Louise James: Eleven Months

Louise, Weez, Weezy, Louisey, Peanut, Pumpkin or any combo of these, 

ELEVEN MONTHS. It literally seems like you were just born, yet here we are...sneaking closer to year #1 being done. I have to admit, I have been looking forward to this stage for SO LONG. I mean, everyone loves babies, but to be honest, I don't love the newborn/infant stage. I love the interacting and moving stage so much more. And, we're here! 

You're funny, you're stubborn, you're clingy, you're a crawling machine, you're chatting and laughing...I can't get enough of you. 

Height // 28"
Weight // 18 pounds
(Both are in the 30th percentile...our little peanut)
Teeth // 7 (4 top and 3 bottom)
Diapers // 3 or 4
Clothes // 12 month
Shoes // Almost into a 2 (seriously, our peanut)

Eating //
You're not a huge fan of a lot of foods, but when you want something, you make whoever's eating it feel so bad until they give you some. Your poor day care teachers are constantly giving you pieces of their lunch because you stare them down until they do! You're still taking 4-5 6oz bottles a day, and I cannot, for the life of me, wean you off them. You will eat a little real food, but you still want a bottle at every meal. I've tried a sippy cup, and you'll drink water out of it all day, but when I put in formula, you spit it out. You love yogurt, meatballs and cheese tortellini.

Lou Lou is trying to get you addicted to smoothies, like Cam, but you're not buying it yet!

Sleeping //
My love...you are such a different sleeper than Cam! We just finished our 3rd round of sleep training, because if one little thing changes (cold, teeth, light), you like to wake up every 2 hours. Thankfully, it just takes two nights, and you are back on track. You are going down at 7 (no later) and wake around 3:30/4 then go back down until 6/6:30, usually. I am going to do a little more sleep training soon, to kick out that 3:30 feeding because 8 straight hours will feel so good! You are napping (at home) at 9:00 and 1:00 usually for 1-2 hours...sometimes 3 hours in the afternoon! At day care, you are still such a light sleeper that anything wakes you up, so they are lucky to get 2-30 minute naps.

Playing //
You LOVE to be outside. If you are cranky, I just walk out the front door with you, and all is good again. You love music, lights and any toy for about .2 seconds. You love be walked (stroller, carrier, etc), and I think we are getting you this for your 1st birthday!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth! You know not to, so you look at me, wait for me to say no, then you shake your head no, laugh and put it in your mouth anyways!

figuring out the swing thing

Talking //
You chat a lot, but the only "words" you really say are dada, mama and more

Moving //
You are a speed crawler, and I hope you are start walking soon!! You have a soldier-like walk, when we hold your hands, but you get a little nervous when we're only holding one!

Milestones and Developments //
Not too much this month...you are a one-handed standing pro, but you aren't couch surfing too much. Just like crawling, you aren't too eager to walk.

You have been saying not for a few months, but you learned to shake your head yes! It's a very controlled, thought-through process, but it's so cute!

Health //
Poor girl....you were so healthy until 2016. Mid-April, you came down with a runny nose, then a cough, then a bad fever that you couldn't shake. You missed 1.5 days of day care and came to school with me one morning (and were so good - you even napped)! Luckily, this brought us to vacation week, so we did a lot of snuggling for about five days. We went to the doctor, and she said your ear was red, but she didn't think it was an ear infection. She gave you some amoxicillin, just to be sure, and something helped. You also had a tooth pop through, so combined, you were fairly miserable. Luckily, you're a snuggly, happy sick baby!

Lots of lying on the floor...sweet girl

Lots of indoor entertainment, too!

Adventures //
April was fairly slow...some outdoor/playground days, a fun day/night with Daddy (while I was partying with my girlfriends at a bachelorette - Daddy said you guys drank beer and watched lacrosse!), a night or two with LouLou while Daddy and I went out, and a visit to tour a summer camp option for Cam! Don't worry, May will make up for the lack of events in April!

adventures in LouLou's bathroom

You are loving day care, your friends and your teachers. They have been able to take you out in the baby limo, on nice days!

you, Nora and Jada...best buds!

finger painting to day care

You and Cameron are two peas in a pod. He can head butt you 100 times in a row, and you'd still laugh. When you see him walk in the room, your legs and arms start moving, and you get the biggest smile on your face!

You are, all around, such a sweet girl. You "flirt" with people, when they talk to you. You never let me put you down, if I'm around, but you never cry when I'm not there! You adore everyone in your life, but nobody can figure you out...naps, eating, playing. You're a little bit of a mystery to us! 

I am so excited to watch you grow into a little girl. You're still a baby, in my head, and it hasn't hit me that you will be chasing your brother in a few months. I can't wait to watch you grow, learn and experience more. This summer is going to be a blast!

As you can see, our photo shoot this month was a little more candid. You love to climb on your chair, pull bows out of your hair (booooo) and watch your brother, wherever he is. 

THANK YOU for being a constant bright spot in my life. I love getting you in the mornings (and even in the middle of the night), I love your cuddles, your side smile, your toothy grin and your tiny feet. Your hair, though...we need to figure that out! ;)

One more month, my little lady!

Cameron's 11 Month Update

The Blogging World

I have taken an unexpected hiatus on the old blog (minus my pre-scheduled post about myself) due to illnesses and school vacation. I don't get much done at home or on vacations, and blogging certainly takes a back seat. Let's be honest: I am lucky to shower and get everyone fed before 10:00am.

This break came at the perfect time, because a few of my blogging friends have had horrible things happen to them (people using their pictures as their own, calling their children their own and more creepy stuff including vulgar and disturbing comments), and I've since received about a half-dozen requests to view blogs that have gone private. I know that putting our entire families, life, children, pictures everything on the internet is our choice, but why are people so sick?? This is literally our family photo album and baby books, and I enjoy being able to connect with other women to swap ideas, recipes, fashion, home decor and just vent. I'm part of a few groups on FB and IG that literally get me through the day, sometimes, and they are the people with whom I have a natural connection with. With that being said, I have considered a few times going private to protect my children. I would hate to cut off the ability to meet more women, but nothing is more important than my family.

Moving on, here are a few random things on my mind:


We have a wedding on Memorial Day weekend. It's for one of my best friend's from high school, and the wedding is a mix between a typical formal wedding and a low-key hipster pizza party. Seriously...there's a formal cocktail hour then they're having boutique pizza delivered for the reception. I asked her what we should wear, and she said, "dress to the nines!" So, I hopped on Rent the Runway and found a super cute, yet simple dress. At first, I said no to a LBD, but when I saw this (and didn't see much else that I loved), I clicked on it. Low and behold, it's a Trina Turk, with whom I have a slight obsession...It is an evening wedding, so I totally think I can pull it off. AND I get $20 off, because it's my first order. $25 for this beauty! I wavered back and forth between a typical dress I would wear (preppy, navy, etc), but this one looks like it will be perfect (and it gets great reviews).


We put out an ad on care.com to have someone pick up Cam a few days after school next year (although we've decided not to send him there...long story), and everyone who's applied says, "I'm home for the summer and would love to watch your kids!" or "I am available evenings and weekends!" The title says "starting Sept 2016" and specifically has afternoons checked off. This does not give me a lot of hope for future generations! Ha!


Everyone has such great Mother's Day lists, so I've been adding things to my cart daily...However, I cannot add a Corkcicle, because they're all sold out. Is this a sick joke? Is it April Fool's Day?


We are sending Cam to summer camp this summer (NOT overnight, like Chad thought!!), and I have a feeling that we need to start labeling things like, yesterday. I always get our labels from Label Daddy (great name, huh), and they are offering 25% off! Their labels are made in the USA (woohoo), they're super durable, peel-and-stick, washable, washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Shew. Just enter code FUNFAM25 at checkout to get 25% off!


I got sent a full-size sample of Zest Fruitboost, and I am seriously in love. It's concentrated, so you only use a little, and it lasts a long time. The scent is delicious (even Chad commented on how good I smelled), and it has Vitamin-C in it! There's a coupon on their website, if you want to try it, too!


Louise will be ELEVEN months tomorrow (!!), and we have decided to have a joint birthday party for the kids. Don't worry...we will definitely be celebrating on her actual birthday, with our family, but we are going to do one big party where everyone can come...and it's going to be a Fiesta! Who doesn't love Mexican food, maracas and piƱatas? I cannot wait to get the planning going!

That's all for now...I'll see you tomorrow with Louise's 11 Month Update!!

The Liebstahward (How you say Liebster Award in Maine)

I've been a little MIA on this ole blog....our house has been infested with strep, bronchitis, ear infections, teething, colds and allergies! I think we are on the way up...


Thanks to Whitney for reading my blog (she's a loyal one) and nominating me for this award! 

Keep reading to find out a little more about me and see who I picked to go next!


What is your favorite blog post you have written and why?
I love that I have been able to keep up with monthly posts about Cameron and Louise - they're so fun to look back on and remember the things I forgot! I also love their birth stories because #tearseverytime

What's your favorite item of clothing?
Yoga pants...duh! ;) 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a nun!! I went to Catholic school and loved my nun teachers/principals so much that I wanted to be them. I used to pull my turtlenecks over my head, so it looked like I had on a habit. When I found out they didn't get married and have sex babies, I wanted to be a physical therapist. I did a week-long job shadow and it was so boring (because I couldn't do anything but watch) so I changed my mind again to just working in sports. I got my undergrad in Sport Management and Business and my Masters in Special Education, and here I am today!

What is your standard drink order at Starbucks?
Triple skinny grande caramel macchiato, unless I'm paying then a black blonde (I always feel weird saying that)!

What three things couldn't you live without?
Chapstick, bobby pins and Google calendar 
(I cannot stand dry lips, hair in my face or not know what I have on my calendar.)

What is your favorite color?
I love pink but I think Navy blue is my favorite, judging by my wardrobe and house!

Best or most memorable book you've ever read?
11 Seconds and Wednesday Letters are two of my favorites

Go to store if you have free time?
Target (if I'm near the mall) or Lots for Tots (our local children's second-hand store - if I'm in Falmouth)

What's your favorite season?
summer - it's so short in Maine, so I try to soak it up and never complain about the heat
I do love the start of the other seasons...looking forward to special things that happen (football, Thanksgiving, Christmas, snow, baseball, being outside), but I am always happy to see winter end!

Who is your best friend?
Chad, of course. He's who I tell everything to - big stuff, little stuff, personal stuff...

11 Random facts about me:
  • I am allergic to so many things: grass, pollen, dust, mold, cats, dogs, bananas, apples, and the list goes on...I'm not deathly allergic to anything, thankfully, but I sneeze a lot.
  • I've never had a pet (see above allergies). But, I never even had a goldfish or hamster....is that weird?
  • I don't like pumpkin-flavored stuff. I don't dislike it, but I don't get super excited about PSL or pumpkin flavored ice cream. (Well, that does sound good.) I do love pumpkin pie, though. And pumpkin beer. Or any kind of beer, really.
  •  I know more about baseball than Chad, and I love it. But he kills me in football knowledge, so we're even.
  • I've been married twice. Always trust your instinct. Thank goodness for second chances!
  • I worked at a convent when I was in high school. I answered phones and had to use an old-fashioned switchboard - each nun had her own bell ring!
  • I also used to sell hot dogs outside of Lowe's, in college. I made so much money!
  • If you give me any form of cheese and carbs, I'll eat it.
  • I hate parking. I usually have to back up and try again!
  • I'm an only child, which is why I had more than one child myself!
  • I used to HATE  my middle name (Louise). Now that Louise is Louise, I LOVE it!

Nominees //

Jessica from Secrets of a SAHM
Jax from According to Jax
Karra from Justus & the babes
Vanessa from Sunflower State of Mind
Laura from Tiny Toes, Little Nose
Ashley at Being Brickner
Elizabeth at Chasin Mason
Carrie at The Williamson Way
Amy at Keepin up with the Smiths

Questions //

What was your major in college? Where did you go?
What was your first car? 
What's the biggest lifetime goal you have? 
What's the #1 quality you want your kid(s) to have?
What size shoe do you wear?
Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean?
What's your favorite sport to watch?
If you could change one thing from the past 10 years, what would it be?
What's your favorite dinner to cook?
Wine, beer or cocktail?

Rules of the Liebster Award//
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Display the Liebster award logo on your blog.
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
Share 11 random facts about you.
Nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 1,000 followers for the Liebster award.
Ask your nominees 11 new questions.

SHEW!! If you read all the way through, congrats! That took some time! I can't wait to see everyone's answers!!! 

Happy Hump Day!

Cameron: 3.75

Bud, buddy, love, Cam, Cammy,

3.75...the last post I'll write before your turn FOUR! HOW have I been a mom for almost four years?

You are about 40 pounds and 43"...give or take.

YOU ARE FINALLY POTTY TRAINED! Everyone kept telling us that you would just decide one day, and by golly, you did! You started on a Sunday, had two accidents that day, maybe 1-2 more that week, and that's it. You're still wearing a diaper to bed but not for naps. As a reward, we took you to Chuck E Cheese, and you had the best day ever!

We also got you Buzz Lightyear (the thing we've been hanging over your head for two years and refused to get you for Christmas until you were potty trained) and you LOVE him.

We had a "very special day" together, as you called it - We went to your first dentist appointment, then to lunch for Mexican pizza (cheese quesadilla), to Target then to Get Air. It was the best date ever!

Since we went during the school day, there was nobody there!

You also had a special day with Daddy: haircuts, buying flowers for me and lunch at BWW!

You are such a sweet-natured kid.

  • LouLou dropped a pizza stone on her foot, and you went and covered her with a blanket, while she was icing her toe. 
  • You kiss Louise's boo-boos, if she falls. You bring me water from the mini fridge, when Daddy asks what I want to drink. 
  • You turn on Daddy's speaker, when he wants to have a dance party on Saturday mornings. 
  • You throw away Louise's diapers, when I change her downstairs. 
  • When we go to the store, you want to buy things for your friends because, "I think _____ would really like this." 
  • You rarely say no, when we ask you to do something, and it makes my heart melt every time (in addition to surprising the heck out of me, because you refuse to put away your toys, when we ask)! 

Some of our favorite things you say are:

"We have the same thought." or "We have different thoughts."

You love to say "sure is/does" - That sure is a lot of milk! He sure does like hot dogs!

"That's a good idea, right?" When he suggests something.

"You're actin, Mom." (He means you're joking!) When I say something he doesn't believe, he'll say, "You're actin!" KILLS ME!

"Holla-bout (How about) that idea, Mom?"

You have a hard time articulating certain sounds, so sometimes I can't tell if you're saying Jake or steak or snake. You heard the word "distance" during a book-on-tape (one of your new favorite things to do in the car), and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what you were saying until we rewound the story and they said it again. I thought you were saying dentist! But, now you know the meaning of distance, and I think you're a genius. ;)

You love to "go to your school" and come to work with me. It's usually during a first period study hall or after school, but you love it. I think you love running the halls and riding the elevator most! ;)

You really are such a happy kid. That dimple...I die. It's rare when you are grumpy - you're either tired or frustrated. One thing that makes you really frustrated is when someone thinks you did something that you didn't - hit someone, wake up Louise, etc...

I've experienced this twice. One time, at school, you kicked over someone's lego tower and everyone though you kicked HER. You ran around the room crying and SCREECHING. I had never heard it before and I haven't heard it since, but you were definitely so frustrated, and you weren't able to use your words to express this. Another time, you were yelling at the top of the stairs then I heard Louise cry. I said, "Bud, you just woke up Louise!" I didn't even say it in a mad tone, I was just saying it, and you got so upset that you started crying and whined, "I didn't wake her UP!" Wow. We are working on these situation because I don't ever want you to be so frustrated that you can't explain yourself, buddy!

We're in the process of having you screened for a Social/Emotional delay. Your teachers feel as though you're not progressing like you should be, and I think you're just young. You're the youngest in your class and I think you get overwhelmed/intimidated by the older kids. You're timid, by nature, so this environment is tricky for you. You did qualify for speech/language services, so we are waiting for the full eval to be completed.

We are looking into switching you into a different Pre-K program next year...one at our local public school that's FREE. We have to figure out logistics for after-school care, but if we can figure that out, you will be going! Otherwise, you'll have one more year at FES.

You got a big wheel for Easter, from LouLou and LOVE it. You love your scooter, basketball, whistle, bubble machine...basically anything that's OUTSIDE. It's been so cold, but the few days we've been able to get outside, we can't get you back in!

You love reading...every other Tuesday, your class goes to the library and you get to bring a book home. You usually pick a Star Wars book, which is not my favorite, but they are beginning readers books, so I trick you into practicing your letter recognition! Otherwise, you love Chris Van Dusen, Mo Willems and anything that Louise is reading/touching.

Speaking of Louise, you LOVE HER. You love her so much that she sometimes pushes you away because you're too close. I think it's combination of really loving her and wanting me to not forget that you're there. If she's sitting on my lap, guess who climbs right up? If I'm reading to her, guess who wants to be read to? You do think about her, though...you'll get stuff she drops/throws, you'll share your food with her and you'll play with her on the floor, for hours.

You've started having chores - raising the blinds in the morning and emptying your lunch box (and Louise's) after school. You also throw your clothes down the laundry shoot (because it's fun, but it helps me, too!) but hate to get yourself dressed. You also like to help with the dishes so you can play in the water... #whateverworks

I have a small obsession with buying you underwear and summer clothes. You prefer boxer briefs over little boy underwear, and I die! You've also started wearing more athletic stuff (instead of all GAP and ON items), and I have flashes of you as a 17 year old football/basketball/baseball star with beautiful blond hair, your dimple and those eyes! (I'm a little biased, but I am sure you will be the most handsome boy at your school!)

You are, all around, a great kid. You have a hard time focusing (put on your shoes, Cam. Cameron, shoes, please. Cam, shoes. CAM! SHOES! - This happens daily.), but you rarely disobey on purpose. I hope you grow up to be a kind, thoughtful person who always puts others first. So far, we're about 60% of the way there! ;)

2014 vs 2016

making pizza with Daddy

I love you so much (something you've started saying to me when you don't want me to put you to bed - "But I just love you so much, I don't want you to go!") and I literally can't imagine my life without you. You are the best hugger, secret whisperer and hand holder I've ever met. I hope you never lose your urge to cuddle and still kiss me goodbye (30 times) when I drop you off to college. 

Now it's time to start planning birthday party #4!