Louise James: Nine Months

Weight // about 18 lbs
Teeth // 4....waiting on 5 & 6!
Diapers // size 3/4 (depends on the brand)
Clothes // 9 months and 6 - 12 months
Shoes // Still in size 1 FP mocs....you have the tiniest feet!

Sleeping //
You are fully in your crib and on an excellent schedule, when you're at home. When you're at day care, you nap for 2-20 minutes stretches, and that's it. The problem is that their cribs are in the same room where everyone plays, eats and gets changed, so when you see or hear anything, you instantly pop up and won't go back down. At home, you'll sleep for about 1 hour in the morning and 1.5-3 hours in the afternoon. It's glorious!

You were sleeping through the night, but you got a cold and some teeth, so that interrupted things a bit. You are back to sleeping through the night occasionally, but you usually wake between 12 - 2 to eat, then go back down until at least 6.

You still love to have your face covered in your lovies and usually like to have a paci, but you never wake and cry for one, which is a nice change from your brother! You really don't have a preference on position, but your butt in the air is obviously my favorite! You prefer right right side or your back but will end up on your tummy, too!

Eating //
You are taking on eating a little slowly, but you chow on certain things. We got a little lazy with BLW and threw in some pureed foods (including prunes for BMs...more on that later), and you love them! You have been putting everything in your mouth, that we put in front of you though! You eat avocado out of the skin only...if it's in front of you or on a spoon, you don't want it. You tried strawberries and loved them. Chicken tenders, bananas, waffles, crackers and yogurt are some of your favorites right now. You learned how to use a sippy cup this month, and it's so cute! You know you're funny, too, and you peak at us, out of the corner of your eye, while you're drinking.

Talking //
You have been making the noise of da-da for awhile, but your first real word is Ma-Ma!! Daddy's not too thrilled, but I love it! You kinda of say "ma" when I ask if you want more, and we are working on a little sign language to help us communicate!

Playing //
You love to play with anything that isn't your toy...remote controls, cords, phones, Cameron's stuff...you do love things that light up and make noise and still love your chewy toys for your teeth. You aren't too thrilled with your exersaucers anymore, but you'll play with them for a few minutes, which is just long enough to throw in some laundry or do the dishes. You do love your walker that we're borrowing form a friend, but you only know how to go backwards, so you usually end up against a wall, in a corner or under a table!

Health //
You have a little cold now, with some sneezing, coughing and a runny nose. Our main area of concern right now is, ahem, the area below your waist, both front and back. In the back, not much is happening...you have been struggling to go to the bathroom, and when you do, you cry. You've eaten more prunes in the last few weeks than I've eaten in my entire life, and nothing. In the front, you have a yeast infection...it's so sad looking, but it doesn't seem to bother you. We are waiting on a prescription to clear it up!

Developmentally //
You are fully crawling now, and it's so cute! You aren't a speedster, but you try so hard and wobble a little...I love it! You try to pull up on things, but you aren't strong enough to stand, so you get frustrated and cry for help.

You get stuck in this position about 293847283 times a day! You try so hard to pull yourself up, but you just swing right under the chair!

The first time you really crawled...to Miss Meghan, of course!

Adventures //
February has been pretty normal...we had a week off from school, so you got to join your brother in lots of indoor play places. You LOVED the swing at the Yard...we are definitely getting one for this summer!

We got to get outside a little bit, ate at a lot of restaurants and had our first snow day (where we missed school). The snow melted the next day, so we didn't even play in it!

And, just for fun, some outtakes from our photo shoot...
big brother, yawns and sneezes! Never a dull moment!

Louise, Weezy, Louisey, Lou....
I know we are biased, but everyone agrees, you are the sweetest girl in the world. You smile with your entire body and can light up a room in an instant. When we had our staff meeting, after we lost Dexter, I brought you. Over a dozen people thanked me for bringing you because you changed the mood of the room....you brought smiles and cheerfulness that wasn't present beforehand. When I am having a hard day at work, I take a quick walk to your day care and everything is fine again. Strangers stop and look at you because you always smile back and may even tilt your head in a flirty manner...people just die! When you cry, I know it's something serious, and it breaks my heart. When you smile, I melt. Your daddy and I fight over who gets to take a bath with you, get you dressed, hold you...you're just the best thing ever!

Thank you for being ours. 

Now let's start planning your 1st birthday party!!!


  1. The picture of her dangling from the chair cracks me up. She is so stinking cute. The sleeping picture are precious. I understand about sleep. If it's noisy Emmy is awake. Damnit! ;)

  2. Love her sweet little face. She has the cutest smile!:) She and Vivian sound so similar in build. Vivian is in 9 month and 6-12 month clothing too (although several of her items are still 3-6 and fitting just fine!) She is wearing a size 2 shoe though, so her feet are finally growing, lol!

  3. Goodness, what a cutie!!! I love how her smile totally could light up a room.
    I can't believe she only sleeps for 2 - 20 mi stretches at daycare. They must love that lol. But at home she sounds like a rockstar sleeper!

  4. She is so cute!! We have the same problem with sleeping at day care. At least they sleep at home!

  5. She is getting so stinking cute. My girls have the same problem with sleeping at daycare, but are rockstars at home. Most of the time.

  6. Nine months already? That's just crazy! Love her smile!

  7. Omg the photo of her with the bottle is adorable/hilarious! Happy nine months!!

  8. Infections and constipation?! Poor girl! But she still looks happy as ever!