Thanksgiving Week(end) and Thanksgivings Past

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! I LOOOOOOVE Holiday eves and a baby's first holiday, so I am in overloaded joy, in case you can't tell!

Chad has been prepping and cooking since Monday, we are on a five-day vacation, and there's no snow on the ground. I'd call this #winning.

For Thanksgiving, We are staying home and having my mom, dad, aunt and uncle over for an early afternoon dinner. I have a feeling that I will be pulling out the Christmas decorations on Thursday night (unless I have too many cocktails, which is a real possibility), and football will be on TV all day. 

Cameron's 1st Thanksgiving...almost 5 months old with just two teeth!

Friday, we will NOT be hitting any stores, but I will be checking the deals online while wearing my favorite leggings. Friday night is always Portland's tree lighting, and this year, they have two bands: a kids' band (Rick Charette, who was around when I was a kid) and Jason Spooner (who my mom knows) AND it's not supposed to be freezing cold AND we have a parking spot for my mom's work, so we will be attending that. With a walktail...nobody can enter a mass of Christmas-hungry people, with two kids, sober. Sorry

Cameron's 1st Christmas tree lighting...he loved it, in case you can't tell! ;)

Saturday, we will continue our tradition of getting our Christmas tree (to cut our own or not....we haven't decided yet) and taking Cam on the Polar Express. He loooooved it last year and still talks about it, and he has no idea that we're going again! I cannot wait! Louise is staying home with my mom, so it will be a very special Cameron-only night. I am super excited. (Also, Target is offering $50 off a $100 holiday purchase on Saturday....I will definitely be taking advantage of that!)

Sunday will be spent doing nothing, I am sure of it. Maybe a little Cyber Monday planning, but that's about it. I try to avoid stores after Thanksgiving and want to start decorating like a mad lady! We are also starting our Advent calendar on Tuesday, so I have to get ready for that...Can you tell that I am super excited that the holiday season is here? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week/end - I can't wait to read about everyone's memories, traditions and stories!


  1. What a wonderful holiday and weekend you have in front of you. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. SO much fun! I'm with ya girl - so freaking excited for every part of it! And we get to have cocktails this year!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. so. i'm coming over too. because your weekend and thanksgiving sound PERFECT.

  4. I lovee holidays Traditions and sales hahaha! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I can0t wait for Christmas

  5. The holidays, finally! YAY!! This is THE best time of year! There isn't one iota that I don't love. Give me all the decorations, all the traditions, all the food, and all the damn booze.
    Also - I'm with you on avoiding stores from here until Christmas. Amazon Prime (and Ebates) and I will be best friends for the next few weeks. :)
    Hope you had the best Thanksgiving!

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