We partied all weekend

Yep, we were party hoppers to 4 and 5 year olds' birthday parties! Louise is a professional partier and Cameron wants a piñata permanently installed in our basement. 

First up was Mia's 5th birthday party at a fire station. Her grandfather is a dispatcher, so we got to hang out with the big boys. There was a pink My Little Pony piñata, ring pops, sand necklaces, balloons, lots of snacks and a cookie cake. There was also a cookie dough dip, which I suggest you make and eat with pretzels because the sweet and salty are to-die-for. 

Later that day, we headed to Jackson's 4th birthday party - a LumberJACK theme. Get it? We got it, but we totally missed the memo to deck our family out in Lumberjack clothing. I'm just happy we made it!

There was more food, dress up clothes (Cam turned into a frog for the night, and I don't have any proof.), wine (thank god), chocolate on chocolate cupcakes and another piñata. This time, it was in the garage, and we decided that it was kind of FIght Club like. But the kids loved it, and they filled their bags with goodies like rings, candy, beaded necklaces, whistles and more stuff that ended up in the trash can that night. (Sorry, Cam.)

Our plan was to do groceries on the way home, but paninis from Duckfat sounded way better.

Sunday morning, Louise and I did groceries, Chad cleaned and Cam destroyed my mom's house. We lounged all day while Chad cooked chili and worked. Louise had some acid reflux pains, so she took a nice nap in my arms. I managed to get some laundry done and prepare for the week (A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right?) then finally sat down to watch the Patriots barely beat the Giants. Shew. It was a fun, family and friend-filled weekend!

Oh yeah, this kid got put to bed at 6:30 because he was being a COMPLETE three-nager. Talking back and say no...then he said he was going to kill us. Normal? Please tell me yes. I don't even think he knows what that means, but he hears it on shows. I'm taking everything off his iPad except Disney Channel and PBS! 

I had washed his sheets and didn't even put them on his bed because I was so mad. 

Happy Monday! :)


  1. Ha ha ha! Wine is so needed at birthday parties!! It sounds like so much fun. I don't blame Cam about he piñata!

  2. Lol. I love the go to bed early trump card. Not even gonna lie.

    Cute pictures!

  3. All those parties - so fun!
    As for 3... I joke (but am serious) that it's my least favorite age. Can we just go from 2 right to 4? I feel like age 4 brings a little bit more emotional control. 3 is for the birds.

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