Louise James: Half a Year!

I mean, how can you not smile when you see this girl?!

Height: around 24"
Weight: around 15lbs
Clothes: 3-6 months barely; pulling out 6 - 9 and 6 -12 months
Shoes: You are barely a size 1...the FP mocs I bought for the holidays are still a little big!
Diapers: We just switched to size 3, and you're wearing Cam's size 6 at night!
Teeth: 2 bottom

Sleeping: You had a tough time sleeping while we traveled, but got right back into your routine when we returned home. You are STILL in your Rock & Play, and I have no plans to switch since you've been diagnosed with acid reflux. You go down around 7:30, wake once to eat around 3, then sleep until 5:30/6:30. Your naps at day care are horrendous, but your naps at home are much better. I can usually get two good naps (2-3 hours) then a mini nap around 5:00.

You're still sleeping with a wearable blanket, pacifier and lovey. Always a lovey on your face!

"Napping" in a crib at day care...this lasted for about 20 minutes!

Eating: Bottles at 7:00, 10:30, 3:00 and 7:00, but you usually don't eat the full 6 ounces, so you want to snack in between. You've been eating much better since starting your acid relux medicine, but I think you're so in the habit of snacking, and we need to break that. We've started giving you a little food, but you aren't too interested yet. You put it in your mouth but there's no swallowing...it all ends up on you and your high chair! You LOVE your new Boon high chair we got you, so we will be trying a lot more food now!

Loving: Bath time, your chew toys, being tickled, being lifted in the air, being held, sitting up!! You have also started enjoying being on your back now...I can get a good 20 minutes on your playmat. You LOVE your brother (Man, you love your brother!), your daddy. When you hear either of their voices, your head immediately turns to see them. It's adorable. Your brother does the goofiest stuff to make you laugh, and you eat it right up! You also love our new Ergo 360 because you can face out! You will also nap, if you're facing me, which is awesome!

Watching the City of Portland tree lighting

Hating: Having your nose wiped, being tired, having gas or acid reflux pains (duh) and being bored

Health: You had a bad cough, but it went away when we started you on acid reflux medicine. We tried Ranitidine on November 6, then switched to a different one on November 13. Otherwise, you are pretty healthy!

Milestones: You're sitting! You've been kind of sitting for awhile, but you can sit, on your own, for a quite awhile! We still put something beside/behind you so you don't bonk your head, but it's quite fun to see you sitting and playing! Our new favorite thing is to put you in the corner of the couch, with your boppy and toys in front of you....you love it, and we get stuff done!

Adventures: We visited the Scott family in Salem, VA, so you had your first plane ride and your first Halloween (even though you slept through all of trick-or-treating)! Mommy and Daddy had our first night away from you, and LouLou kept you right in line. You were an angel for her! We went to a couple of birthday parties for Cameron's friends, you had your first Thanksgiving and had your first Christmas experience of getting a tree! You have enjoyed fall and love getting bundled up to go outside.

Louisey, Weezy, Pumpkin, Weezy-Woo....you are SUCH a bright spot in our lives. Your smile is contagious, and I love when you wake up, because you have the sweetest twinkle in your eye. 

You make this face where you suck in your top lip, and we die laughing everytime...we wonder if your chin will ever grow, or if you will just have a square face forever! We love it, so that's fine if you do. 

We love you, little girl!

Here's Cameron's six month update!


  1. SIX MONTHS?!!! how?! she is so stinking cute. i LOVE HER.

  2. What a happy little cutie! So much personality bursting out of that little peanut!

  3. She is so stinking adorable!!
    I adore how much she loves her big brother. I'm hoping Julia follows in Louise's steps and adores Marcus like that!
    Six months - crazy, right?! How does the time just slip by??

  4. Six months already?!? She has such a great smile!!!

  5. Oh my lands, what a happy little sprite she is! I can't get over that big grin! And how is she possibly already 6 months?! Didn't you JUST have her?!

  6. She is literally a little baby doll. Her smiles make me melt!

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