Confessional Thursday

My brain dump for the week with Jess!! I confess...

...that I really want to use the BLW method with Louise, but I don't want to clean up the mess. There. I said it. I am forcing us to do it at least a few times a week, but otherwise, homegirl gets waffles, baby crackers, yogurt bites and jar food.

...that I am still catching up on posts from Last Friday. Sometimes, I just hit the "read all" button, but I actually want to read so many posts! When did life get so hectic?

...that I started a 3-Day Refresh last Monday because #pizzafordinner5timesaweek, and I didn't even make it to dinner that night. I've done it twice before, and LOVED the results, but I came down with a nasty cold on Monday morning, so I was feeling icky and needing some comfort food. When Chad popped in the pizza for Cam, I couldn't resist one bite. Then a slice. Then two. Maybe next week.

...that I just learned how to make risotto. And brussel sprouts. And how to steam vegetables. I think Cameron knows how to cook more than me!

...that I was off from work for nine days last week, and I didn't wear anything other than yoga pants. On Valentine's Day, I didn't even make it out of my pajamas.

...that I washed our sheets on Sunday...we just put them back on our bed last night. #fail

...that I am so freaking happy that it's Friday-Eve! I think we might go on a date tonight (woohoo), we can bring wine to the kids' gymnastics class tomorrow night (holler!) and we have NO PLANS this weekend, which means we can do whatever we want!

PS: Amazon has 30% coupons for a bunch of home stuff: diapers, cleaners, detergent, etc...I just stocked up on some good brands!


  1. I still don't know how to make risotto or brussel sprouts! Where did you guys sleep without sheets on your bed for that many days?

  2. shhh, but I often hit 'read all.' I have a handful of bloggers that I read every morning over coffee.

  3. You get to bring wine to gymnastics? That is amazing. And yay for date night. I love risotto, but it is so time consuming. And brussel sprouts are my jam now. Just not steamed.

  4. Wine to gymnastics?!?! I may have to make the 3 hour drive to Portland for this!! Haha =)

  5. Wine to gymnastics?!! Where do I sign my kid up??!

  6. Oh thanks for the Amazon tip! Also I'm always so annoyed when I wash our sheets too. Such a long process haha. Yay for a relaxing weekend!

  7. Roasted brussels sprouts are our favorite vegetable side! And we just discovered we like them last year lol. BLW is so worth the mess, but we have a dog who gladly acts as the vaccuum ;)

  8. Bed sheet day is THE worst when it comes to laundry. I HATE the fitted sheet and I HATE wrestling the mattress to get everything put back on. Why is it such a damn chore?!
    I'm sorry... Wine during gymnastics? I'm pretty sure this should be allowed at all kids activities.

  9. YES! I could have written this. I am so far behind as well! I just hit "mark as read" on a BUNCH of posts (sorry people!) because I swear I just don't have time. And if I'm being REALLY honest, the ones I for sure mark as read are ones I can tell are sponsored or ones I can tell are just done because they are pinnable. Sounds terrible, but totally the truth. But of course I couldn't skip this post because I LOVE a good confession :)