Five on Friday: Pictures, Lists and Shopping, Of Course!

Happy (rainy) Friday! (At least it's not snow!)

I just finished a 40 before 40 list and am working on a 101 things in 1001 days list.....and, I have a list for Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas party, work, home and basically every minute of my day planned. Is anyone else list-obsessed?

We are finally having pictures taken this weekend for Christmas cards. We had pictures done in July, when Peyton and Mica were here, so I didn't want to hire a photographer again, but I didn't want to use those pictures. So, I "hired" Cam's teacher's 16 year old daughter who takes good pictures. :) We may throw her a 20-bone and a gift card to Forever21. We both win.

Let's hope this one smiles a little better than this....he's already told me he's NOT smiling, so I told him that the pictures are for Santa, and he won't come, if he doesn't smile. #proudparenting

Have you all been checking Target's cartwheel app for their toy of the day? I check it daily, but I haven't found anything worth going for. Today, it's a 3' trampoline, but I see disaster written all over that situation, so I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings...

Speaking of shopping, our GAP store is having 50% off everything, even sale stuff! I snagged WAY too much yesterday, but my kids have cute clothes, sooooo....AND, this scarf is the most cozy thing ever. That's why it's called the cozy scarf. 

Last week, I said I wanted to start working out more. So far, I've worked out twice this week, and I plan on working out today. However, the scale has not moved, and I've eaten more blueberry chocolates than I can count, so that's not helping....

Speaking of shopping again, Brickyard Buffalo is so hit or miss, but they have a ton of cute stuff right now. They have bows, adorable clothes and some cute decorations. I try to stay away, but they keep posting cute things on IG! 

Clearly, you can tell that shopping is on my mind lately. I have most of our Christmas shopping done, so now I am focusing on our annual Christmas Eve Eve party and decorating for Christmas! It is killing me to wait another seven days, so I may start decorating as the boys snooze after Thanksgiving dinner. Don't judge. 


  1. I just dropped way to much at Gap. Oops.
    And all the bows on IG lately. I need them all. Scott, on the other hand has told me I have a problem, and I need to stop.
    That damn scale. I feel your pain. Keep hustling on those workouts!

  2. Gap is my kryptonite. No lie. Gets me in trouble every time!!

  3. hahaha at the smile or santa won't come threat. Well played.

  4. Shopping is on my mind too! And lists... So many lists!

  5. I check our the daily toy deals too. Cam has been asking for a trampoline, so when I saw that deal I was all over it, but since he was vomiting I couldn't go out and grab one. Thankfully a friend was going so she said she'd get it. Ummm...whomp whomp. One of the salesmen said they sold out as soon as they opened. Seriously? My email didn't come through until lunch time and my friend got her email reminder as she was walking out. DANGIT! :) Oh well, we will keep looking. Ha ha!