Valentines Weekend: In Pictures

Holdays are WAY more fun with kids. This past weekend was all about them, and Chad and I found a few minutes to spend together, too!

Cam and Louise had pajama day on Friday, when Cam also exchanged Valentines with his classmates. He got everything from glow sticks to tattoos, to pencils to candy, of course!

Louise's new bff, Jada...Jada still loves Louise, even though she gets eaten on a daily basis.

Dr Love...Check out IG in case you missed him wearing and identical shirt two years ago!

With temperatures in the negative digits (seriously, so cold), we couldn't go far, so we made pizza at home! Can you believe we've never made pizza at home? It was so quick, easy and GOOD! Cam even got to make his about heaven for a 3 year old!

On Sunday, after the kids went to bed, Chad and I cooked together! I actually made the risotto (all by myself, with some instruction - this show how little I know about cooking! I hate it!) while Chad seared the scallops and a few shrimp. We stayed in our pajamas (another negative degree day), drank some wine and watched the of the best Valentines I've had! ;) 

Some other shenanigans that happened during this bitterly freezing cold weekend including Cam turning on the blender with no cover...thankfully, my mom laughed instead of crying that her entire kitchen is now purple. 

Louise started pulling up on more and more stuff, including her crib. We lowered her mattress, and she seems so far down now!

Louise also started throwing back some drinks...

She got her first bruise on her head (see it? Kind small, but it had to be documented.) She lost her balance at day care and smacked her head into the fridge. I think she fell about 38 times this past weekend trying to pull up/couch surf on her knees.

And a parenting fail...I though Louise would love to be in the bathtub with Cam, so I pulled out the laundry basket. She screamed bloody murder, but her brother loved it. Whatever. 

That was it for our weekend...a LOT of time inside. A lot of movies, games and books. And wine. And vodka. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Okay the picture of the boys making dinner was so cute! And Cam's hair stinking up made me giggle. That's what my Cam's hair usually looks like nomatter what I do to fix it. Louise reminds me so much of Emmy. Adorable girl!

  2. Hahaha! I love this post! How is Louise already this big?! And Cam with the blender...that's hilarious! What else can you do but laugh in that situation? Mac has that same Dr. Love shirt - adorable!

  3. Awe poor baby girl and getting her first bruise. My girls fall a lot with standing and I always worry someone is going to say something. It sounds like you had a great Valentine's dinner. And that Dr. Love shirt is too cute.

  4. I love the boys making dinner together! Is your husband the chef of the family? And good for your mom to not flip out with her kitchen turning purple. I don't think I could have remained calm under the same circumstances... I'm a tad OCD

  5. cam in the kitchen is ALMOST as cute as louise and her bff . . .

  6. OMG!!! Louise and her BFF! Dr. Love! And Cam with smoothie all over his head! So much goodness this weekend!

  7. LOL - The blender. WHOOPS. :)
    Call me crazy, but I'd love a weekend where we had exactly zero reasons to get out of our pjs. It sounds so... Cozy. Let's be clear though - I'd need to be fully stocked on wine. :)

  8. Louise and her friend look so precious in their Valentine clothes. So sweet!

  9. oh gosh the blender!!! I mean a cry laugh sounds about right to me. I unbalanced my blender years ago and had a similar result. I just stood there for a while in disbelief. oy