Friday Five

Happy Friday!! What a freaking week...I'm so glad it's Friday, and I am thankful for online shopping so I don't have to fight other drivers for parking spots. Instead, I can stay home, change diapers and sip wine fall asleep by the fire with my handsome husband. (It's a glamorous life!)


Have you all heard the buzz about LuLaRoe? My cousin started selling this line of clothing through Facebook, and I ignored it for so long. But, I finally bit the bullet and purchased this dress (pockets and a visible zipper in the back...cute!) for Christmas. Apparently their leggings are amazing, too,  so I have to look for a pattern I want. 

Bad picture. Cute dress! It falls above my knees, so I can't wait to pair it with some black tights and boots? What do you think?


Natasha shared this book, and I ordered it immediately. I love looking back at old pictures and posts, so this will be such a fun way to look back at past Christmases.


Do you think I will lose weight if I follow a strict diet of eating only these? Because I can't stop. 


Has anyone read/used this book with success? I can't stop laughing when I read it, so Cam wants me to read it every night. And it's long. So I am not a fan. Anyone have success?


Our GAP is closing.... #firstworldproblems. I rarely shop there because I am lazy and prefer to do it all online, but when I do stop in, I always get great deals like 50% off sale stuff. Apparently, Maine isn't supportive enough, so they are shutting all two stores in entire state. Luckily, we still have the factory. And free shipping online. 

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Cool Christmas book! I need to get something like that. And I haven't read that sleep book, but I've heard it's CRAZY long, so there's no way I'm getting through that without falling asleep myself.

  2. Okay, let me get this right - chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels...WHAT?! Those sound amazing!

  3. Gap is closing? Man, I feel like 75% of Hattie's closet is GapKids....I'd be devastated, but like you I do almost all of it online. Love the dress! I went to a party but the legging prints were so crazy. I'm officially boring and like solids.

  4. Girl, I say eat all the pretzels you want, but that's just me. :) Love that Christmas book. What a great idea. I HATE super long books. Even if there story is awesome I get bored. I would never ake it through that book. Ha ha!

  5. Ok, LuLaRoe... I keep getting Facebook invites to online parties, but I just can't. If you find leggings I want to know if they're worth "attending" a party.
    Chocolate peanut butter pretzels? I'll just have one.... Bag.