Confessional Thursday

Jess has started a fun new link up that pretty much lets me blurt out all of the random thoughts in my head, and it's not considered inappropriate. (PS Her Viv is going through the same teething madness that we are with Louise...send us wine!)

We took away Cameron's pacifier all-together in September, but I still give him one when I need him to nap (or be quite in the car so Louise can sleep). #whateverworks

"You get what you get, and you don't get upset" gets more use than I'd like to admit. And it works every.single.time. 

Cameron knows exactly what this is and what it's used for. I am not sure why, because we usually finish any bottle we open! :) 

He also pretends the above is a gun, and he shoves it down his diaper like a're warned if you ever come over and drink from an opened bottle of wine.

I really want to be a good blogger, but I'm too lazy. I don't know how to use my real camera, and I don't want to edit pictures. #idrathersleep

Cam and Louise's day care is open until 4:30, and I usually leave them there until then. I need that 1.5 hour of ME time. It's usually spent shopping for them, working, blogging or doing laundry, but it's nice to have a little quiet time.

Cam received some Valentines already, and I ate some of the candy. In his closet. I was "putting away clothes" and couldn't resist. 

We have nine days off from school/work, and as excited I am to get a break, I'm already looking forward to the Monday we return...being home with two kids, when that's not your normal routine, can be hard. I don't know how SAHMs do it. 

Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. So glad you linked up today! And so glad we are going through the teething insanity together and can commiserate. Just know that when you're up in the night dealing with Louise, I'm most likely up with Vivi too, lol! Dying over the mental pictures of Cam walking around with the bottle stopper in his diaper, ha! And girlfriend, Caleb still gets his paci most nights. And I'm not even sorry about it. He doesn't do blankets or stuffed animals, so if the paci is his only source of comfort, well, I'm not in a hurry to take that away (and risk even less sleep than I'm already getting!)

  2. You crack me up girl! I love that Cam knows what the wine stopper is. The fact that he uses it as a gun and sticks it in his diaper for safe keeping is no big deal in my book. :) I say do what you've gotta to do survive and if that means a paci sometimes, having an hour and a half to yourself (so jealous) and whatever else than do it! :)

  3. I love that Cam knows what that vacuum pump is used for, smart kid!
    I hear you with the real camera and edited pictures scenario. Taking and editing pictures from my iPhone is so much easier and so much less of a hassle. I bought myself a "real" camera in August and have used it maybe twice :(


  4. Yes to taking advantage of daycare for some much needed "me" time!! 90% of the time, I take my kids to daycare on my days off from work (like tomorrow, my comp day for PT Conferences) and never ever do I feel guilty/bad about it! Luckily, my daycare provider actually encouraged me to do that in Brantley's first year of life, so it's nice to feel supported in that aspect. And also, yes to not understanding how SAHMs do it all. the. time. I always have a hard time returning to work after long breaks (summer especially) but in reality, it's nice to have that routine, adult interaction, and time to form thoughts in my mind without being interrupted by toddlers/preschoolers! Great minds think alike! :)

  5. Ha, stealing Cam's Valentine's Day candy... Totally something I would do!

  6. Sometimes I wish we sent Harper to daycare so I could have a little me time now and then! Even if just for a few hours to go to the gym, or really clean the house! Hope the teething gets better :(

  7. Paci weaning is the worst - yet so is this whole no nap phase. My daughter gave up her paci in December. I was beyond thrilled She's recently napping less and less. I'd love to give her a paci again and see if that helps, but I'm pretty sure I'd lose my mind if I had to deal with paci weaning again. It's so hard picking our battles!
    Mila's V-day party at daycare is tomorrow. I fully intend on sharing any candy she gets, haha!

  8. I feel your pain. I have a big fancy camera and I have no idea how to use it. Every picture I take is with my iPhone. I feel like I'm getting good though! Haha. I ate all the candy too...shhhhhh!

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  10. We have so many wine stoppers and I have no idea why. We NEVER use them. There is never any left over. :)
    Speaking of wine... It's how I live through most days at home with two kids. ;)

  11. This is too good! Im with you- lazy bloggers unite!!!

  12. YES, YES, YES. I agree with all of these!!!
    I had every intention of getting a post up for tomorrow and then.... Flip or Flop, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder took over my life. Sorry I'm not sorry.
    I get off work around 2-3pm everyday and Seth gets off at 5. I let him pick up Mason 98% of the time so I can have some me time/errand time/blogger time. No shame!
    Also, I've pretty much eaten all of Mason's candy too. In my defense, he doesn't really like candy!


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  14. "You get what you get, and you don't get upset" I use this at work a lot (I work at an aftercare program). If we have different flavor snacks such as go-gurts, the children usually want a different flavor and it gets way too hectic to swap them all out/trade/etc. because I work with the younger kids (ages 4-7).

    The shoving it down his diaper sentence made me laugh out loud! That's too funny.

    Amy @