Friday Five: Monthly Goals

HAPPY FRIDAY!! I spent a few days at home this week, with my sick Louise, and loved every second of it. She's such a different baby than Cameron was and is actually calm and cuddly when she's sick. She gets to snuggle with my mom tonight while Chad and I attend a naming ceremony for best friend's daughter then go on a dinner date after. I am over the fancy dates...I want to eat popcorn, play darts and drink beer. That's my kind of date! ;) 

Instead of my favorite things, here are my goals for this month. I've mentioned that I'm not a New Years resolution girl...monthly goals are much more up my ally. 

Another new beginning, a fun new month. The month of spring, St Patrick's Day and Easter!

With two months behind us and warmer temps, I am in a good frame of mind to tackle a few goals that have been lingering in my mind.

My goals for January were cut short due to illnesses...I failed so miserably that I didn't write down any goals for February. I did have two goals in my head: make coffee before bed, so it's ready in the morning and wash my face before bed. I am in a great habit of the first and have started doing the second more often. So, I am ready to add on. (I can seriously only handle a few things at a time, apparently!)


Drink 80 ounces of water daily

I am currently drinking around 60, I would guess. It's hard to drink this much water! I have to force myself, especially on the weekends. I have a 32oz Hydroflask that I use at work, but I never fill it on the weekends. If I can down two of these a day, I can drink the rest in La Croix (which totally counts, according to my bff/trainer, as long as I am not adding it to vodka. Whatever.).


Work out 15 times

I have been eating better and watching my weight (very slowly) drop, so I have the motivation to work out to see those numbers change more drastically. I really want to be under 150lbs and tone up my body. I am going to try to get my workouts in at school, so they are done before I go home, because Lord knows it's not happening there (unless Chad and I go to the gym together, which requires a babysitter, yada yada).

I downloaded the Sweat app, and although I like it, I don't think I will continue to pay $20/month for it. I don't follow the diet plan, just the workouts, and I can find those on Pinterest.


Finalize birthday parties

I can't stop going back and forth on Louise and Cameron's birthdays.

Do I have one big party?

Does Louise get her own 1st birthday party just weeks before Cameron's birthday?

Do we have a small family party for Louise then a fun "friend" party for the two of them?

So many options! I had so much fun planning Cameron's 1st birthday, and I want to do the same for Louise, but it's so close to Cameron's birthday and most of the friends coming to Louise's party will come to Cameron's, too! #firstworldproblems

What would you do?

Cameron on his 1st birthday...such a peanut!


Use cash only

We have been having some deep conversations about money, and we have been great about paying off credit cards. Then we use them again. We (I) need to stop! It's so hard, though, because we just don't have a ton of spending money, after day care, food, diapers, etc...we have a certain amount put into our "bills" account, then the rest goes into savings. This way, we are forced to save, but then if we need to buy something, it comes out of savings, which hurts way more than putting it on a cc. Like Dave Ramsey says, "If you can't pay for it with cash, you can't afford it!" But the kids need summer clothes and Vineyard Vines is having a sale... another #firstworldproblem


Go to church

Yes, this is my goal again. Easter seems like a great time to try a new church without being noticed. 

Louise's Easter dress....I can't get enough of these smocked outfits!

So, there you have it. I think I can reach all of them! Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. I'm thinking about hitting the weight room after school Wed-Friday if you want to join. It's not very fun exercise but it's something!

  2. That Easter dress is precious!! I think I'd go with a small family party for Louise so she can have her own and then one big one for friends so you don't subject your friends to two back-to-back parties. That's a tough one though! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

  3. I need to transition to the cash only thing...oof my wallet hurts haha

  4. I'm so sorry Louise has been sick. Poor baby, but yay for snuggles. :) Have fun at the naming ceremony. The Easter dress is beautiful. Hope you guys have a great weekend and the sickies leave your house.

  5. Noah is calm and snugly when sick, so I totally know what you mean! As for the party, I don't think there is a wrong option. But I would probably do a family party for Louise and then a kid party for Cam.

  6. I love LaCroix! I've only tried a few flavors but so far I think the cran-raspberry and orange are my favorite. Which do you like? Oh, and also, I totally think it counts as water! I mean it was even whole30 approved so I drank them when I did that!

  7. I think any way you slice the birthday parties it's a win! I just read on Desiree's blog that she likes the SWORKIT app. and it is free. I guess it has workouts, not sure if it is what you want but you might want to look into it!

  8. Favorite water bottle! You got this. I say small family dinner then one big party.

  9. Have you tried the SWORKIT app? It's totally free and has become my go-to for workouts when I'm just not motivated to go for a run - or can only find a handful of minutes to sweat.
    You're doing amazing, keep it up!!