My kids rock on airplanes (and some people suck)

We just spend the last four days in Roanoke, VA, with Chad's family, and I learned a few things while I was there....

Babies don't like change...they don't like to sleep someplace new, and you will pay for it the entire trip.

Cam needs a 4-wheeler. Like, yesterday....

Early morning snuggles can make a sleepless night forgotten.

Grandmas never stop being grandmas

When you want something done right, do it yourself... (I FINALLY found one of these swings and asked the mom next to me to take a picture of us. She got the picture, but she missed the memo about the swing, so here's a picture of the swing with nobody on it.)

New playgrounds can make two hours go by in a flash.

Three year olds take up more space in a bed than a grown man. 

Holiday outfits never get old and pumpkin butts are totally acceptable on babies.

There's no such thing as too much fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw and sweet tea.

Uncle Jim wants another baby.

The entire Scott family wants another baby. (We almost left Louise with them. Almost.)

You're never too old to dress up for Halloween.

Or too young to rock a 4-wheeler

If you're not first, you're losing.

Having your own real-life Buzz Lightyear is the best thing in the world...when you're three. 

Bribery is totally ok in order to get your child to say "thank you" after trick-or-treating

You can put a bow with any outfit, but you may end up looking like one of the Three Wise Men.

Overall, it was a great trip. We spent time with family, ate at some of our favorite places (Chick Fil A, Mac and Bob's and The Homeplace), and Chad's family got to meet Louise. 

Both kids were great on the plane rides (given their ages). Louise cried a little (like, very little), Cameron wanted to touch everything and kick the seat in front of him, but the iPad, lollipops and a paci (yes, I went to an all-time low and gave him a paci in order to be quiet) kept him in line. Some people were extremely nice to us and some were super rude. Louise did cry quite a bit, as we were waiting to take off from Charlotte around 6 pm (the witching hour...never book a flight during the witching hour!), and this "girl" - she was probably 25 - turned to her boyfriend and said, "That's why we're never having kids." I wanted to say, "You'd probably be a sh*tty mother, so you shouldn't have kids." But I didn't...I just ordered some wine and went on with our trip. (PS Alcohol seems like a great idea until you start getting stressed that your five month old won't stop crying, and you start sweating like a pig. Lesson learned.)

I got a free cocktail on our first leg because when the attendant asked if I wanted a "spirit," she saw the look of desperation when I asked if they only took cash. Thanks, American Airlines! 

Louise is still not sleeping on her back, so I lined her car seat with a comfy blanket, plopped it next to our bed and put her in there once she fell asleep. We were awake more than asleep during the night, but that's ok. I'll sleep someday. 

Cam slept on his nap mat on the floor, so I'm sure he will be needing back surgery soon. 

I think I gained eight pounds while we were there, but it was totally worth it for all of the fried chicken and sweet tea.


  1. WOW, looks like a fabulous trip, lady! The food looks amazing, I agree you can never have enough of everything you mentioned. I'm so glad AA took care of you and gave you a free drink, that is so kind! Kudos to you for flying during the witching hour, I KNOW that has to be tough.

  2. I think overall it was a successful trip!! Sorry for no sleep, but totally worth it for all of the family time. Great costumes and nothing wrong with a little bribery. :)

  3. Time with family is the best. You just can't beat it. And it looks like you made the very most of every minute you were there!

    I've come to give zero sh*ts when it comes to how other people react to my kids on a plane (we fly to the midwest no less that 3 times a year - so we're in planes with babies, a lot). There was one flight we were on - Marcus was probably 7 months and during that damn witching hour - and a couple near us was obviously very annoyed that my child was crying (I'm guessing Marcus' poor ears needed popping). And I finally said very loudly, so anyone within 10 rows of us could hear, "I want my child to cry as about as much as you do." And wouldn't you know it, I stopped getting the stink eye. Keep on traveling with them, it gets easier as they get older and learn the ropes of flying - I promise!

  4. Haha - LOVE the bow on the costume! Yes, cuddles do make up for the no sleep. We will get there mama, I promise!

  5. Such a cute little buzz!!! and oy--- traveling. I did it solo with both girls during the summer and while they were pretty dang good I still got side eyes.. oh well. Sounds like a great trip though!

  6. It looks like you had a great trip!!! XOXO Sorry you had to overhear that rude comment. People like that SHOULDN'T have kids!

  7. love love the costumes!!! great Idea on putting the headband on her, so funny

  8. So much fun!!! Wiseman Buzz is my favorite! And parenting while drinking doesn't mix for me either...holy pit stains!!! ;)

  9. That swing is so cool! I've never seen anything like it!!

  10. Aw, sorry the sleep was so rough. That can take some fun out of a trip. My bs have always been able to sleep anywhere, but I think that may be since we cosleep. Regardless it makes traveling easy, thank goodness! It's amazing how a mother can operate off of practically no sleep though.

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