Our Long Weekend

I think that every weekend should be three days...can anyone change this?

Thursday night, Chad and I escaped for a date with Louise while Cam was at my dad's...one of our local restaurants, Dimillo's, becomes a huge Tourist Trap in the summer, so locals don't even attempt to go. They are in their "Locals' Season," so they have lots of cheap eats and drinks for us!! The two of us ate and drank for $30...I'm not sure we've ever done that! (But seriously, if you're ever in Portland, you should go there! It's a restaurant on a boat with the best lobster stew and fried haddock!)

We had an unexpected snow day on Friday, and it was just what I needed after a rough week of parenting. (PS THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the emails, texts, FB messages and comments on my parenting post...it's HARD, but I know we all go through our own struggles, and it's so nice to have some support from you ladies!!)

So, Friday was spent in our pajamas...mitten ones for Louise because...#girlsarefuntodress. Cam was probably wearing mismatched pajamas because #boys. Luckily, I had three pairs of yoga pants clean for our three day weekend, so I was all set. ;)

Friday afternoon, Louise decided to take a 3 hour nap, so Chad, Cam and I pretty much hung outside the entire time, snow blowing, shoveling and playing snow pinata and baseball. When Louise woke up, I took it upon myself to head inside and pour myself some wine while the boys continued to play outside (and went sledding on a shovel...yes, we own sleds...not sure on this one!)

Saturday, we did a little cleaning, a little Target shopping and everyone napped at the same time. It was amazing.

Saturday night, Chad and I went on a double date. A girl I grew up with (We were never really friends, but we always played sports against each other.) married one of Chad's co-workers, so we decided this was a reason to eat and drink all night. We hit up Evo and Central Provisions and didn't take a single picture. 

Sunday was Open Gym at Tumble Tikes to get out some energy, another family nap, some buffalo chicken dip, more sledding and a pre-SuperBowl party at our friends' because we go to bed at 7. 

A very low-key weekend but good for the soul. 

Update on my parenting post: We referred Cameron to CDS to be screened. Louise's teeth popped through, and we haven't taken off her teething necklace since we go it, so she's been a MUCH happier baby. We had the best weekend with both kids, and I am truly grateful that my "hard" parts of parenting are temporary. I know that so many parents have much more difficult situations, and through my struggles, I am thankful everyday for two healthy, beautiful children.

HAPPY MONDAY! Cheers to a great week. :) 


  1. Yay for a 3 day weekend!! I agree - those should be the norm. Looks like you guys had fun too. Logan's top teeth are trying to pop through and it's been a nightmare! What teething necklace do you recommend?

  2. I'm glad you had a nice weekend and I'm glad the tooth popped through! Have a great week!

  3. Yay for a great weekend!! Looks like your date with had and Louise was fun. Your smiles are so big and she looks so much like you. :)

  4. Your weekend sounds like bliss. Naps for all? I want in on that!
    So glad to hear the little lady is in better spirits with those teeth finally popping through (teething is THE worst).
    Hope all comes back great with Cam.

  5. First off, I never ever see any other Maine bloggers!! I live in Maine as well =) And when in Portland, Dimillo's is one of our very fav places to have dinner. =)