Weekending Birthday-Style

This past weekend was so fun that I forgot to take pictures. Thank goodness some other people did, so I can share them with you.

Thursday was my birthday, so we had some family and friends over for pizza and ice cream cake. (Did you know that I've eaten ice cream cake for my birthday since I was born. Seriously.) This Thursday rager lasted until 10:30, and Cam stayed up until everyone was gone. We were both dragging on Friday.

My best girls from high school.....missing Magen in TX!
Lolo and Justin...newly engaged love birds.
Uncle Justin with Cam and Brooklyn. The Toddler-Whisperer

Self-timing ourselves was a bit challenging...love my family and friends!!

Friday was such a random day....we left the kids at day care until 7:30 for a Parents' Night Out fundraiser, so I didn't have to pick anyone up at 4:30. This meant that I could meet my girlfriends for Happy Hour for the first time in forever

After Happy Hour (and $2 wine), Chad and I went to dinner with my mom and Mickey. Tiqa is always their place of choice, and they were paying, so I didn't say no. They have the most amazing ChicharrĂ³ns - chorizo cured pork belly with fried jalapenos and raisin vinaigrette. I am not normally a fan of pork belly (or Mediterranean), but I could eat 10 servings of these. 

Saturday and Sunday, we spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing. Sometimes, we are home-bodies, and that's ok with me! 

Chad did pick up a mini Christmas tree for our front steps, and we went to our friends' home so the kids could make their own pizza, watch Polar Express and cook smores in their fire place. Cam was pretty much in heaven, and Louise was a sweet peach, as usual. Of course, Cam was more than pumped when Jackson's dad offered to warm wrestle with both boys at once. BOYS.

We also decorated a little more (some bows here, some candles there), wrapped some presents and watched the Patriots win after two losses in a row...being a Patriots' fan isn't usually this stressful!

After a weekend of a LOT of Cameron time (read: talking and asking and talking and asking), I needed this reminder than another teacher sent to us this morning!


  1. Looks like a fabulous birthday weekend! :)

  2. Your 10:30 birthday rager - bahahaha! Sounds like my kind of rager.
    In other news - happy belated birthday! Sounds like a stellar little weekend in the books!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had a blast! :)