Louise James: Ten Months

Clothes // growing out of 9 months; bringing out the 12 month clothes and pajamas
Shoes // Size 1 still 
(almost into size 2 - the shoes above lasted for about three minutes before they fell of)
Diapers // Size 3/4 (depending on brand)
Teeth // 5! Your top left fang came in on 3/20

Sleeping //
Well, well....my little angel. You were sleeping so well until you got a cold, and you started waking 2-3 (or 4 or 5) times a night and would only nap if I was holding you (which I honestly loved). Luckily, we did a couple nights of sleep training again, and you are back to your old self of sleeping from 7 - 5, eating, then going back down until 6/630. You nap at 9 and 1, at home, but day care is lucky if they get two-30 minute naps. There's just too much going on there for you to sleep peacefully. Our little social butterfly, you are....

Eating //
You LOVE very few things and won't try most. We took you off most food for about a week because you were not going #2. It didn't seem to help, so I started putting in some foods that had some fiber, but you were a-ok with just the bottle. We are back to waffles, Pirate Booty, yogurt, applesauce, oranges, apples, Cheerios, chicken and turkey. Apparently you like blueberry muffins, because you stole Nora's at school! Oh, and you love peanut butter! We left with you with LouLou for an hour and got a snapshot of pictures of you licking pb off a spoon...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Your new trick...no hands!

Playing //
You love books that have texture - the books where animals have "fur" or "bumps" or something...you love them. The Lamaze Peek-a-Boo book is your new favorite...you love lifting the flaps! You love your Activity Table but are not a fan of your exersaucer anymore. We put it downstairs, in the playroom, so you don't mind being in it every now and then, but you'd prefer to put all of Cameron's matchbox cars and puzzle pieces in your mouth. You also got a LP Music Riding Toy from LouLou, for Easter, and you LOVE it. You would not stop squealing (even when your brother pulled out the bubble machine)!

Talking //
You say Mama and Dada and have started saying "uh oh" when you throw drop something,  like your sippy cup or any food we put on your high chair, on the ground. I've been trying to teach you the sign for "all done" but I think you just say it to me...Daddy thinks you're a genius!

Moving //
You are a speed crawler and want to walk oh-so-badly! You get on all fours (feet and hands) constantly, but you can't stand up. When you stand, holding onto something, you let go and stay upright for a few seconds, before landing on your bum. You pull up on EVERYTHING - the couch, tables, chairs, the backs of my legs while I'm putting on mascara....You are also a stair climber now. Here we go!

Milestones and Developments // 
I put a bow in your hair for the first time! It was a tiny bow, and a tiny bit of hair, but it worked! You are starting to swipe at bows (both clips and on bands), but I hope you always let me put them in!

You shake your head no and think it's the funniest thing ever!

You also think it's super funny to throw your cup off your high chair and say "uh oh!"

You wave when someone waves to you, and my heart melts watching your tiny fingers move, oh-so-slowly.

You have started to get really frightened when someone seems aggressive - either verbally or physically. If anyone yells in a not-nice way or plays too rough (aka, everytime Cam wrestles with someone), you get so upset and quite protective of the person!

You are not a fan of the vacuum. When we pull it out, you just stare at it for a few minutes, like it's someone who killed your best friend. When it comes on, we have to hold you!

You are riding IN the Bob stroller...not in your car seat. You think it's the best thing ever, and it makes me super excited to get you a toddler car seat!

You have started to cuddle with us when you're tired...if we put your "lovey" on our shoulder, your head immediately follows. I get weak at the knees every single time you do this!

first bow

Health //
You got the cold that was going around our house and had a hard time drinking from the bottle, so you started waking during the night to eat (see above, in case you missed that memo). You also had a rash on the front and back of your diaper area, so you were on two prescriptions that helped! You stopped pooping, so we added some mineral oil to your bottles (this didn't really help, so I stopped because I think it's weird to give you mineral oil!) Then, you started pooping green water (TMI?), and that lasted for a few days but ended quickly. I think I threw away four pairs of pants and two shirts because #ew. Now, you are a healthy, happy baby again!

Adventures //
We went to Chuck E Cheese because Cameron is finally potty trained, visited Sofia and Luca, we had a dinner party (where you were the center of attention, of course), you celebrated your first St Patrick's Day and Easter.

Your brother still adores you, as you do him. He can do no wrong in your book - whether he throws your paci, steps on your hand or takes away a toy, you keep going back for more. He likes to put you in headlocks. (He calls them hugs.) You like to help him change his iPad game, when he doesn't want to! You both get overly possessive when the other invades your time with me, and I secretly love it.

Your hair is coming in so much, and it's definitely a brown color. Cam had the lightest color of blonde, at your age, and I assumed you would, too! Your eyes are the most beautiful dark blue, and your fingers and toes are still teeny-tiny. 

This smile is my absolute favorite...it usually comes as the result of your Daddy walking in the room, but I get to enjoy it, too!

Between your eyes, your smile and your demeanor, you have everyone wrapped around your finger. Your Daddy, Papa, brother, strangers...ME! Nobody can get enough. I cannot believe you are almost ONE - you have brought so much joy to our lives, and I am so, so excited already to watch you grow into a walking, talking toddler. I am definitely not wishing away time, but I enjoy you so much that I already know the rest of our lives together is going to full of smiles, love and laughter. 


  1. Oh my goodness her feet are just tiny! Finn is about to outgrow a size 5!!! And he is a big fan of the touch & feel books too. What a cutie Louise is!

  2. I can't believe she is 10 months old already!! She has little feet like Emmy! So precious and happy!

  3. So stinkin' cute!!! Happy 10 months to the whole family! Xo

  4. She is just the smiliest of babies! 10 months is oh so close to 12 then it completely goes by in a blur!

  5. Such a sweetie!!! I love her sweet smile. I love seeing it in my feed - she always brings a smile to my face!
    I also love that picture with Cam and that tie!!

  6. She is just the sweetest thing! I loved reading everything about her. And omg her on those stairs!!

  7. Can she and Julia be best friends? I think they'd get along just swimmingly.
    Those damn colds will interrupt the best of sleep. We're battling a bit of sleep training thanks to RSV. Fun times.
    That little bow!! I love it! And I hope she always lets you put them in, too.
    Also. She's the cutest thing ever. That smile is THE BEST!!!
    Happy 10 Months little lady!