2016: TIME


January brings such a promise. A promise to start something new. Something better. Something different.

I don't like resolutions.

I love goals. (I really love lists and checking them off when I'm done!).

I love words...a single word can mean so much.

A lot of you are choosing words over resolutions this year, and I love it. I have 28347928347 resolutions that I want to achieve, but in all honesty, it's not happening. Give me a word, and I can work around it.


(I love that every single one of these ladies chose a different word for 2016.) 

I have so many words I could choose: organize, prioritize, maximize. 

I think mine will be 


Time with Chad
We go on at least one date per month (usually around the 15h, our anniversary), but I want to do more than go to dinner. I love doing activities and going on adventure with him. We need to be better about planning and getting away for more than two hours at a time!

Time with family
No cell phones. No computers. Nothing but spending time together. 

Time with friends
Plan more stuff together. It's so easy to let time pass, and if it's not planned, it might not happen. 

Time to myself
YES to trips to Target solo. YES to making chiropractor appointments again. YES to working out. 

Time with my students
No writing reports while students are in my room. No answering emails and having my face shoved in my computer all the time. I love them and my relationships with them...I need to be better about showing them!

I want to cherish my time better. After this 12 day vacation, I feel like I didn't spend any time with anyone, when that's all I did! I was too busy setting up for or cleaning from our party, Christmas, dinner parties, play dates, etc...I kept pushing Cam off to his iPad or playroom so I could do the dishes or put Louise down for a nap. I feel like Chad and I were so tired that we didn't spend any good, quality time together. I feel like my family ran in and out, left a ton of presents and it was over. When did life get so hectic that time wasn't valued? I want my vacation back, and I want it not to end! I know that having an infant puts a kink in things, but she's such a go-with-the-flow baby, that we can really do anything with her. She's the smallest of my excuses these days!

So, I want to spend my time better. If you see my on my phone or computer when there are people around, smack my hand. Seriously! If I don't blog for awhile, it's because I'm (hopefully) spending more time with someone. 


  1. I have truly loved reading everyone's words! And time is such a great one to focus on this year! I know we could all use more time in the day but I really do think it's more about how we choose to spend it. Good luck this year!

  2. I love it. Great goal/word/list!! Cheers to 2016, my friend!

  3. Love this! So many different words and ways to interpret them, but we all seem to have a very solid sense of what we want this year, which is more family, less stress, more love.

  4. Oh time - it's such a little devil. However it's the one thing that seems forever fleeting. I think all of our words really jive together!

  5. OMG! Your word may just be my favorite yet! Love love love! Great choice lady.

  6. Loveeee this so much! I mean seriously, we're always complaining about how quickly time passes (as mothers) but rarely do we ever take the time to just be still and enjoy the moment. I honestly think the time passes slower when your'e soaking up the moments, it does for me anyway! :) Happy new year!

  7. The idea of a word versus a resolution is amazing. I'm working on putting my word together... It's proven to be a little more challenging than I thought!

    Your word is spot on! It's echoing a lot of what I'm hoping to encompass with my word. Time is fleeting, and it's so important to make the very most out of every moment we have.

    Happy 2016, friend!

  8. I love your word!! Time passes entirely too quickly and I need to learn to sit back and be present in that moment!!

    Happy 2016!

  9. Such a great word, I can relate to everything you wrote!