Five on Friday: Elf on the Shelf and Advent Calendar Deets

Happy Friday!! I have no idea where this week went (being sick and meetings will catch up to you, I guess), but I am so glad it's Friday. This weekend is full of nothing except some QT with friends and Chad. And probably my parents because, duh...Here is our fun little Elf on the Shelf/Advent calendar overview, for your reading pleasure!

We started Elf on the Shelf with our Advent calendar on Tuesday. Fred, the elf, plops his little stuffed bottom on whatever day it, he's on day 4, since it's December 4! He brings something for Cam (a fun activity or a book), and Cam loves it. He doesn't even care that Fred doesn't move and do crazy things every morning. (Or maybe he doesn't know that he's supposed to.) 

Our Advent calendar is so cute, but when I took it out of the box(es), I found out that it came in three sets of strings (which the pictures online show - duh, Jess). We don't have any wall that we are willing to give up (and put nails into) for the advent calendar, so I figured out that it fit perfectly up our staircase. It makes the space look festive, but it's out of the way, so it's a win for everyone. 

Fred also brings a report card, so Cam knows why he was naughty or nice. This has been my favorite part, and I highly suggest you spend the $5.50 to bribe your child. 

Finding 25 activities/gifts wasn't that hard, surprisingly, but sticking to them all will be a challenge, I am sure.

So far, Fred has brought How the Grinch Stole Christmas, asked Cam to write Santa a letter and taken him to the mall to ride the carousel and get ice cream (since Chad had an appointment at the Apple store...we're sneaky like that). 

Our his plans include more books (The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish, There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, If you take a Mouse to the Movies, Olive, the other Reindeer, and Mooseltoe) ice skating, visiting Santa, going to the Festival of Lights parade (tonight), making cookies, having special nights with Papa and LouLou, getting taken out of school to have lunch and go to Get Air with Mommy and Daddy, do a horse-drawn carriage ride and ride around with hot chocolate to see Christmas lights. 

Last, but not lease, is my wonderful husband, Chad. I came across an advent calendar for your husband and adapted it to fit our life. 

Chad gets a little note every morning, when Cam gets his from Fred. They include lots of compliments, some back massages, some dinner coupons, some fun dates and a few gifts here and there. It's not supposed to be expensive or time-consuming, but it's been fun to make him feel special every morning. 

Happy Friday!! We are off to do Christmas-y things and enjoy the cold before the snow arrives...


  1. Awww! Our elf Eva came the night after Thanksgiving! It was so fun to see Emily find her! Best part is that we have that on one of our home videos so she will be able to see that when she's older! So exciting! Love the sheet where you can check off, love the "sorta" option hahaha Happy Friday!

  2. All such cute ideas, especially the spouse advent! We get so wrapped up with the kiddos that it's easy to forget about the spouses. Great idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the advent calendar up the stairs! That report card is brilliant! And I love that you and your husband do an advent calendar! That is a really cute tradition. So happy I clicked on your link today, I'm leaving with lots of great ideas! :)

  4. First off, thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours! I've had a great time reading through your posts.
    The Santa Report....classic. I need to pick that up for my 4 year old! Second, the advent calendar idea for the husband is wonderful. I've never heard of that but what a wonderful way to show a little extra something to one another. Life gets busy and often we forget about "us."
    The Brickyard Buffalo IG page...dangerous. I did get a bow from the splendid bow shop because I can never get them online in time!

  5. What a good momma and wife you are!!! Love the advent calendar and the way you're doing it! It's only day and I'm already out of ideas for our Elf...eeek! And the report card--genius!!!

  6. Ah thanks for the book recommendations! I am always looking to add to Ben's library. I hope you'll keep posting ideas for your Elf! Ben is too little this year, but I am already checking out ideas and going to buy one for next year. SO CUTE!

  7. Love the calendar and books! A new book just came out called When Santa Was a Baby that sounds just adorable!

  8. dude! report card!!! heck to the yes!! and I'm dying over your advent calendar. but hey stairs = perfect solution ;)

  9. Our elf is like yours. He basically just moves around. Nothing too crazy or silly. Our elf brings a "new" holiday book each night. When the elf leaves for the year he brings the books back with him (and next year they'll be new again!).
    The report card!! So genius! I think our elf might have to start bring that with him each night, too.
    Loving the husband advent calendar!! Tucking that away for next year.