Louise James: Eleven Months

Louise, Weez, Weezy, Louisey, Peanut, Pumpkin or any combo of these, 

ELEVEN MONTHS. It literally seems like you were just born, yet here we are...sneaking closer to year #1 being done. I have to admit, I have been looking forward to this stage for SO LONG. I mean, everyone loves babies, but to be honest, I don't love the newborn/infant stage. I love the interacting and moving stage so much more. And, we're here! 

You're funny, you're stubborn, you're clingy, you're a crawling machine, you're chatting and laughing...I can't get enough of you. 

Height // 28"
Weight // 18 pounds
(Both are in the 30th percentile...our little peanut)
Teeth // 7 (4 top and 3 bottom)
Diapers // 3 or 4
Clothes // 12 month
Shoes // Almost into a 2 (seriously, our peanut)

Eating //
You're not a huge fan of a lot of foods, but when you want something, you make whoever's eating it feel so bad until they give you some. Your poor day care teachers are constantly giving you pieces of their lunch because you stare them down until they do! You're still taking 4-5 6oz bottles a day, and I cannot, for the life of me, wean you off them. You will eat a little real food, but you still want a bottle at every meal. I've tried a sippy cup, and you'll drink water out of it all day, but when I put in formula, you spit it out. You love yogurt, meatballs and cheese tortellini.

Lou Lou is trying to get you addicted to smoothies, like Cam, but you're not buying it yet!

Sleeping //
My love...you are such a different sleeper than Cam! We just finished our 3rd round of sleep training, because if one little thing changes (cold, teeth, light), you like to wake up every 2 hours. Thankfully, it just takes two nights, and you are back on track. You are going down at 7 (no later) and wake around 3:30/4 then go back down until 6/6:30, usually. I am going to do a little more sleep training soon, to kick out that 3:30 feeding because 8 straight hours will feel so good! You are napping (at home) at 9:00 and 1:00 usually for 1-2 hours...sometimes 3 hours in the afternoon! At day care, you are still such a light sleeper that anything wakes you up, so they are lucky to get 2-30 minute naps.

Playing //
You LOVE to be outside. If you are cranky, I just walk out the front door with you, and all is good again. You love music, lights and any toy for about .2 seconds. You love be walked (stroller, carrier, etc), and I think we are getting you this for your 1st birthday!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth! You know not to, so you look at me, wait for me to say no, then you shake your head no, laugh and put it in your mouth anyways!

figuring out the swing thing

Talking //
You chat a lot, but the only "words" you really say are dada, mama and more

Moving //
You are a speed crawler, and I hope you are start walking soon!! You have a soldier-like walk, when we hold your hands, but you get a little nervous when we're only holding one!

Milestones and Developments //
Not too much this month...you are a one-handed standing pro, but you aren't couch surfing too much. Just like crawling, you aren't too eager to walk.

You have been saying not for a few months, but you learned to shake your head yes! It's a very controlled, thought-through process, but it's so cute!

Health //
Poor girl....you were so healthy until 2016. Mid-April, you came down with a runny nose, then a cough, then a bad fever that you couldn't shake. You missed 1.5 days of day care and came to school with me one morning (and were so good - you even napped)! Luckily, this brought us to vacation week, so we did a lot of snuggling for about five days. We went to the doctor, and she said your ear was red, but she didn't think it was an ear infection. She gave you some amoxicillin, just to be sure, and something helped. You also had a tooth pop through, so combined, you were fairly miserable. Luckily, you're a snuggly, happy sick baby!

Lots of lying on the floor...sweet girl

Lots of indoor entertainment, too!

Adventures //
April was fairly slow...some outdoor/playground days, a fun day/night with Daddy (while I was partying with my girlfriends at a bachelorette - Daddy said you guys drank beer and watched lacrosse!), a night or two with LouLou while Daddy and I went out, and a visit to tour a summer camp option for Cam! Don't worry, May will make up for the lack of events in April!

adventures in LouLou's bathroom

You are loving day care, your friends and your teachers. They have been able to take you out in the baby limo, on nice days!

you, Nora and Jada...best buds!

finger painting to day care

You and Cameron are two peas in a pod. He can head butt you 100 times in a row, and you'd still laugh. When you see him walk in the room, your legs and arms start moving, and you get the biggest smile on your face!

You are, all around, such a sweet girl. You "flirt" with people, when they talk to you. You never let me put you down, if I'm around, but you never cry when I'm not there! You adore everyone in your life, but nobody can figure you out...naps, eating, playing. You're a little bit of a mystery to us! 

I am so excited to watch you grow into a little girl. You're still a baby, in my head, and it hasn't hit me that you will be chasing your brother in a few months. I can't wait to watch you grow, learn and experience more. This summer is going to be a blast!

As you can see, our photo shoot this month was a little more candid. You love to climb on your chair, pull bows out of your hair (booooo) and watch your brother, wherever he is. 

THANK YOU for being a constant bright spot in my life. I love getting you in the mornings (and even in the middle of the night), I love your cuddles, your side smile, your toothy grin and your tiny feet. Your hair, though...we need to figure that out! ;)

One more month, my little lady!

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  1. Aww she is such a doll! I love the photo of her in the sink with the toothbrush. Happy 11 months and this summer is definitely going to be a blast with her.

  2. Oh she is just absolutely precious, Jess!! And isn't that so true about the little sibs. Headbutt 100 times and still laugh. So so true.

    Mabel cheers up if I take her outside too. Thank goodness for spring time weather, eh?

  3. ok. She the CUTEST. and eleven months say whhhhhhhhat?!

  4. Louise sounds SO much like another little babe I know, right down to any disruptions in sleep (hello, 348748321 round of sleep training), loving being in her mommas arms, and slow to do the big things - like crawl or cruise. :) But, goodness, she is one adorable little gal.
    Happy 11 Months, Louise!!

  5. She is one precious little girl!! I absolutely love snuggly babies, but the early toddler stage is my most favorite. They are so my fun. Louise's smile is the best!

  6. Where has the time gone?! So cute.

  7. She is the most adorable, petite little girl. And totally starting to look like Cam. So sorry to hear she was sick this month. It's so hard to see our babies hurting!