Friday Favorites

Clearly, I have been MIA for awhile due to illnesses, a minor surgery (more on that later) and work, but like Erin says, apparently I only blog on Fridays. :)

Here are a few of my recent favorites....


If you don't follow Emily on IG, you may have missed out on her daily tips to make your life easier. I have loved every single one of them, but this one is something I put into action immediately. We all know that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right? But we all have different things that make our lives easier. For me, it's laundry and groceries...if those two things can be organized, each day will start off just a little easier.


I know it's only January, but doesn't this cocktail look delicious for the summer? I am not a sugary-cocktail girl, so this looks perfect!

Speaking of cocktails, I never shared anything about our Christmas Eve Eve party, but I did whip up this punch, and it was gone before anything else. (Not to self: quadruple the recipe next year!)

The recipe says to use a bundt pan and put 1/3 champagne and 2/3 POM juice to create an ice ring, to keep the punch cold all night. We don't have a bundt pan, so I just filled a few cupcake tins with this mixture, and it worked perfectly!


I mentioned, back in December, that I invested in some good make up. Now that I've been using them for over a month, I have a better feel of what's worth the splurge and what will never end up in my basket again.

Nars Tinted Moisturizer - EH
I  will probably not buy it again, especially because it's too dry to wear as JUST a moisturizer.
I put it over my moisturizer AND BB cream, to get the coverage I need.

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener - EH again
It goes on smoothly and helps moisturize and brighten, but it doesn't stay all day.
I still look so tired by lunch, so I maybe I need a primer under it? I may buy it again.

Sephora Eye Shadow Pencil - NO
Way too glittery, and I cannot figure out how to get more out of the pencil.
It doesn't sharpen, but there's no way they charge almost $20 for less than a month's worth of eye shadow. I love the concept of swiping one product over my eyes, but I will be looking for something new.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows - YES
I've always known that my eyebrows needed some help, but I never knew what to buy. This product is pricey, but I have barely put a dent in it, after a month of use, so I think it's a good value.

Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers - YES
LOVE THIS! I was spending $35 on Younique, so spending less than $20 on a better product is a total win in my book! I will definitely be buying more, when mine runs out.


I am really trying not to go all out for the holidays, but it's so hard! I was going to pass on Valentine pajamas for the kids until we got a notice about a Valentine pajama party at school. I mean, I can't let them go to school unprepared!

Thanks to GAP, I snagged a cute pair for Louise and an OK pair for Cam...slim pickins!


I am officially starting my goal of getting back into shape. I hate how my clothes fit and how my body feels. I am an avid drinker of Shakeology, for breakfast, and just ordered the 3-day refresh...I've done this twice before and gotten amazing results. I lose a few pounds, but it really gets my mind on track to change my diet. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! We have minimal plans, which sounds perfect to me. I think our entire family needs a laid back weekend to get healthy and spend some quality time together, since we've all been isolated, at one point or another!

Louise James: Eight Months

Height: 28"
Weight: 18lbs
Clothes: 6 - 12 months
Shoes: size 1 - still rockin the FP Mocs
Diapers: Size 3...just bought a box of size 4; size 6 at night!

SLEEP: Dare I say that you're sleeping through the night? After a few rounds of CIO - first to get you in your crib from the rock and play then to get you to go back to sleep when you wake in the middle of the night - we finally have a solid night of sleep from 7 - 5, you eat, then go back down until 630/7. I miss our mid-night feedings, so I always sneak up and watch you, whenever I am awake. (Hence the overflow of sleeping pictures below!)

Naps are about 20 - 30 minutes at day care and can be that short at home, or they can last for two hours. We never know! Your naps are around 9, 1 and 5....there's always a 5:00 nap on school days, but if you nap well at home, we can sometimes skip it.

In my arms, while you were sick. I did NOT mind holding you all day!

One of your 20-minute naps at school...You are happy-as-a-clam with no sleep, though!

Your "I'm tired" sign...blanket over the face

"Hello, Mom!! Put me down for a nap instead of snapping pictures of my exhausted!"

We put you on your back, and you usually end up on your stomach. You did NOT like this at first, because you can't roll onto your back, but we let you be, and you're fine with it now!

When you do sleep on your side, your ankles are crossed, and I am obsessed. 

EAT: You are still taking 7-8 ounces at 5:30, 9:00, 1:00, 5:00 and 7:00. Between bottles, you snack on wagon wheels, teething biscuits, waffles, sweet potatoes, apples, prunes, bananas or yogurt. I am totally that mom that will feed you less messy foods, when I want you to continue wearing your outfit. If it's before bath, we pull out the messy stuff, and you love it!

Oh, you love to eat tables, too, now that you're sitting in high chairs!

PLAY: You still love your jumper and just got a walker, from a friend, so you love either cruising backwards, on your own, or letting Cam push you around the kitchen. EVERYTHING goes in your mouth, obviously, and you dig anything that lights up or makes noise. We can still pile you with toys, and you will sit there for a good hour.

How we get to cook or eat together, watch football or get laundry done!

DEVELOPMENTS: Nothing major, but I think your top teeth are coming in...they are super swollen, and you are super grumpy, which is totally out-of-character for you! You are riding in carts and sitting in high chairs, which is the best thing ever! You are sleeping on your belly, but you can't roll back over, so you just stay that way. You are almost crawling. I am NOT pushing it, but it's pretty cute to watch you rock back and forth! Oh, and you have learned how to play a mad game of hide-and-go-seek with LouLou! She puts your lovey over your face, and you give it back to her, like a dog! You guys do this forever!

It was a slow month after a crazy December, but you celebrated your first New Years Eve, had some quality time with LouLou while we took Cam on some one-on-one dates, watched the Patriots, went to your first basketball game (and made the news), played in the snow for the first time and are celebrating LouLou's birthday today!

First basketball game cheering on one of my students

Unkie snapped these pictures below on Christmas day, and I think they just capture your beautiful features. You are BEAUTIFUL, little girl, and I hope you never forget that. I can already tell that you're going to have a huge heart and have a million friends. I can't believe I get to watch you turn into a young lady...I am the luckiest mom in the world. I love you, Weezy.

Those big blue eyes get me every time!

And the way you wrinkle your nose...I die!

Weezy, Love, Pumpkin, Weez, Lou...
You are the MOST amazing little girl. Your eyes and smile literally light up a room and make strangers stop in their tracks to smile back. You ADORE your brother, and he is the only one who can make you stop fussing sometimes! As soon as he hears you start to whimper, he runs over and plays with you, makes funny faces or sounds or just acts works every time! I hope he always protects you.


Every little thing you do - crossing your ankles, holding your lovey up to your nose when you're tired, reaching for my nose when I'm close....they all make my heart skip a beat. It's amazing how much I love you. You are rarely upset - when you're tired or hungry - and you always wake up happy. I LOVE walking upstairs to get you, because I know you will on your belly, pushing up with your hands, smiling. 

Friday Favorites: Valentines, Smocks and Beauty

HELLO!! The past two weeks have been INSANE (hence my absence), but I am looking forward to a  fun weekend with my family and a quiet week next week (more on that later).

Valentine's Day is clearly on everyone's mind (Hello, Target Dollar Spot), so I thought I'd share the card I got for Chad.

This article about the One Minute Rule is, like, duh, but not always utilized.
I try to do things properly, in the moment, to make things easier later,
but it's usually easier to be lazy. I try to:

- hang up jackets,
- prepare the coffee pot the night before,
- put dishes in the dishwasher, etc...

I'm slow, but surely, learning that the minute it takes saves more than a minute later.

I went on a little bit of a Smocked Auctions shopping spree last fall, and as adorable as Louise looked in all of her smocked dresses, I realized that I didn't need to buy quite so many in the future. However, when they released their Lobster collection, I HAD to get something for Louise. AND, it was only $10 because of my rewards (from buying so many darn pieces in the fall). I cannot wait for summer so Louise can wear this every single day. (PS I have since bought another outfit for her 1st birthday...more on that later!)

I think that everyone loves getting Influenster boxes, and when they sent their latest Voxbox, it did not disappoint!! I have been using Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner for years and love their newest formula. I used to love their products because they were so silky and creamy, but now they are lighter and MUCH better for my hair. Their volume line is perfect - it doesn't add the supermodel volume that I want (What shampoo does??), but it keeps it clean and doesn't weight it down, which is a great base to add some other volumizing products.

They didn't even send me tiny samples, they sent me HUGE bottles!


I have been on the hunt for good make up in the last few months to not look #momtired. I really need a primer to keep my face looking fresh all day, but my skin is so dry in the winter. Any suggestions? While I'm searching, I have been using Arbonne's Setting Pretty, and I LOVE IT.

*I received some of these products for free, but the options are all mine!!

Happy Friday!! Good luck to everyone in the path of's kind of fun to be on the watching end for once!

Five on Friday: MAM and a GIVEAWAY!

Chad and I have tried to get into a few Netflix shows, but nothing has stuck. Until now. If you haven't watched Making a Murdered, you should. And if you have, you will love these!

In case you missed the funniest one on my Instagram, go check it out!

Have you entered yet? Go! You could win $250 CASH.

Happy Friday! Cheers to a three day weekend!

Five on Friday: January Goals

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions, but I do like to make short-term goals. I always have little monthly goals in my mind, but I think hope that writing them down will make me feel more accountable...we'll see!

Cut back on sugar and alcohol.
I had NO sugar or alcohol written down, but I like to set realistic goals. :)
(This guy gave up both and lost eight pounds!)

Make coffee and lunches before bed.
I hate rushing around in the morning, so when I can hit one button and have coffee three minutes later, it's a good start to my day. Making lunches makes my morning go by so much better, but I just don't do it. When I do, I feel like I can take on the world!

Go to church.
Simple enough, but there are only four Sundays in January, and one's already gone by. That leaves three more chances

Drink at least 80 ounces of water a day. They say that if you're trying to lose weight, you should drink half of your weight in ounces. I'll let you do the math there, but I gained five pounds in December, and I WILL lose them (and more).

Wash my face before bed.
I know, I know. I just DON'T do it. I'm tired/lazy/don't care. I need to, though, because skin looks like sh*t!

Here's to hoping that I can reach these give goals. So far, I am struggling on the sugar and washing face part. Maybe we will make it to Church this Sunday? It would be nice to cross something off my list (and find a permanent church).

Happy Weekend!