Drunk Santa, Sleep Training and CHRISTMAS

This past weekend was one with little plans but ended up being awesome. 
Mostly because we got to meet Drunk Santa, in person.

No, Cameron...Santa doesn't usually act like that. He must be drunk tired!

Cam asked for a Tonka Truck...Santa promised him three. THANKS. 

Even Louise knew something was a little fishy...

Have I ever mentioned how FUN dressing a girl is?? 

Should I cry or laugh because I'm so tired?

Little comparison of Cam (2012) and Louise (2015)

"Baby" Brooklyn (I don't think she'll ever lost that name) and Louise...I think someone wants a little sister!

Oh yeah, they had a full bar. Maybe this is why Santa was a bit tipsy? As were we...I think I was hungover around 8:00 pm. Merry Christmas season!

For real, we went to a super fun event for kids at a local club...some people go to country clubs. We go to gentlemen's clubs turned family clubs. There was cookie decorating, stocking color and Santa visiting. Yes, Santa was a big over-promising on the toys and a little over-feeling on the moms. Whatever...I'd drink, too, if I had to wear that costume for three hours!

Oh yeah, we also sleep trained (so Louise is finally sleeping in her crib full-time) and sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. Exciting stuff!!

We also started getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve Eve party....furniture was moved, glasses were washed and food was ordered! Let the cooking and festivities begin! This my FAVORITE week of the year!!


  1. She is precious! Merry Christmas week, friend!

  2. Drunk Santa. That is hilarious! Glad you had a fun weekend! xo

  3. I laughed at the title and once I started reading I cracked up. I don't blame Santa for being a little tipsy! Looks like a great time though. Both kids looked adorable and yes dressing a girl is awesome!

  4. Bahaha- THREE trucks?! You are drunk, Santa. Go home.
    Also. Dressing a girl? THE best. Just give me all the bows.
    We are thisclose to sleep training. Not at all looking forward to it. Maybe Santa needs to pass me what he's drinking just so I survive it all.

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