HELLO! I've been a little MIA....

I am not sure where January went, but it's February, they say.

January is always a month of new beginnings, goals, journeys....ours was a month of illnesses.

You win some, you lose some. Here's to February being healthier!

Granted, our illnesses were MILD, and I am lucky that we are all (generally) healthy, but it sure did come all at once!

January 11, I got sick with a generic cold...sneezing, runny nose, dry throat, etc.

January 15, Louise got it and was blowing bubbles out of her nose half the size of her face.

Then Chad got a touch of it.

January 22, Cam puked (as did 99% of his preschool room).

January 26, I had surgery. (More on that later - I am totally fine!)

Then Chad was nauseous for a few days.

January 29, Louise puked.

And here we are.

This past month, I didn't reach any of my goals, but I did try. I blame the illnesses on not attending church and the illnesses on not cutting back on alcohol. :) The rest was pure laziness (and maybe the illnesses)! ;)

We did manage to enter into society a few times....During January, we went to Disney on Ice, watched Making a Murderer, celebrated my Mom's birthday, watched the Patriots lose in the AFC Championship, played in the snow, went to the Children's Museum and Louise popped through her third tooth. Ouch.

Disney on Ice...."Woody" was in heaven!

Sick baby...Cam thought it was awesome that he could sleep on the floor after he puked!

Teething babies are so pitifiul :(

Celebrating Mom's birthday

This past weekend, Chad and I took Cam to the Children's Museum without Louise, which was like the best day ever! I didn't take too many pictures (trying to be more present instead of on my phone), but this dorky little boy had the time of his life! We've been going since he was just over a year old, and it's so cool to see how much he can do now, compared to then!

Fly fishing/wood-working boy

driving the firetruck

He spent so much time "fixing" the car...it totally surprised me!

And something for your viewing pleasure...
I love this picture for two reasons. 
1) Cameron always wears our shoes around the house, so here he is in Chad's size 11 Bean boots, watching cartoons. 
2) Whenever I put pajama pants on him, I purposely pull them up really high, and he never pulls them down, so I just quietly giggle to myself. Is that mean? Please say no. 

Enough of a random update...I'm here and alive and fairly healthy, but I have had zero time to get anything into writing. Or done at my house. I am excited for February - a new workout routine, a new eating style, Valentine's Day and a week-long vacation from work. No plans, but that's a-ok with me!

Happy Monday! Have a great week!!


  1. Yuck to illnesses! We've been having the same problems over here! Strep, colds, pneumonia..you name it. Hope you all start feeling better! That children's museum looks like a blast!

  2. Such a bummer about everyone getting sick. :( glad you got some fun stuff in this month. We are taking cam to Lego Kidsfest later this month and I found a babysitter. So excited we will be with just our boy

  3. We've had the same kind of month! Everyone in our family keeps passing around the same cold. It's happening with everyone we know, so it must just be a January thing. Here's hoping we all have a healthier February!

  4. January can be so hard! I've had many years where I want to jump start into my goals and then get so bummed that I can't because I get sick! I'm shocked we avoided it this January (knock on wood)!

  5. Louise in the snow suit - I AM DEAD! :) And January can be hard - yay for February!

  6. It's hard to keep up with regular every day life (not to mention goals) when you have a house full of sickies! Here's to a better, healthier month!

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  9. Ugh - so sorry about all the sickness in January. Seeing your babies sick, snotty, and miserable is the worst. I hope your February is 100% healthy!
    Woohoo for day dates with the little man. I love when just Marcus and I can slip away for a bit. We both need that one-on-one time and don't get it often enough.

  10. I hope you have a healthy February! I'm glad you were able to squeeze some fun into January despite the sickness!

  11. I remember going to the children's museum as a kid, always so much fun!! Hoping that everything is starting to feel better!!

  12. Oh my goodness! ! January was a rough one for you guys!! I'm starting off Feb with a nasty chest cold, which sucks with my condition... walking up stairs is like running a marathon! Anyway I'm sure it's run at least half of it's course now (I hope!)

  13. Im so sorry you all got sick. My least favorite part of winter are all the germs.

  14. Boo for the sickies!!!! I hope February is your month of wellness and fun! Although it still looks like you all had a fun month ;) XO

  15. oh goodness! prayers feb is a MUCH better month for you guys!! i'm sorry but i did laugh at the giant snot bubbles because i can totally pictures my little doing that hahaha

  16. You have such a wonderful family. Great to have you sharing with us. My wife and i love the pictures you posted it reminds us of our family times. Our kids are now out of the house and living across the country. Keep up all the effort you put in. You have a talent for it. Keep it up, thanks.

    Malachi Cates @ Indian Crest Peds