10 on Tuesday: Because I'm Happy!

This is a total cheat post, but I have been wanting to link up with Karli, and I have a few pictures I want to share, so here you are...10 things that have made me happy lately!

1. Buying Cam's t-ball stuff
2. Watching Louise pull up on everything and stand unassisted
3. Date nights with Chad that include oysters, cocktails and massages
4. Beautiful sunsets that mean spring is here!
5. Researching and visiting summer camps for Cam (WHAT? This freaks me right out!)
6. Watching Cam and Louise's relationship grow and grow
7. Playground trips...come on Spring!
8. Cooking for Chad
9. Red Sox playing
10. A weekend getaway planned for this weekend...with kids.

He pretty much sleeps in his t-ball helmet

That smile...I can't get enough!

Date Night at Scales

Beautiful sunset over the Portland Observatory

An open house at Camp Ketcha...Cam fell in love with archery and these riding things

Cam also uses his helmet to become Darth Vader

Louise will do anything, as long as Cam is there with her!

Sunshine means outside for Mainers...

even if we have to wear winter hats to the playground!

I cooked! And it was good!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Darling! We are starting T-Ball soon, too!

  2. Louise's smile! So cute! That dinner you made looks yummy too. Yay for happy stuff. :)

  3. Visiting from September Farm. I love that you're checking out summer camps for your son! I am an assistant camp director and seeing parents get excited about camp makes me happy! Good Luck finding the perfect fit for Cam and your family! :)

  4. Love this post! Cam looks so happy in his baseball gear and Louise looks so excited to be pulling up! Confession – I’ve never had oysters. I don’t think I could do it. Ha. Spring sunrises and sunsets are the absolute best. Even Mason will say "Mama, you might want to take a picture of that" when he sees a good sunset or sunrise!

  5. I just signed my Cam up for a summer camp. It'll be fun!! Love that Cam is so in love with his helmet. Adorable. Louise's smile is so precious. That mean looks amazing! Great job!!

  6. I LOVE this top 10 post, and I especially love the date night + beautiful sunsets and all of your pictures!
    I also wrote a top 10, if you would like to head to my blog ,I would greatly appreciate it! :)

  7. I love your top 10! I am also trying to plan out summer camps for my daughters. We have to sign up this week!!! Have a great day!

  8. My son is missing baseball this year. I'm so bummed but we didn't have time since he has Taekwondo five nights a week. Little Boys in uniform are adorable. You're is no exception. =)

  9. That sunset over the Portland Observatory is beautiful! Glad you guys were able to get a day where it wasn't raining or snowing here on the East Coast!

  10. Love this! Oysters and shrimp?! Yes please! And that crinkle nose grin is the best!

  11. LOVE this! You're so cute! Love that you said "I cooked and it was good!". If I cooked (which I VERRRRRRY rarely do since I am terrible), i would totally say the same!

  12. Buying tiny sports equipment is the best.
    Our preschool has a summer camp, and I couldn't sign Marcus up fast enough!
    A weekend getaway?! With the babes?! Sounds like a ton of fun awaits!

  13. I love oyster date nights. So good. And the smiles get me every time too. The t-ball helmet shot is so cute.