Parenting is hard: Part II

I wrote about how hard parenting is back in November, and it got better. Life was good. Louise sat and smiled for two months. We had Christmas and vacation. Then we got sick. And Louise started teething.

Louise suuuucks at teething. (Am I allowed to say that?)

She's been crying, moaning and not eating for almost three weeks. Her top left tooth finally popped through, and her top right tooth is about to burst. Day care wants to kick her out. And I don't know how to soothe her. And I hate it. I finally reached out to trusty ole Facebook Tuesday night (Thanks for all of your input!) and got some great ideas. We also have an amber teething necklace arriving via Amazon Prime today, and the doctor okayed an increase in her Tylenol dosage, so hopefully things will calm down, and I can keep my job instead of staying home with my daycare-dropout.

She napped for about 16 minutes at day care yesterday, so she slept from 5:00pm to 5:30am last night, with a few feedings in between. I went in around 8:00 to change her, and she was dead as a door nail. I unsnapped both her outfit and undershirt, changed her diaper, took off her socks, and she didn't move a flinch. She finally started to rustle when I had to pull her outfit over her head, but she never opened her eyes and continued to sleep for the next nine hours. Poor girl.

PS When did she get longer than the changing table??

Cameron. Oh, Cameron. He's 3.5 and actually better than he was in the fall. He still chooses when to listen to us and thinks he controls our family (Sidenote: He does.), but he's such a sweetheart. He's kind to other kids, he doesn't throw a fit when someone takes a toy from him, and he shares. But he's TOO nice, apparently.

I had a meeting with his teachers yesterday because they are concerned with his ability to "navigate the classroom." They said his social/emotional progress has been very limited this year. I have definitely seen a decrease in his confidence; He doesn't want to try new things and gets embarrassed a lot. He was born in July, so there are some kids who are almost 2 years older than him, and I think he gets nervous about stuff because they can do so much more. They said that during free time, kids can go to any station they want (grocery store, play-do, water table, blocks, coloring, etc...lots of choices) and Cam just kind of walks around and doesn't always find a place to land.

They are also concerned with his attention span. They said the expectation, at this point in the year, is for the kids to sit for 15 - 20 minutes. I think that's a little long, especially for Cameron! He'll sit and listen to a few story books, but he's not into yoga or group activities like movement and dancing. For example, right before rest time, each kid goes to the bathroom. During this time, other kids have the choice of sitting with a teacher and listening to a book or sitting on their nap mat and waiting. Cam, again, walks around the room.

So, his teacher recommended that he be screened for a Developmental Delay. As a Special Education teacher, I am not against it, because I think that early intervention is so crucial. But it's still tough to hear, as a mom. I've filled out and sent in the referral form, so we'll just wait to hear. Luckily, they do everything right at his school, so it won't be too weird for him. They'll even provide services there, if he needs them.

Last night had a different feel in our house. Chad and I each talked with Cam, casually. We asked him about school and friends, and what he thinks is hard. He said he likes to move a lot and doesn't always know where to go, when they have free time. I asked him if he cries a lot at school (report from teacher), and he said yes because he doesn't like when kids do stuff (knock down his blocks, don't let him play). Poor kid doesn't know how to respond in these situations, and I'm not there to help. The teachers say that they help redirect him and give him messages to give to friends, and I'm sure they do, but it's so hard to know he's struggling.

On a lighter note, here's a #tbt to me, circa 1984 and Cam...are we twins, or what?!

Thanks for listening...I know we all have our own struggles with parenting, but it's helpful to write it down and hear some feedback from anyone in a similar situation. Or to just hear from you guys. You always make it better!!

Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. Oh girl! You are dealing with so much right now. Teething just plain sucks. Ugh! And the situation with Cam too. I'm so glad he told you guys how he was feeling when you asked. He's gonna get there.

  2. Sorry to hear about your situation with Cam. Hopefully you can get it all figured out and he can get the help he needs to feel more confident. It's always hard to hear when our child is struggling. I also hate not being able to experience things first hand when they are at school. I believe the teachers when they say things go well, but often it's just a minute update how the day went and then getting information from Noah is usually very minimal.

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  4. Don't worry, not all people from KS are robots like this person above me ;) Anyway...parenting. Ugh. Nash sucks at teething too and each one seemed to take over our lives for a week or so. I'm NOT looking forward to his 2-year-molars. But, how precious does Louise look fast asleep on her changing table?! Cutting teeth is hard work! And I'm sorry you're feeling stressed about Cam. It is so hard to hear that they're struggling and not being able to be there. I totally think age plays a part in their social interaction...Arden is a completely different kid when she plays with kids her age vs. older kids. Hang in there mama. It'll all be okay!

    1. Ha ha ha! "Like this person above me..." That was great!

  5. I am not an expert, but do have a good deal of experience working with children. If the screening for developmental delays does not give any indicators, I wonder if he is bored? Maybe he's more advanced emotionally and intellectually. The stations may not challenge him in a way that he connects with and the other kids make that challenge more pronounced because they react to his play in a way that doesn't match his needs. Do they focus on any areas he may find interesting? Are there any topics or activities he enjoys at home? Just a few ideas. Thanks for being candid about your parenting struggles.

  6. oh gosh he seems like such a sweetie. teething is the pits and I hope things get better for louise and cameron. you're doing good mama, keep up the great work!

  7. I'm just browsing your blog and just now saw this (ps I'm not sure how I wasn't following you before??? I thought I was but maybe it's just IG? lol. Eek!). I'm so sorry! It sounds like you're going through a lot but it also sounds like Chad is on the same page as you which is KEY. I hope everything works out with Cam and that things get better. It's great that you're getting him tested because like you said, early intervention is key. I've seen SUCH an improvement in Mason since we've added certain things. You probably know way more about the subject than I do, but if you ever need to talk, I'm here!

  8. I came to your blog from The Newly and I am so glad I did. My girls are getting their 1 year old molars and life is tough. They aren't eating much (so they get really constipated), they cry a lot because they are in pain, they want to cuddle all the time and don't want out of my lap when they are at home which makes it hard to get anything done. They got RSV, ear infections and then severe constipation (all within three weeks) and I about lost it. I feel like a mommy failure so this post rings so true to me and let's me know that I am not alone.

  9. Oh Jessica, sounds like a tough week! I love how in sync you are with your kids though. Hopefully Cam is perfectly fine, but you are so right about how early intervention is key! Liam has a July birthday too, and I hate it when it comes to school stuff. He will always either be super old or super young for his grade, depending on when we officially start kindergarten.