Spring Cleaning & Organization Printables {and a giveaway}

Since it's officially spring, we are going to talk about some SPRING CLEANING! Aren't you excited?? Bueller...Bueller...Anyone? 

I am not a fan of cleaning, but there's something about spring cleaning...while drinking loads of coffee that turns into wine...that gets me excited. 
Does anyone else get more productive when they drink? 

Anyways, I digress...

I am not sure what we did before Pinterest, but I am sure we spent more time actually DOING stuff than sitting online pinning things to do. ;) However, printables are one thing that I actually use from Pinterest, so I turned there when looking for some good cleaning printable to start my spring cleaning. 

Bekah has some great printables to help you create your own schedule and checklist. Fill in the things you need to do daily, weekly or monthly, and check them off as you go! This is a definite must in our house, although I created my own version on notecards to fill out each week, but these are a great base to start with. (She has three to choose from!) Some other ladies, in this linkup, have some great detailed schedules and checklists, so check them out!

***Leah created her own FREE printable! Go grab it (and her other amazing products) here!

Joanie has some great recipes to make your own cleaning supplies at home. I am kind of lazy when it comes to this, but I when I take the time to make some cleaning products, I am way happier with them than the store bought ones. 

(Becky has a lot more recipes, too, for cleaning with lemons and vinegar, which is something I love to do!!)

After you've MADE your products, you have to label them so you don't use your dishwasher detergent in your washing machine...that would not be good! Ashley has some really cute labels you can print!

And, who doesn't love a good challenge? A 52-week challenge to clean your home. I may have to tackle this...next year! ;) 

This may be my favorite printable, as we have just started giving Cam an "allowance" for cleaning! We're going to get a clean house, and Cam's going to start buying his own toys. #winning

***Check out Sara's post for some great ideas on cleaning with toddlers!

Once you have all of the handy printables, schedules, and checklists printed, you can put them in a beautiful binder...and there are a million more printables on this link.

So, there you have it...be sure to check out these other ladies to find out everything you need to do some serious spring cleaning and enter to win some cleaning goodies below!


  1. I love a good cleaning challenge and the list of kid chores! Thanks for rounding up all these great printables!

  2. I love all of these ideas, recipes, and printables! And bahahaha to your coffee turning into wine...ain't that the truth!

  3. Awesome printables! I love the recipes and labels! I might actually try to make a few of those! Thanks so much for the post!

  4. The kids chore list is awesome!! We were just talking about having Cam start chores and that printable is so helpful!

  5. Thank you so much for including mine, you're the best! I'll be using some of the others, hopefully they'll help motivate me!

  6. Thank you so much for including mine, you're the best! I'll be using some of the others, hopefully they'll help motivate me!

  7. Great Round Up of Printables, Jess! I will definitely be repinning them AND hopefully putting them to good use! LOL

  8. Oh, I just love pretty printables. :) Now if I would just make time to make my own cleaning supplies, love those homemade recipes!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What fun printables! Anything that makes cleaning a little more glamorous I am all about!

  10. Good thing I just got new ink, because I've got a lot to print!!! Great round up, Jess!

  11. Homemade cleaning recipes? YES PLEASE!! Thank you so much for sharing those.

  12. I might need to do that cleaning challenge! You know, for all those little things I conveniently overlook!

  13. I love these! Im pinning everything, thanks Jess!

  14. I am definitely not a fan of cleaning either! I always beg for a maid, but that hasn’t happened yet. Haha. Ooh, love the check-list and cleaning recipes. The labels are awesome, too, Thank you for sharing! I am feeling a little inspired now.

  15. Thanks for sharing those charts. As it happens my girlfriend and I have been wanting to set up similar chore charts for our apartment. She spent a lot of time on Pinterest yesterday looking at them, I'll be sure to show here these ones and see if she likes them.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.

  16. Hi! I already have my own list of cleaning process in my apartments. But looks like this is nice advices! thank you, I'll try to use it sometimes (there is hired cleaning company is works in my house, but I will try to do it some week). Thanks again!

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