Five on Friday: TGIF

Happy Friday!! This is our first weekend home since mid-October, and I am so excited! We have plans, it won't be that relaxing, but I will actually get to watch some football, do some laundry and maaaaybe take a little nap!

Here's the most random Friday Five...can you tell it's been a long week?

Thank you guys for your comments, texts and FB messages about my post yesterday. Your support definitely makes me feel better and less alone, but it was so nice to just vent. I think these things, and they tear at me, internally, so I figured I'd write them somewhere they'd be appreciated! :)


Have you all used Kidizen? I have bought a few things, but I finally posted about 20 items the other day, and almost all of them sold in the first two days! I do have to ship them all out, but I got WAY more than if I brought this stuff to a consignment store!

This seems like the worst time to get back into shape, but I am doing it. And I am writing it online, so I have to, right? I weight 155lbs, and I want to get under 150lbs. More than that, I want to get into a routine of working out, because we all know I can't stop eating bad food or drinking. I have anywhere from 1-2 hours from when works ends and I have to pick up the kids, and I need to use it. My goal is to workout three times a week and drink 78 ounces of water a day. I can do, that, right? 

We have an annual Christmas Eve Eve party, and since a lot of kids will be coming this year, I thought it would be fun to have a little (easy) craft for them to do while their parents drink socialize. Can't you see the kiddos pulling these out on Christmas Eve to look for Santa??

I am totally a fan of December and Christmas, but who doesn't love Thanksgiving leftovers? Check out these cute little sliders that will definitely be lunch for us on November 27!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. haha cute craft! too fun.
    Yes, worst time to get in shape. All the yummy food is looming. And anything turkey leftover sammy style is spectacular. Really anything with dressing added is good in my book.

  2. Those binoculars are so adorable! I will definitely have to check out Kidizen. I took a shit ton of stuff to Once Upon a Child last weekend and they only took half of it - half. I was not happy, especially since there were items of clothing in there that Maddy never even wore with the tags still on them. Crazy.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Those sliders look amazing! You guys always have the best looking meals. #Jealous. Good luck with the work outs!!

  4. NH resident here ;-) I agree with the workouts, shouldn't we see results after the first session?!

  5. Such a great idea to have a craft for kids to do during a party! I need to get back into shape, I'm hoping Santa brings me a FitBit to help motivate me!

  6. Ok, totally checking out Kidzen right now. Re: operation 'get in shape' you got this! Just remember consistency is key.

  7. I'm doing barre right now and it took 8+ weeks to start seeing a difference! And all I want to eat is turkey and cranberries!!

  8. You can totally meet your goal!! I am in the SAME boat, trying to schedule in (aka make time for) working out or a run or basically ANYTHING would be an improvement from the workouts I am currently NOT doing haha and those santa binoculars are the perfect distraction and pretty cute! I bet they would be pretty easy and take a good amount to complete :) Oh man those sliders. THEY LOOK SO DANG DELICIOUS!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  9. That craft is awesome!! I love that idea and think it would be so easy for kids to do. Those sliders sound and look so yummy! Great idea for after thanksgiving.

  10. SANTA binoculars!! those are the cutest EVER!!!!!! and ugh. i need to get into shape too. but i have a whooooooole lot more weight to lose than you do.


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  12. Those Santa binoculars!! We are totally adding this to our Christmas craft list. Genius!
    I'm right there with you on the workout/get fit/lose weight train. I mean, what better time to start than the holidays... But seriously, I'd like my jeans to fit again.
    I'm alllllll about Thanksgiving leftovers. Those sliders? I'll take five. And, so much for that weight loss plan. BAHA!