Happy Monday!!

The sun is shining. The summer is getting closer. I have lost two pounds. (It's the little things.)

First, I am over at Whitney's blog today, writing about our decision to stop growing our family. 

Second, my post explains why I've been so MIA - I've really been trying to be better at what I do (mom, wife, teacher, friend, daughter) instead of not-being-good-at-anything, like I've been feeling lately. Unfortunately, that puts the ole blog last because #itdoesntpaymybills.

We've been enjoying our spring, though...lots of t-ball (and bribing Cam with the word to participate), lots of playground trips and underdogs, lots of walking with Louise, while she holds onto my fingertips and lots of outdoor cocktails with Chad. Life is good.

I got a Stitch Fix box last week and LOVED it. 

Bottom to Top: Jeans, Jacket (too "utility" for me), dress (kept), 
blouse (too 17-year old girl) and another blouse (kept)

Unfortunately, the sizes were a bit off, but I was introduced to Kut from the Kloth. (I always have such great luck with SF jeans, and it's really the only reason I keep getting the boxes!) Since the ones that I got were too big (they are stretchy and really stretched after just a few minutes of wearing them), I sent them back and found them on Nordstrom....for 35% off!! If you love this brand or want to try the most comfortable jeans ever, go buy yourself a pair. Or three, like I did! 

I read this super disturbing article and have been making Cam ride in the car ever since. 
I may do this until he's 15 (and I don't care that his feet are almost touching the ground)!

This past weekend, we did a walk for Cystic Fibrosis and Louise got NO attention....

neither did Cam. It's too bad my kids are neglected!

And now we are preparing to celebrate Louise's FIRST birthday on Friday (what?), close out the school year and dive straight into beach days. 

I'll be back by Friday, at the latest, with Louise's one year update!

Friday Favorites: McScuse me?

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here are a few of my favorites, lately! 


I have no idea how I came across this website, but when I started looking at their products and prices, they totally sucked me in! I ended up ordering a multivitamin for everyone in our family, some snacks, toothpaste and some cleaning stuff, AND they gave me free coconut oil and chipotle lime mayo with avocado oil (yum!). They also offer free shipping on orders over $49, and 25% off with code 25OFFNOW. 

I am totally not getting paid to tell you this, I just think it's such a great deal! It IS a membership, after a free month, but I just stocked up and may actually pay for the membership, because the prices are seriously that good. (For real, check it out. I DO get a $25 credit, if you sign up through my link, but I'm honestly telling you this because this sh*t is so expensive, and I love to share a good deal!)


Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I had to find a fun margarita to try at home! This did not disappoint, and it may become a regular in our rotation!


I love Anthropologie (who doesn't?), but I just can't spend the money, unless it's on sale. However, I broke my own rule of never buying anything full price, for this beauty. Ashley is wearing it with a ton of outfits and totally convinced me that I need it, too, so don't be surprised if you see me wearing it a LOT this summer!


This. Just everything about it. I'm going to cry until Louise rocks me in her chair all. night. long. when I visit her, as an adult!


If you haven't watched this, please do. If you don't laugh, I am not sure that we can continue our friendship, because I almost peed my pants...McScuse me?

That's all for now! Here's to another (rainy) weekend of TBall, maybe a date and Mother's Day (which totally snuck up on me...luckily, I was prepared!)

Mother's Day Exchange: Part II

Last year, there were a LOT of pregnant at the same time, so someone though it would be fun to shower each other with some goodies. Well, we had so much fun, that we decided to do it again this year, now that our babies are almost (or already) ONE!

I hit the jackpot and had Ashley "assigned" to me. She did not disappoint, which is not surprising. If you have ever seen pictures of her, her girls and her home, you would want her to shop for you, too!!

She got me a Swell bottle,which I've been wanting forever!! I was serioulsy thisclose to buying on at Target online that same day, so when I opened our package, I was overly excited! And, all of my students think that I'm the bee's knees now, because #swelliscool. Everytime one of the teachers saw it, they said, "just wait until you put wine in it!" Message heard loud and clear! Ha

Cam go a yoyo, which he thought was awesome, until he found out that it lit up! Now, it goes everywhere he does!

And Louise...sweet girl thought it was an apple or just something else to put into her mouth...

until she dropped it, and it lit up, too! We were both surprised! 

Don't mind the empty back of Cheez-its...I had a craving while Louise was WIDE AWAKE at 3am!

I think I know what we are doing all day, since we are home sick again. BOTH kiddos were sick last night, so thanks for the entertainment, Ashley!!

Head on over to Courtney's spot, to see what I got her and her girls!

Check out everyone else's posts, to see what they got!

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Okay, ladies...what holiday/event is next, so we can do this again?! :) 

May Goals: To not sing 'N Sync

I feel like I have been working towards the same goals since January, but this is why I don't make New Years' resolutions. I have kids, a job, I'm lazy, and things come up!

My goal is 80 ounces a day. If you count coffee, I totally hit that goal, but for just plain water, it's rare.

I want to be under 150 pounds. I'm not far off, especially after puking all night, but I need to be a little more disciplined to get there. 

We are doing a small party for Louise's 1st and a joint party for their friends, at our local children's museum. There's not a ton to plan, but I want to have it DONE by the end of May, so I can focus on the end of the school year!

5, 6, 7 & 8 (for real). GIFTS, GIFTS, GIFTS
Mother's Day, Birthdays, Gradations, Father's Day...so many fun events! I have a good list going, so I need to get everything together and get to the post office, for some (my lease favorite errand). 

Our winter was mild, but it was long! I am looking forward to taking advantage of the light nights and warmer temps...grilling, playing with the kids and after-dinner walks! We easily get into ruts of hunkering down, when we're tired, but both kids sleep so much better after a little fresh air!

One of Cameron's classmates has Cystic Fibrosis, so I am collecting donations and ordering t-shirts for his class to do the CF Foundation walk with Mamie and her family...and it's a total surprise! I love being able to pull of stuff like this!

That's all for now...fingers crossed that I can reach most of these!

I'm officially a baseball mom....

and I LOVE IT!

My love for baseball runs deep, and this may be a forced activity for Cam right now, but I am really hoping that he loves it some day (or I may have to go cheer on someone else's kid).

This past weekend was a good one...May is busy for us, and this was just the start.

Saturday morning was TBall Opening Ceremonies (bor-ing), but we did get some cute pictures, thanks to a little bribery of everything under the sun. Whatever works!

We totally practiced smiling before we left the house, and this is what he insisted on. At least it's better than this:

Avery and Cam...I think they would have done anything for a lollipop!

This is how interested they were in the Opening Ceremonies...

Avery LOVES feeding Louise...for about four seconds, when she gets bored. ;)

We were supposed to wait around for an hour for the professional pictures, but like any normal parents, we saw an opening and snuck in, so we could get on the road to Massachusetts, to look at an Expedition! We have an Explorer, and we LOVE it, but we want more room. Unfortunately, we left with our own car but had some epic naps on the way home.

Cam has been "finding" pacis (I think he's storing them, but whatever) and I've been finding him sleeping with them! Sneaky little kid...

We met up with my mom and Mickey at Margaritas for dinner and...Margaritas! I usually stick with beer, because it's cheaper and I don't like super sweet drinks or margaritas made with juices, but their Blood Orange Margaritas are SO GOOD!

Cam likes that he gets a sombrero every time we go, and that he can scale the granite walls. 

Sunday was a relaxing day until I drank an expired beer....

Louise hates most food and always offers it to me...

I sort of tackled our storage room to put away winter stuff (hopefully) for good. 

Louise also hates baths alone, since she's bathed with either me or Chad for the last few months. I've gone back to the baby tub, so she'll actually stay in. Otherwise, there are huge tears and screams of death. 

So back to my expired beer...all was good, when we decided to visit my mom and Mickey at their new office on Sunday night. They had been painting all day, so we thought we'd bring them some beers. Did someone say beer? I grabbed one, of course, and as soon as I was done (I kind of chugged it because Louise pooped, Cam was touching every glass door, and Chad was getting hungry), my stomach kind of hurt. I went home, ate dinner and went to bed, feeling nauseous. I woke around midnight, to feed Louise, and when I stood up, I was so lightheaded and felt like I was going to puke. As I kneeled to puke, I felt like my body needed to do something else. Knowing I would puke after, I went to a different bathroom as to not contaminate my puking toilet, took care of business, then puked my brains out for an hour. It was awesome...I hadn't done this since college!

Luckily, I am feeling way better (although really hungry with a headache, thanks to no coffee) and hope this lightheadedness goes away soon. I just want to take a nap and call in a part-time Mom for a few hours! 

PS Sugarbit is having a sale on swimwear - 20% off your order with code "water!" I just snagged two super cute suits for Louise!

Happy Monday!