Cameron: 3.5 years old

Height: About 40"
Weight: About 40 pounds
Clothes: Mostly 4T and some 5T
Diapers: YES, still diapers...size 6 and busting at the seams
Shoes: Size 10

You are not napping regularly now that you gave up your paci in September. You rarely nap at school (which makes for interesting nights at home), and you nap about 1/2 of the time at home. You are in your big boy, full-sized bed, and I think you sleep on every square inch throughout the night! I didn't think you would ever fall out of that huge thing, but we hear a huge thump about twice a're usually laughing when I come up to check on you, though, so it's kind of cute.

Your appetite is growing, but your palette is not. Chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, meatballs, salami, hot dogs, waffles, yogurt, strawberries and crackers top your list of favorite (and only) foods. You're still drinking almond milk and water on the regular, but lemonade and chocolate milk are your "treats" when we go out.

You are OBSESSED with superheros or anything that fights - swords and guns are your favorites. However, you don't watch anything (anymore) that has these things, and you don't have any toys that fight. But, you are still obsessed with "catching the bad guy and putting him in jail." Nobody knows who the bad guy is, but you are hellbent on catching him.

You love books, and we don't read to you nearly enough. I know that you get a lot of literacy at school, so in the back of my mind, I don't feel like we need to read ten books every day. We usually read one book before bed, but I do love when you ask to read with me on the couch. You love Steam Train, Dream Train and If I Built a Car, and you're starting to get more into puzzles.

Everything has a numerical value right many minutes something is ("Go downstairs for one, two, three, four, five, six minutes then come back and check on me.") or how big something is ("That book is one, two, three, get it....sixteen, fourteen, nineteen long!" "Go feed Louise for ONE then come back.")

You LOVE to talk. You haven't quite mastered the polite interruption of, "Excuse me" but you're trying. If you start to talk, and someone with a louder voice says something over you, you get quite upset that you were "talking first."

You love to ask questions. Not just "why" questions, but real questions. I have to remind myself how adorable it is, when you've asked your 14th question in a row, while we're driving to school, and I haven't had any coffee yet.

I do think you're amazingly smart, though, and you catch me off guard with some of your knowledge. You are a SPONGE, my love.

You still struggle with some letters and their sounds, some lots of words are questionable to anyone but me. Some of my favorites are:
ka-night (goodnight),
bessert (dessert),
Mick-ack-Donalds (McDonald's),
Pee-yata (pinata)
yogrit (yogurt)

Yes, you are still in diapers, but you have gone #2 on the potty a couple of times, with no issues. Then you continue to pee in your diaper for the rest of the day. I don't know what to do to get you into underwear, but it has to happen soon, because you are literally busting out of your diapers! We've promised you Buzz Lightyear, and you are so excited to get it, but it's clearly not exciting enough to stop wearing diapers.

You are so independent until you need us. I forget that you are only 3.5 sometimes because you really can do a lot on your own. We send you to get stuff (upstairs, downstairs, in the other room), you've learned to put your dishes in the sink and trash in the trash can, which is awesome for us! You still leave toys out until we ask you to put them away, and even then, you "can't do it by myself." You can get undressed by yourself, but we are still dressing you. You can take your shoes on and off, although you sometimes ask for help (when you're being lazy).

One of your favorite things to do is to go "up to LouLou's house." Even when I tell you to go up there, you let me know you're going. It's one of our biggest rules because we don't want to be looking for you and think that you're lost or hurt, when you're really somewhere safe.

You are SUCH a great brother to Louise. Sure, you get jealous of the attention that she receives sometimes, but at the end of the day, you adore her, and she ADORES you. You have just started to like having her sit on your lap and "carrying" her (while I hold onto her for dear life, while she's in your arms). You tell her you love her and always take the time to make her laugh, if she's fussy.

Your heart is HUGE. You are always thinking about other people - I think we should buy this for Louise. I think that Jim would like this. Let's make cookies for my friends. Seriously? All I want is for you to be kind to other people, and I think we are off to a good start....

You love to "cook" for us in your kitchen, but when you and LouLou really cooked, you served us your apple pie before you even had any! You're so sweet, bud!

New Years Eve - Toddler Edition

Day Date with Mommy to see The Good Dinosaur

First snowfall of the year was a success!

You found your bowtie and wouldn't take it off...and I didn't stop you!

Christmas was pretty magical with you. Everything was beautiful and you were so grateful for your presents!

Some of your favorites gifts included your dinosaur pajamas, Etchasketch, and Batman Duplos. 
You also loved helping Louise open her presents and spending time with Papa, of course!

You wanted to see Santa, but you didn't want to touch him. (He was kind of creepy, anyways!)

You LOVE your sister and actually love wearing matching outfits! 

Mr Personality

Helping us pick out and cut down our Christmas tree

Making pumpkin pies (with gummy bears) with LouLou for Thanksgiving

Halloween in Salem (VA)

I wonder how many times Louise will let you pick our her Halloween outfit?! 

You had a blast with Uncle Jim (and everyone else) when we went to Salem!

Polar Express 2015

I love you, my little ham. You are SUCH a joy, and this, you are going to break some hearts one day!

I will never get enough of you asking me for a hug, wanting to cuddle on the couch or cooking for me in your kitchen. Please keep asking for one more kiss, one more minute of laying in bed together and one more book. Even though it kills me that you cry every.single.morning when I drop you off at preschool, it will kill me even more when you don't. Your compassion, your emotions (the highs and the lows) and your predictability keep my days going. You are one amazing kid, and I am so lucky to have you as mine (and Daddy's, but really, you're mine). ;)



  1. Happy Half Birthday! We are having the SAME problem with the potty training over here. On the one hand I am in no rush, but the size 6 diapers are starting to get tight, so underwear is the only thing left to do! My son has also gone on the toilet before, but when I say we should go on a daily basis, he tells me he likes peeing and pooping in a diaper. Not sure what to try next!

  2. He's so cute and getting so big!! We're currently working on potty training with Liam, but I know it's going to take a long time!

  3. My goodness, he's the sweetest. Louise is so lucky to have such a good big brother. That will come in handy some day (for you and her ;)).

    Happy 3.5, Cam!

  4. He's the cutest! My little guy, Cash loves salami {Cash says galami} too!

  5. omg. i literally died laughing at the "excuse me". we need work on that BIG TIME over here. i LOVE HIM!!!

  6. Okay seriously I was smiling and shaking my head yes throughout this entire post. Our bigs have so much in common it's scary. Especially the dang potty part. Ugh!

  7. Isn't this such a fun age?! Liam's form of "excuse me" is "I have to tell you something." And hearing the thumps out of bed... Too funny!

  8. What a beautiful family! Your kids are a adorable! Found your blog from September farm and am so glad I did!

  9. Happy 3.5!!! What a sweet and precious one. Our pedi always said to not push potty training with a boy. Do it when they're ready! Boys are usually stubborn and love to do things in their own timing. And that was the best advice I ever listened to!