Louise James: Seven Months

Height: 26"
Weight: 16 pounds
Clothes: 6 - 9 months; 9 months
Shoes: Size 1 still
Diapers: Size 3 and Size 6 at night!
Teeth: still 2 bottom teeth...we're waiting on the top 2!

Sleeping: We are in a total sleep regression right now. We did some sleep training before Christmas to get you in your crib, and that has stuck. However, your naps are shorter, and you are waking so many times during the night. I tried more sleep training to get you to sleep through the night, and you just screamed for two hours (for two nights) until I fed you. So, you go down around 7, wake at 9/10 for your paci then wake at 12/1 for a bottle then 3, 4, 5 and 6...it's awesome. (I'll sleep someday!) We've been spending a lot of time sleeping in your recliner, together, but I kinda LOVE it.

For naps, they are hit or miss...we are averaging an hour, which is ok. BUT, you are only napping twice (usually), so you are READY for bed at 7.

Eating: We have started Baby Led Weaning, and you've tried carrots, banana, avocado and crackers. I am not sure if any of it has made it into your stomach, but you are enjoying it! You are chugging bottles like crazy, so I definitely want to incorporate more real food into your diet. Hopefully this will help with your sleeping, too?? I can only hope...

Playing: You love your exersaucer because you can jump like a maniac. You love anything that lights up or makes noise. And everything goes in your mouth. You got spoiled at Christmas with lots of new teethers, balls and this cool little Musical Farm Cube! Sophie is still a favorite of yours, but the remote and my phone becoming top contenders.

If your brother is in the room, you are happy. You LOVE him. He knows it, too, and will help distract you if you get fussy for a second...it's adorable, and I'm continually amazed by how sweet he is to you! (More on that in another post...)

"Sharing" his iPad with you (but showing you who's boss)

Health: We (finally) got your six month shots on 12/18. You cried a little, took a nap and were fine! No side effects. You've been fairly healthy otherwise (knock on wood). You are still taking acid reflux medicine (Famotidine), which is a miracle-worker.

Milestones: You are sitting like a champ (and feel quite proud, I think), but you aren't rolling over. You can roll over, but you rarely do. You are quite content when we change you (thankfully) and when we lay you down, you just stare at the ceiling. You are SUCH a chill baby now, and we LOVE it. After reading Cam's seven month update, you are quite behind him, developmentally. I think we are so busy, and you are so content just sitting, that we don't work on standing, crawling and rolling over with you. #secondchildproblems. Seriously, we try, but you have no interest (or muscles). I am not worried...I kind of like you staying in one place! You can also sit in a high chair, at a restaurant...I think the shopping cart is next!

Adventures: December was full of Christmas and birthday fun. You helped me celebrate my 33rd birthday with our Thursday night rager (although you napped/slept through all of it) and had a play date with Jada, saw Santa for the first time, helped us decorate for Christmas, hosted your first Christmas Eve Eve Party and had your first Christmas morning. I think it was a pretty fun month!

You start your morning sitting in your Bumbo on Daddy's desk while he starts his work day. You'll sit there forever, just listening to music and watching Daddy...sometimes, we can get 30 - 40 minutes!

You also love to sit on the couch with us. We pile some of your toys on your lap/around you, and you just SIT. Cameron NEVER did this, so we love the down time!!

You get scared so easily by a loud noise (sneezing, a loud man's voice out of nowhere, etc). Your bottom lip curls and quivers and it's a totally different cry than anything else.

You have started to become attached to me. If I put you down and walk away (especially with someone else), you let out this sad cry like I'm deserting you. You let me leave you fine at day care, but when I come back in the afternoon, I can't gather your stuff before picking you up anywhere or you let us all know you're upset!

The look in your eye when you see Cameron

We call this your "denture" face...we DIE laughing every time!

Kids LOVE you, especially Avery! She always asks if you can sit on her lap!

Baths are an adventure...an hour long one. You LOVE it!

Those cheeks...we are still wondering if your chin will ever grow down or if it will continue to be smooshed into your face. Either way, you're BEAUTIFUL!

Christmas Morning

Louisey, Weez, Weezy, Pumpkin....you make life GREAT. I was so afraid, before you arrived, that I wouldn't be able to give up my love for Cameron. And I haven't...it's just grown. You are the most perfect piece to our crazy family puzzle.

Your eyes. Your smile. Your laughs. They make me feel unworthy.

Cameron's Seven Month Post


  1. Oh my goodness she has the best smiles!! Such a cutie! Happy 7 months Miss Louise!

  2. I love her smile! I can't believe she's already 7 months!!!

  3. high five for little feet! and i feel like k is way behind lex developmentally too. but 1. chill babies! and 2. they're along for the ride, and don't have ALL the attention ALL of the time ;)

  4. She is absolutely precious, Jess and that's a good thing - God bless them for being cute when they won't sleep! ;-) XO

  5. Ahhh she couldn't be any cuter! Love all of her holiday styles :)

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