The St Patrick's Day Bust

St. Patrick's Day was so awesome!

We woke up at 6, had green beer and bagels for breakfast, then drank all day until we passed out after a corned beef sandwich dinner.

Oh wait, that was college, and we're really lame now.

We did go to an Italian bar the night before, and I dressed Louise in Cam's old shirt. She got so freaking excited when my dad walked in the door that I thought she was going to fall over! 

On St Patrick's morning, I bribed Cam with candy for breakfast, so he would take a picture with Louise. Clearly, the bribe worked because he would not let go of her!
She loved it...really.

Then he asked me to take a picture of his butt. 

Then we put Louise in our handy PBK chair, where she usually sits still enough for pictures. Of course, there was hardly any natural light, and the flash ruined every picture, so this is the best I could do!

Cam reeeeeeally want that candy!

Immediately after this picture (and a solid 15 minutes of trying to get something decent), she had a blow out in her car seat, I had to throw away the pants, and she didn't get to wear her shirt. She wore pink on St Patrick's Day. The shame. 

For dinner, I think we had chicken tenders and brussel sprouts, no green beer and no corned beef. There's always next year....

And just for fun, here's Cameron's past St Patrick's Days!





  1. So cute! I failed as a mom and totally forgot to take pictures! WHAT!

  2. brussels sprouts are green yes? Sounds like win in my book! And pink is the new green?

  3. Hahahaha, at least you got some photos for the memories. Also, the look back at year's past is about as cute as can be!

  4. We had a very similar St. Patty's. I had to beg Connor for the one photo I got that wasn't blurry or him making some ridiculous face.

  5. So cute!! I love how excited she got. Those are priceless!

  6. Ha ha! This entire post made me laugh because that is my life every day I swear. Why dont' they realize how great it is to sit for a cute picture? I love that Cam was trying so hard.

  7. LOL!! Your epic St. Patty's Day sounded so much like ours. But I drank two (not green) beers and called it a holiday.
    Let's talk about how adorable Louise is, green clothes or not. And look at little Cam!!

  8. take a picture of his butt LOL. That so sounds like something Abigail would do.

  9. You are so funny, Jess! Bribery is always in the cards when it comes to photographing both my girls. Bummer about the leggings but with such cute kids I guess it really doesnt matter ;)