Louise James: 18 Months

My sweet, 2nd child....I am living up to the stereotype of #secondchildproblems, and I'm sorry. But to be fair, I haven't done an update on Cameron since he turned 4, so we'll call it a wash...

Clothes //18 month
Shoes // size 4/5
Diapers // size 4

You are eating a little better...you are in a phase where you want to be held, but we will only let you eat while you're sitting, so that's interesting. You still love meatballs and chicken tossed in bbq sauce, anything dipped in ranch or ketchup, mac and cheese, yogurt, applesauce, and pirate booty.

Oh, you...my little light sleeper! You are napping better at day care, which is great! You go right down at 7 and usually sleep until almost 7! BUT, when you wake up, you want to be fed, held or just want to come down and sit on the couch with us. I do love the snuggles, but I also love when you sleep through the night. :) You nap around 12/1230 and stay down for 1 - 3 hours depending on where you are...You are still sleeping with your paci and lovies. You don't go anywhere without those two things!

You still love to stack things and put stuff in things....cups, boxes, bags, etc...in and out things go all the time. If my purse is open, all of the contents get taken out then put back back. You love the pop up toys at day care and loving shape sorters. You are definitely going to be organized like me! You love anything that makes noise or moves. Cam has a walking dinosaur that you love to imitate...it's hilarious! You love to throw balls, play with buttons and steal anything you're not supposed to have, like phones, remote controls and chargers.

You are starting to form more and more words. You "talk" a lot, but you only say uh oh, uppie, bubba, binkie, bye, hi, wawa and ball. You love to make animal noises, although dogs, birds and pigs all sound strangely similar.

You are literally running all over the place now! You started walking in the middle of August, and you haven't stopped. I love it!! We chase each other. You chase Cam. Cam tackles you. It' amazing.

You actually listen really well, except when we say no! If you take something off a shelf at a store, you put it right back when I tell you to. You are very good at putting things where we say, but if we tell you no, you laugh and keep doing it. If we tell you no and Cameron isn't laughing, you know we are serious. But you still laugh after a few seconds of silence.

You LOVE to dance...you shake your hips side to side, bend your knees to drop it low, move your entire arms around and around...you are a killer dancer. ;)

You wrinkle your nose when you drink your sippy cup, and I literally just stare at you when you do.

You and Cameron are BFFs, and it's adorable. You rarely sit still, but if he's on the couch watching a show, you'll sit right next to him and cuddle in...for a few minutes. You don't want to share him (or anyone), though...if he is sitting on my lap, you throw a fit. If Daddy's arm is touching me, you throw it off. Seriously. I know you love me, but geez! ;)

You are still in the "infant" room until January, when you will sleep on a nap mat (no more crib!), eat a table (which you started doing already) and have one nap - I hope you nap better for them than you do for the Meggies! Your favorite buddies are Nora and Jada, with Ryan up there, too!

How they keep you from getting up while you're eating!

School Picture 2016 <3

You have had a few bumps along the way, little peach. You are still having issues going #2, so your new doctor send you for an x-ray to see if you are constipated or if you have another issue. Sure enough, you're constipated. After a 3-day laxative diet, you're as regular as the sun comes up, but we still put some laxative in your bottle at night, just to keep things moving. You also spent about six hours in the hospital with a 105 fever, but it went away after some double doses of tylenol and ibuprofen.

tummy x-rays

spending the night in the hospital (one of the few times you really cuddled with me!)

Well, we've had a lot of adventures since July! We rented a lake house with Uncle Jim and Aunt Tanya, visited Storyland, we drove to Virginia and back to visit Grandma Scott, and we celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving!


Weezy Pie, you are seriously the sweetest little thing I've ever seen in my life. Your cheeks and your eyes just kill me! You're so so different than Cam, and I love every bit of it. I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow, little girl.

Louise James: 13 & 14 Months

Height // 29
Weight // 19lbs
Teeth // four on top + three on bottom + two bottom molars + two top molars (11 total)
Clothes // under 12 months in everything except Carter's...our little peanut
Shoes // size 2
Diapers // size 3 or 4

Sleeping //
You are (knock on wood) sleeping through the night...mostly. You wake up and cry for a few seconds here and there, but you usually go back down. If you didn't eat a good dinner (more on that later), you will wake around 11 to eat again, then sleep for the night. You either wake around 5, take a bottle, then go back down until 6:30 or so, OR wake around 6:00, for the day.

You have started shaking your head yes or no to a nap, which is awesome, except that it's usually NO, and you have dropped your morning nap, which is interesting. You will make it to around noon, but then you're up around 2:00 and miserable from about 4:30 until bedtime, at 7:00. We are constantly playing the "keep you busy so you don't freak out" game until either bath or bed, which is sometimes a little before 7:00! You're actually a sweet, tired girl, so there's that. :)

Eating //
As much as you love to eat, we want you to eat more! You still depend on your bottle, which we are trying to change. You HATE milk, so we're having a hard time weaning you from formula. You still love cheese tortellini, meatballs, chicken tenders, waffles, toast, pb crackers, pb sandwich, pb anything...yogurt, applesauce, ham, turkey and pizza crust. You also LOVE bbq sauce, so we usually toss your meats in it. #whateverworks

Talking //
You grunt and moan a lot, which makes communicating frustrating for both of us, because you are at the stage where YOU know what you want, but I have no idea! You have a few words: dada, mama (when you need something - shocking), uh oh (on repeat) and hiiiiii....you are the cutest greeter!

Moving //
You are the world's fast crawler and can climb up AND down stairs in record time. Whenever we can't find you for two seconds, you are usually half way up a set of stairs. #nobigdeal You literally RUN in your walker or when you're pushing a walker, but you've only taken one step without holding onto someone's hands. You do an amazing crab crawl, so your knees don't get scraped, though!

Playing //
You basically want to play with anything that's not yours: remote controls, cell phones, and Cameron's toys. You love to stack things and take things out of boxes/containers then put them back in. You have a field day with 12 packs of soda...stacking them then putting the in/out of the box!

Personality //
Your attitude is something fierce, especially when you want something and we won't give it to you, or you have something, and we take it away. Daddy gave you a "lick" of his lollipop the other night, and you wrapped your little hand as tightly as you could around the stick and stuck the whole thing in your mouth. It was a full on wrestling match, to get it out of your hands and mouth! You know what you want! You have totally mastered the temper tantrum already! Watch out, world...

You get SO excited when you hear someone's voice before you see them...If Daddy coughs in the other room, you instantly jump and search around for him. If you her LouLou or Unkie's voice, walking up the the stairs, your feet start kicking and you laugh uncontrollably. Papa might be your favorite person; you'll let him hold you for hours, if he would. With anyone else, you want down after a few cuddly minutes.

You LOVE dancing....even if someone is whistling, your little booty is movin!

School //
You're going to a different day care, for the summer, and you have a favorite teacher, of course. Ms Adrienne is your BFF, and if she's no there in the morning, poor Ms Donna gets an earful for a few minutes! When we see your regular teachers, Ms Meggie or Ms Meagan, you freak and jump right into their arms! It makes my Mommy heart happy that you adore your teachers this much!

Adventure and Milestones //
We have had a fun summer of beach trips, birthday parties and lots of walks to the playground. Mommy and Daddy went away for our anniversary, so you had a sleepover with LouLou and were amazing!

We celebrated Fourth of July and Cameron's 4th birthday! We also moved you out of your infant car seat, and you are MUCH happier in the car now!

We also got to meet Jill and her boys for brunch, although you spent most of the time eating chocolate chip pancakes!

Cameron //
You and Cameron still adore each other. You hear his voice or see him walk in a room, and nothing else matters. You wrestle together, and you just laugh the whole time. He loves to push you on the swing now, and you think it's the best thing ever! I have so much guilt that Cam has gotten pushed to the side because of you (sorry), but seeing you together makes me know it's worth it.

My little pumpkin pie...some days, it feels like you're the cream cheese icing on my chocolate peanut butter cake, and some days, I feel like you hate me and there's not enough coffee wine in the world. At the end of the day, I can't stop myself from sneaking in a few times to watch you sleep (although you're THE LIGHTEST sleeper ever, so you start to squirm if you even hear me breathing).

Everyone always comments what a happy baby you are, and it's true! You are a HAM when people smile at you, but you are almost always smiling now. It's so fun to be with you - you're independent but needy, and it's the perfect mix. 

Cameron: FOUR Years

Height // 43" (90%)
Weight // 40 lbs (84%)
Shoes // 11 wide
Clothes // shorts: 2T (skinny boy); pants: 5T; tops: 4/5T

Eating // 

You still LOVE water and almond milk. Lemonade and chocolate milk are your favorite treats.

Your new favorite meal is a turkey and cheese sandwich with mayo, cut into tiny squares, thanks to Funbites. You still love meatballs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

We go to Margarita's a lot for dinner, and you call your cheese quesadilla a "Mexican pizza" and ask if we're going to Mexico for dinner. I wish, buddy!

Sleeping // 

You are in the phase of needing a nap, but when you take one, you are up until 9/10:00. If you don't nap, you break down around 5/6:00 but then crash by 7:30.

You've been sleeping on your floor for about a month...we don't know why, but whatever works. You've also recently become afraid of the dark...it may just be a bedtime stall ploy, but you now sleep with a night light and your closet light, with the door kind of open.

Playing // 

You are going to summer camp 2-3 days a week, depending on the week. You LOVE it, but you HAAAATE being dropped off. I felt like THE worst parent after the first morning and worried about you all day...until I went to pick you up, and you didn't want to leave. You still need a counselor to hold you every morning, while I walk away, but you love it. Your counselors are usually Brody and Emily (Elimy to you), and you love them! They even got the whole camp to sign Happy Birthday to you!

We have been spending one day a week together, with no Louise! This time is SO important for both of us, because we get to spend 1:1 time together. We do the movies, a water park, Get Air, etc...we still have about six weeks left of this, and I am already excited for our next adventure!

You are obsessed with Star Wars and Superheros. You love guns (which I hate) and "fighting the bad guys." Papa has convinced you that you should join the Army when you're 18 (Thanks, Dad.).

Your best buddies are Thomas, Jonah, Jackson, Avery, Tino, Rex and Brookes.

You started tball, but you were totally not into it, so we didn't force it. Maybe next year, buddy...

We bought this bounce house instead of renting one, because it was the same price and a little smaller, so it fit into our driveway better. We call the nap-guarantee-er! 

Talking //

You had a speech evaluation this year, and there are no issues with that...your development is above average (the ability to make sentences and make yourself understood), but your articulation is low average, so they are hoping that improves with time.

Some of my favorite words/sayings are:

Flamly - family

Bwekfwewest - Breakfast (You somehow make it an 8 syllable word)

Oh my GOSH


Bizzy = Dizzy

Terrible mess, exhausted and miserable are some of your favorite dramatic phrases.

You have started to insert "like" into, like, every, like, possible sentence, like ever. When did you turn into a Valley Girl? (Or are you listening to me talk too much?)

"I love you 186...is that even a number, Mom?" I get this most nights.

Personality // 

You remember EVERYTHING. We go into a store or restaurant, and the first thing you say is, "Remember when we came here and..." Daddy and I look at each other because we don't remember it, until you say it.

When I ask for a bite of something, you never hesitate to say yes, AND you show me the best bite.

You always pull out your knife at a restaurant and give it to us. Some restaurants have special napkins rolled for kids, so when they include a knife, you say, "They must not have known I was coming." Hahaha, my child...it's your world, baby!

You want to marry Louise and get super upset everytime we remind you that you can't. Your second choice is Mia, but you don't want to kiss her until you're grown-ups.

You saw your first double rainbow and said, "That's awesome, Mom!" I love that you still love the little things...you are always commenting no how beautiful something is (flowers, pictures, etc)...I hope you always keep this sense of appreciation.

You love to be independent, except when you don't. Most times, you want to do everything on your own - get your own plate, silverware and whatever food you can reach in the fridge or pantry. If I do something for you that you wanted to do on your own, I hear about it. But if you're too tired or don't want to do something, you let me do it.

You are going through a weird stage...you're SO SWEET, but you are craving attention and affirmation. If we give Louise any attention, you immediately do something to get negative attention. We've tried ignoring, rewarding, discipline and charts...our pom pom system is still working, but not always. Deep down, you are a kind and caring kid - you offer to do things without us asking, but when we ask you to put on your shoes, you run around the island 30 times.

You love to make up jokes, and although they usually include a poop reference and rarely make sense (unless you say that the cow is moooing furniture), I love it. Your imaginations is wild already!

Louise //

You still love Louise and help out with her, but you've started to get VERY jealous of her and try to retaliate by taking away her toy or "covering" her with a blanket (also known as putting a heavy blanket on her and walking away as she cries). You love baths with her and are very gentle in there; I think you know it's serious business. ;) Overall, you have the sweetest bond. When she hears your voice or even your name, she gets so excited. 

Developments and Milestones //

You are fully, 100%, no accidents, potty trained! You don't wear diapers, you poop when you need to, and you've only had one accident since April (which was at summer camp, on your first day, because you were so wrapped up in the activity). You've even mastered peeing outside, which makes every male in our family proud.

You got your first bike and real helmet, but you are a little nervous about riding it, because it's kind of wobbly with the training wheels. We got you a balance bike last summer, but you didn't understand why it didn't have pedals, so you wouldn't ride it. 

Just a few weeks ago, you suddenly decided to become interested in writing your name, and you are a pro at writing Cam with the C capitalized and the a &m lowercase. Other than that, you have no interest in writing or drawing.

We just got Highlights High Five magazine, and you are surprising me. You generally don't want to "try" things because you're afraid to do it wrong, but your focus and attention at trying to find the hidden objects, finding out what's different in pictures, counting and recognizing letters is impressive. I love doing this every night and totally buy into "one more game" before bed. You're secretly learning, and I won't stop you!

You finished preschool and will go back to FES in the fall...one more year until Kindergarten (cue the tears already)!

Cam-a-lam, Cam Cam, Sweet Boy - you are definitely my baby boy. Your smile and eyes light up my world. Your laugh is contagious and even the most frustrating days end with me peeking on you, while you're sleeping and giving you a dozen kisses. I would do anything for you, and I usually do, even if it's being more your friend than your mom. I hate to see you frustrated and upset, so I usually try to find a happy-medium between making you happy and teaching you a lesson...it's a tough job!

I love you more, little boy.

Louise James: ONE YEAR

Height // 28.5"
Weight // 18 lbs 9 oz
Teeth // Seven (plus 3 molars coming in)
Feet // Size 1 (almost a 2)
Diapers // size 3
Clothes // TTS...12 months

My little lady...you are lucky you have us wrapped tight around your finger, because you are so not a good sleeper! You go down RIGHT at 7:00 and wake 1 - 3 times a night. We've done some sleep training, and although it takes almost a week, it works great! Until you get sick. Or a tooth. Or light comes into your bedroom at 5:00 am. We are starting the rotation again, and last night was a full night of sleep (7 - 5, ate then back down until 6:30), so here's to hoping that it lasts for awhile. However, I do not mind the snuggling in your nursery chair. It was the best investment and makes these night time feedings so cozy.

You are still a sh*tty napper at day care and a rock star napper at home! I'll take it, although I am sure the two Megs (your teachers) would appreciate a break, every now and then. You are a happy, sleepy baby, so they don't complain.

You sleep in my favorite Carter's pajamas, your lovey (or four) and a glow-in-the-dark pacifier (with about 2384789 sprinkled throughout your crib, in case you lose yours in the middle of the night). Thankfully, you are nothing like Cameron with the pacifier and sleep perfectly fine, when it falls out. (With Cam, I used to put it back in about 28374 times a night. No joke.) We are using a breathable crib bumper, to keep your legs (and pacifiers) from falling out.

You have developed quite the appetite, thankfully, and bottles are becoming much less frequent. You love meatballs, cheeseburgers, tofu, chicken, anything with bbq sauce, yogurt, bananas (no other fruit), cinnamon raisin toast, bagels and cream cheese, crackers, and chocolate cake. You will drink water from a sippy cup but not milk or formula. We reeeeally want to get you out of bottles!

Your favorite thing to do is throw your food on the ground, then eat it when we let you out of your high chair. #whateverworks

You aren't too interested in your toys at home, although you love walking and riding (or just sitting and watching) in your toys. When we are outside, you are in either one of these, since we have no grass, and your knees are permanently bruised, as it is! When we are inside, you are more interested in being held or eating whatever you're not supposed to. You love to get into cabinets, so we definitely have to baby proof (like, yesterday) and stairs just scream your name, apparently, because you scoot right up them without anyone noticing!

We just pulled out the water table, so you are starting to explore that. When we're on grass somewhere, you always keep one leg up, because it must tickle you! We'll see how you do in the sand...

You aren't walking yet, but you are finally go forward in your walker, instead of backwards, and actually kind of run after Cam, in it! Up until just a day ago, you wouldn't walk unless you were hold TWO hands...now you walk with one, so we're getting there! I am excited for you to walk, so we can do more outside. Not having grass really limits what we can do at home! AND, I think it will help with the constant wanting-to-be-held situation that I love (but I am ready to brush my teeth without holding you).  You are a speed crawler and stair climber, and we have learned that we always have to watch you! You are starting to get curious about going down stairs, which is interesting.

Milestones and Developments//
Not many, besides the above. You aren't clapping, but you're waving. (Your wave kind of looks like a bad dance move, but it works!) You aren't saying many words other than Momma, Dadda and HI! You recognize people...if I say, "Where's Cameron?" you find him immediately! (You LOVE him.) You LOVE to dance and your body is constantly moving, when music is playing. You know when to smile at people and totally take advantage of how cute you are!

You get SO frustrated sometimes, and I can't help but laugh! When we take something away (like the hand sanitizer you want to eat), you screech and get PO'ed! I can't even imagine what life will be like in 10 years, when we take away something from you!

You and Cam now taking sibling baths, and I think everyone is a fan! Cam likes to protect you from drowning, and you like to steal his toys. I hope this never changes!

Fingers crossed, you are fairly healthy! A little runny nose here, a little cough there, but nothing major! We are putting a light laxative in one drink a day, to help with that process, because you're still SCREECHING when you go #2, but so far, it's helped!

You're officially a baseball sister, although we've skipped a few of Cam's tball games/practices because of other stuff. It's your morning nap time anyways, so we're happy to give it up this year. We did a CF walk for Mamie, and you got NO attention. We celebrated Jacob and Jonah's birthdays, at their house, and you were still SO neglected. We celebrated your first birthday, and you were the cutest strawberry I've ever seen!!

Without a doubt, this past year has been one of ups and downs...juggling the new baby stage again, working full time, guilt about Cameron. But in the end, it has been the BEST year. Louise, you are SO SWEET. You wake up in the best mood and snuggle right into my shoulder like a puzzle piece. Your eyes are incredibly beautiful and your cheeks are too squeezable. Your personality is slow to form, but when it comes through, it's elaborate.

You have everyone wrapped around your finger, and nobody minds a bit. Cameron ADORES you, and you can't get enough of him. When you hear his voice, your legs start kicking, your hands start moving, and you get so excited...even first thing in the morning! Then he headlock/tackles you, and you've had enough. I love the interaction between you two. What I love most, though, is how easily you fit into our family. I wasn't quite sure, at first, but you are most definitely the perfect addition to our family.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I am so lucky that I get to be YOUR Momma in this crazy life. I hope I am the best for you; I want you to be smart, confident, humble and kind, and you're teaching me to be the same.

Cameron's 1 Year Update