great luck with SF jeans, and it's really the only reason I keep getting the boxes!) Since the ones that I got were too big (they are stretchy and really stretched after just a few minutes of wearing them), I sent them back and found them on Nordstrom....for 35% off!! If you love this brand or want to try the most comfortable jeans ever, go buy yourself a pair. Or three, like I did! 

I read this super disturbing article and have been making Cam ride in the car ever since. 
I may do this until he's 15 (and I don't care that his feet are almost touching the ground)!

This past weekend, we did a walk for Cystic Fibrosis and Louise got NO attention....

neither did Cam. It's too bad my kids are neglected!

And now we are preparing to celebrate Louise's FIRST birthday on Friday (what?), close out the school year and dive straight into beach days. 

I'll be back by Friday, at the latest, with Louise's one year update!


  1. Yay for Louise's First Birthday!! Missed you around these parts, but glad that you are spending some time in real life mode. :)

  2. Girl, I feel you! I'm struggling to keep up with both real life and the blog these days, lol. My goal is to post a couple of times a week and hope that my readers still enjoy what I have to share when I do:)

    Those jeans look amazing and that price point is great! With my big ol belly, I wouldn't be able to try them on, so would you say they run pretty true to size? They'd be a perfect item to have for fall!

    And finally, the blog post story about the child being lured away was taken down. But I SO wanted to read it! Can you tell me what happened? I am so terrified of all the weirdos out there, I literally want to leash my children to me at all times!!!!

  3. I loved your guest post today. It was well written and conveyed a lot of how I am feeling at the moment. I really want a pair of these jeans and at $58 that is a steal. Might need to snag a pair. I am going to read that article you were talking about!

  4. Thank you for being a lovely guest host!!! You know I owe one no

    1. Wow. Didnt see that coming lol. I do owe you one though ;) Happy early 1st to sweet Louise!

  5. Loved your post over on whitneys blog!! Great job momma. I was giggling and shaking my head yes to so many of them. :) I read that article too and it freaked me out. Supposedly it wasn't true but holy crap did it give me a slap on the head.

  6. Happy 1st Birthday Louise! Any big party plans?

  7. Yay for summer and for losing 2 pounds! Way to go. I can’t wait to read your post on Whitney’s blog. I’ve loved her Mommylogues Series so far! Sounds like you guys are having a good spring. When you say you’re having to bribe Cam to play…is he not liking it?

  8. Girl, I feel ya. I'm so behind on all things blogging and currently have like 75 unanswered blog emails. I just can't. Like you said, it doesn't pay the bills so it has to go on the back burner!
    YAY for losing two pounds and for a Stitch Fix box! Are you going to do a review??

  9. I am so far behind on everything too! Loved your post over on Whitney's blog. Those jeans are amazing! And that articles freaked me out, too.

  10. Outdoor cocktails are always a good idea! Happy early birthday to Louise!

  11. I'm nervous to read the disturbing article! Also, you must share you while fix!