Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange: Yoda Best

I am totally a festive person, and I always have great intentions and have gotten so much better at being prepared, so when these girls mentioned a blogger exchange for Valentine's Day, I was all in! I even planned ahead of time and had a super cute Valentine picked out (that included a glow stick...super cool).

Then our entire family got sick. Like SO SICK. And I was walking through Target picking up a cart-full of medicine when I saw these

I mean, who doesn't love fruit chews? AND they're organic. ;)

Then I started feeling better and got a little energy and decided to go for the original Valentine. So Cam and I have enjoyed a fruit snack every afternoon, on the way home from school, and our friends got some fun glow sticks in the mail!

Cam has been way into Star Wars lately...We are not Star Wars fans, but with all of the hoopla with the new movie, I think he started hearing about it at school, so when I saw these, I knew he would love them.

I sent the file to Staples, paid to have them cut (best purchase ever), we punched a little hole in the hand and stuck the glow stick through....

Sidenote: Does anyone else's child love to play with glow sticks in the bath? I bought a tube of 100 on Amazon, and Cam has asked for a bath every night!

LOOK at all of the goodies that Cam and Louise got!! (I may or may not have eaten Louise's snacks! I did share the graham crackers with her...)

We got candy, glow sticks, magnets, dinosaurs, crafts, a counting book, tic-tac-toe, mini flashlights, crayons, sunglasses....SO FUN! Cam thought it was Christmas!

Be sure to check out everyone else's fun Valentines! (I promise they are way better than ours!) 

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  1. Great minds on the glow sticks! Loved the Yoda! We are having glow stick tub parties every night! I hope this isn't an indicator of raving tendencies like I had in college. HEHE

  2. Your Valentines are so cute! Of course, my boys didn't get the Yoda reference, but glow sticks are always a huge hit! I hope the fam is on the mend!

  3. Mac loved the Yoda Valentine!! He squealed with delight when he saw that! Yoda and light sabers are a big deal at our house! This one was a big hit!

  4. Aria's Godfather loves Star Wars. He has two dogs - yoda and obi. So when I tell Aria something is Yoda she looks at me like I'm an idiot. Clearly that is not Uncle Kiel's dog ma. You can't go wrong with glow sticks though, and we've done glow stick baths for years now!

  5. Mason loved yours! He's never seen Star Wars, but yet he's totally into it. He plays the Lego Star Wars game on the iPad and is obsessed! The Yoda Valentine's were perfect and precious!

  6. So cute! Such a fun little exchange and it looks like you got tons of goodies!

  7. I saw the Yoda printable on Pinterest and it's adorable! You can never go wrong with glow sticks. We love glow baths in our house!

  8. I love your Yoda valentine and feel so sad it didn't arrive in time to be photographed. Kinsey was all over the glow stick!!!

  9. OMG I love them! I can't wait for ours to get here. Cam loves glow sticks. He always asks me to turn off the lights in the middle of the day to watch them glow. Poor guy gets disappointed when it doesn't get dark. Ha ha!

  10. These were adorable!! We aren't too big I to Star Wars, but yours was so freaking cute. And yep. Glow sticks in the tub is basically the best thing ever in our house, too!

  11. SO ADORABLE!!! Glow sticks are always a win our way!

  12. I thought that Yoda and glow stick was adorable!! Jude played with them last night and he thought they were the coolest thing ever!

  13. Such a sweet idea!! Everything looks so cute!

  14. Seriously LOVED your valentine!!! I thought Yoda and the glow stick was such a cute idea!!! And Mason of course liked the glow stick :) He too likes baths with glow sticks so he was a happy camper!

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  18. I think every little kid loves a glow stick! You definitely picked a winner! Thanks for joining in on the Valentine fun! And I'm glad everyone is finally feeling better!

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