What's up Wednesday?

As if I needed another reason to shop for Louise, this list has me adding things to my Amazon cart left and right! I wasn't going to get her anything for Christmas, but I think Santa will be making a stop now!

Need a reason to purge? Here are 200 things to throw away. (I have used this list a couple of times a year for awhile now, and it's amazing how much you accumulate!) 

Love to try new stuff? Sign up for Smiley360, and they will send you products to use. You just review them, and that's it! Free and easy!

We are planning our annual Christmas Eve Eve party, and I am on the hunt for a fun cocktail. 
This  list is great!

PS Speaking of cocktails, Fancy Ashley created this gift guide for cocktail lovers! Feel free to buy me anything on her list. ;) 

And, if you need some fun new snacks, don't try these unless you want to gain 10 pounds. I seriously gained two pounds over the weekend, and these contributed to it.

Brookside Blueberry flavored Chocolate (or something like that) and Snyder's Salted Caramel Pretzels are seriously addicting. Like, I had to hide the bags so Chad didn't know how much I was eating. Or that I even bought them. 

That's all for now....it's Wednesday and cold, and I want to go home and drink a fun cocktail on my couch in front of the fire. Sound good? :) 


  1. Those Brookside Blueberry Chocolate bites are SOOO good!

  2. Those holiday cocktails look delicious!

  3. The holiday cocktails (all of them) paired with those snacks, yes please!
    I need to take a look at that purging list. We could use a good dose of decluttering!