I love December weekends

I think, regardless of the month or season, I always love our weekends. Spring, summer, fall, Christmas....apparently I love spending time with my friends and family! Shocking.

We hung more Christmas decorations.
A bulb wreath for the front of the house

Our little helper

Cam's playroom quickly became our favorite hangouts spot

We went out to dinner (Macaroni Grill) with my dad on Friday, and Chad cooked on Saturday.

We met the author of Circus Ship and lots of our other favorite books (Chris Van Dusen)
If you have kids, you should buy all of his books...the words are fun and the illustrations are amazing!

We stayed in (matching) pajamas and decorated a gingerbread house on Sunday. 

I am never decorating another gingerbread house again! I have zero patience for it! Sorry, kids!

And, we ended the weekend with an adult-only viewing party of the worst Patriots game I've ever seen!! We sent Cam to my dad's and Louise to my mom's, and Chad and I spent three hours at a bar. It was like heaven. 

And, in case you can't tell by my awful pictures, I dropped my phone and the camera screen broke. Thankfully, everything else works fine, but I need to get that fixed asap!

I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Louise's little smile melts me!!! Such cuties! :)

  2. The matching jammies are so cute! Love it. Also, I'm impressed with your gingerbread houses. We might do those over Christmas this year and I've actually never done them before! Love the great things your doing to celebrate the season :)

  3. My mom made me a Christmas ornament wreath a few years ago and I love it. I can't wait to hang it in the new house next year. This year it's in storage for safe keeping. Love the kids jammies! Adorable!

  4. Ok. You must tell me where you found the baby-sized Santa hat! I cannot find one anywhere!! And we had a gingerbread decorating double date when M and I were dating and it ended horribly (frosting knives slammed down and all). Never again. haha!

  5. Love those playroom lights! And I may attempt decorating a gingerbread house with Liam, but only when Conor is around for assistance, ha!

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  7. Louise and that grin. Oh my, the sweetness is almost too much.
    I died laughing at the gingerbread houses. We do it every year (why?! tradition?!) and every year I'm at my wits end by the time we're done. But, those matching jammies? Yessssss.
    Minus the camera and game, sounds like a pretty stellar weekend!