Five on Friday: Random

HAPPY FRIDAY!! I feel like I say this every Friday, but what a long week!! TGIF, Baby!

First of all, I posted THREE times this week...granted, they were all easy-peasy posts (Louise's 10 month update, Spring Cleaning Printables and an Easter recap), but I don't think I've done that in forever. And here I am today. I almost posted yesterday, but that was setting the bar far too high for weeks to come! ;)

Second, have you entered the giveaway for a cleaning kit? I collaborated with some (way better) bloggers to come up with the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide, and we decided to give away FOUR Mrs Meyers Cleaning Kits! Go enter!

Unintentionally, I am 2/5 of the way through this post, so I'll try to make the next three points more interesting! ;)


Louise's 1st birthday is coming up, and I have decided to do a little something for her (I was torn between having her own party or combining it with Cam's, since his is one month later, and a lot of people would be invited to both.) because, come on, it's her FIRST birthday! We went all out for Cam's, so I think she deserves the same respect. I've decided on a theme (strawberries...just wait and see) and now the details need to be figured out.

FOUR // 

Cameron asked me to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo in the car, so I turned to YouTube since I didn't remember the words. I chose the first video that came up, and aw, isn't this cute? 

It was all fine and dandy until I actually looked at the video playing and saw THIS:

What the??? Little Bunny FooFoo "bops" them on the head, no kills them violently with a bat!!

Whatever you do, don't play Little Bunny Foo Foo by Phil Mangnini!!


I've talked about it before, but if you're not using Kidizen to buy and sell your kids' clothing, DO IT! I bought a cheap scale off Amazon, print my mailing labels from home and bam...$40 in my Paypal account. Easy as pie!

That's all I have for now!! I am entering a weekend of wedding stuff for Lauren...bridal shower, bachelorette and lots of people watching our kids. :) Wish us luck!


  1. Love the strawberries theme and how cute will she be in her little smocked outfit!! Can't wait to see the details. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the little birthday outfit! OMGGGGG the Little Bunny Foo Foo!! A similar thing happened with a computer game I found for my students--I had no idea that if you got an answer wrong, they characters threatened to violently hurt you!

  3. That Little Bunny Foo Foo is the stuff of nightmares!!! Eeek! And Kidizen? I've never heard of it! Need to check it out:)

  4. Ok, we had the EXACT same experience when trying to find Little Bunny Foo Foo videos on YouTube! It was horrible! Haha!

  5. LITTTLE BUNNY FOOFOO seems to have violent tendencies. AND yes. Louise needs her own party. for some reason ONE is so big! even though they dont remember it? but its a big one!! i LOVE that strawberry dress so sweet!!!

  6. WTF Little Bunny Foo Foo?!!! Yikes! Although Mac would totally love it. He's demented. ;) Yay for all the posting this week! Doesn't it make you feel so productive? And I haven't tried Kidizen but definitely need to.

  7. I really need to start using Kidizen.

  8. OMG!!! Little bunny foo foo! What the what is that? I definitely do not remember violently killing them with a bat in the story. Come on you tube!
    I have some posts scheduled (on my calendar, not actually done, don't go thinking I'm all on top of things lol) for April and I'm like oh there's so much I want to post! But wait, I can't post more than 4 times MAYBE. I don't want to set the bar too high for following weeks! lol
    Tell me more about Kidizen! I've been selling my clothes to thredUP mostly but I'm kind of over it and looking for something else. Details??

  9. That strawberry dress is THE cutest. Holy cow.
    Little Bunny FooFoo. I had to laugh. Only because, what in the heck?!
    Kidizen. You could not have posted about that at a better time. Scott and I were just talking about finding a way to sell the ridiculous amount of baby clothes we have in storage.

  10. What the crap is up with that deranged bunny foo foo!?! Messing with our childhood songs! Loving the strawberry theme... So many fun ideas! Must have strawberry shortcake!

  11. That strawberry smocked dress is perfection! And oh my god, that bunny foo foo video!!! How terrible!!!

  12. Oh my that strawberry smock is adorable! Strawberry would be an adorable theme for a first birthday!! I never heard of that kids sale site. Thanks for sharing!

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