Friday Favorites

Happy Freaking Friday! This week....Let's just say I'm just so so so glad it's Friday!

I haven't been doing too much shopping lately, but thanks to Amazon and Influenster, I have been stocked up with some goodies!


I had a 40% off coupon for a new C9 sports bra at Target, so I ordered this one - C9 Power Core Compression Bra - and I love it! I love it because it doesn't smoosh my boobs against my chest, so I feel like I can wear it in public and not just when I'm doing jumping jacks! 


Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli - I may smell like this for the rest of my life. This spray smells SO GOOD, that we are buying everything that comes in this scent. Seriously addicting. 


I think the search for a good dry shampoo is never ending, but I have ended my search, for now, with Batiste. Everything that everyone says is true. It smells good. It works well. I'm happy. 


So, Chad and I just recently discovered La Croix and can't stop drinking it. We decided to do a little mixology and came up with our summer drink: Captain Morgan, La Croix coconut water and pineapple juice. Delicious. Desiree recently posted about this drink again, and I will be trying that, too! Come on, summer!


I accidentally went on a mini shopping spree and got Louise MORE clothes for this summer...Houston, we have a problem. It's called too many clothes, not enough days!
I mean, how can I say no to these pants and this top?


That's my exciting list of purchases lately...
(Can you tell I'm brain dead? I can't even write a real post!)

Cheers to the weekend and hopefully not a snow storm on Sunday!!


  1. I got one of the Target c9 coupons too and was so excited to order one of those new bras. Yay for no uniboob anymore! Now I want one in every color - I plan to make a bonfire with all of my old unflattering sports bras, lol! Happy Friday, Jess:)

  2. Desiree's summer brew is good! Trust me! We made is last summer, and everyone enjoyed it =) I've heard lots of great things about the Batiste dry shampoo, so I am going to have to try it!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Love this list!!! I totally need a sports bra to pretend I work out, too! ;)

  4. That summer brew looks perfect, I need some now. Target has such great sports bras.

  5. I seriously have a shopping problem when it comes to clothes for the little! That outfit is too cute for Ms. Louise though! Have a great weekend!

  6. Ohhhh, I'm always on the lookout for new sports bras!! and that scent really IS SO AMAZING!

  7. That spray sounds amazing. I need to try it. And that cocktail sounds just as good! I could use that after my morning. Is it bad to want one at 9 am? Haha. I have that coupon for the bra as well but haven't bought one. Might check this one out. Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. Totally love the C9 line of sports bras! And I will have to try yours and Desiree's drinks, talk about refreshing!

  9. I was actually looking at that spray on Amazon a few months ago but never bought it since I couldn't smell it. Now that you say it's amazing, I think I may need to try it!

  10. Ah, la croix! I miss it so much! Whenever I go home to NY I make sure to stock up. In the mean time, our soda stream is my saving grace:) happy weekend!

  11. Gotta love a sports bra that doesn't give you a uniboob. Yay! And it's cute. I want to try your fun drink. Sounds delicious. I've realized Emmy already has too many clothes for summer. I haven't even been to our big consignment sale here yet. Oops!

  12. A snow storm! Say it ain't so!!

    I'm going to check out that spray. It sounds amazing!

  13. HOLY MOLY that drink sounds amazing!!!! I started drinking LaCroix a couple months ago and love it! It's slightly expensive though so sometimes I buy the knock off store brand but it's not the same. I definitely need to try that drink though!!!

  14. Say what?! Give me that drink NOW! And Louise is going to be stylin this spring! Love!

  15. I need to try your LaCroix drink. It sounds heavenly. I hope you love Summer Brew as much as we do. We go through entirely too much every summer.... Oops. :)
    I'm with you on the shopping. Julia's closet is literally bursting, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping. Also. Bows. I have a real bow problem. But, how do you turn down a cute bow? You don't. You just don't.