Louise James: Half a Year!

I mean, how can you not smile when you see this girl?!

Height: around 24"
Weight: around 15lbs
Clothes: 3-6 months barely; pulling out 6 - 9 and 6 -12 months
Shoes: You are barely a size 1...the FP mocs I bought for the holidays are still a little big!
Diapers: We just switched to size 3, and you're wearing Cam's size 6 at night!
Teeth: 2 bottom

Sleeping: You had a tough time sleeping while we traveled, but got right back into your routine when we returned home. You are STILL in your Rock & Play, and I have no plans to switch since you've been diagnosed with acid reflux. You go down around 7:30, wake once to eat around 3, then sleep until 5:30/6:30. Your naps at day care are horrendous, but your naps at home are much better. I can usually get two good naps (2-3 hours) then a mini nap around 5:00.

You're still sleeping with a wearable blanket, pacifier and lovey. Always a lovey on your face!

"Napping" in a crib at day care...this lasted for about 20 minutes!

Eating: Bottles at 7:00, 10:30, 3:00 and 7:00, but you usually don't eat the full 6 ounces, so you want to snack in between. You've been eating much better since starting your acid relux medicine, but I think you're so in the habit of snacking, and we need to break that. We've started giving you a little food, but you aren't too interested yet. You put it in your mouth but there's no swallowing...it all ends up on you and your high chair! You LOVE your new Boon high chair we got you, so we will be trying a lot more food now!

Loving: Bath time, your chew toys, being tickled, being lifted in the air, being held, sitting up!! You have also started enjoying being on your back now...I can get a good 20 minutes on your playmat. You LOVE your brother (Man, you love your brother!), your daddy. When you hear either of their voices, your head immediately turns to see them. It's adorable. Your brother does the goofiest stuff to make you laugh, and you eat it right up! You also love our new Ergo 360 because you can face out! You will also nap, if you're facing me, which is awesome!

Watching the City of Portland tree lighting

Hating: Having your nose wiped, being tired, having gas or acid reflux pains (duh) and being bored

Health: You had a bad cough, but it went away when we started you on acid reflux medicine. We tried Ranitidine on November 6, then switched to a different one on November 13. Otherwise, you are pretty healthy!

Milestones: You're sitting! You've been kind of sitting for awhile, but you can sit, on your own, for a quite awhile! We still put something beside/behind you so you don't bonk your head, but it's quite fun to see you sitting and playing! Our new favorite thing is to put you in the corner of the couch, with your boppy and toys in front of you....you love it, and we get stuff done!

Adventures: We visited the Scott family in Salem, VA, so you had your first plane ride and your first Halloween (even though you slept through all of trick-or-treating)! Mommy and Daddy had our first night away from you, and LouLou kept you right in line. You were an angel for her! We went to a couple of birthday parties for Cameron's friends, you had your first Thanksgiving and had your first Christmas experience of getting a tree! You have enjoyed fall and love getting bundled up to go outside.

Louisey, Weezy, Pumpkin, Weezy-Woo....you are SUCH a bright spot in our lives. Your smile is contagious, and I love when you wake up, because you have the sweetest twinkle in your eye. 

You make this face where you suck in your top lip, and we die laughing everytime...we wonder if your chin will ever grow, or if you will just have a square face forever! We love it, so that's fine if you do. 

We love you, little girl!

Here's Cameron's six month update!

Thanksgiving Week(end) and Thanksgivings Past

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! I LOOOOOOVE Holiday eves and a baby's first holiday, so I am in overloaded joy, in case you can't tell!

Chad has been prepping and cooking since Monday, we are on a five-day vacation, and there's no snow on the ground. I'd call this #winning.

For Thanksgiving, We are staying home and having my mom, dad, aunt and uncle over for an early afternoon dinner. I have a feeling that I will be pulling out the Christmas decorations on Thursday night (unless I have too many cocktails, which is a real possibility), and football will be on TV all day. 

Cameron's 1st Thanksgiving...almost 5 months old with just two teeth!

Friday, we will NOT be hitting any stores, but I will be checking the deals online while wearing my favorite leggings. Friday night is always Portland's tree lighting, and this year, they have two bands: a kids' band (Rick Charette, who was around when I was a kid) and Jason Spooner (who my mom knows) AND it's not supposed to be freezing cold AND we have a parking spot for my mom's work, so we will be attending that. With a walktail...nobody can enter a mass of Christmas-hungry people, with two kids, sober. Sorry

Cameron's 1st Christmas tree lighting...he loved it, in case you can't tell! ;)

Saturday, we will continue our tradition of getting our Christmas tree (to cut our own or not....we haven't decided yet) and taking Cam on the Polar Express. He loooooved it last year and still talks about it, and he has no idea that we're going again! I cannot wait! Louise is staying home with my mom, so it will be a very special Cameron-only night. I am super excited. (Also, Target is offering $50 off a $100 holiday purchase on Saturday....I will definitely be taking advantage of that!)

Sunday will be spent doing nothing, I am sure of it. Maybe a little Cyber Monday planning, but that's about it. I try to avoid stores after Thanksgiving and want to start decorating like a mad lady! We are also starting our Advent calendar on Tuesday, so I have to get ready for that...Can you tell that I am super excited that the holiday season is here? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week/end - I can't wait to read about everyone's memories, traditions and stories!

Cameron's Christmas: What do 3 year olds NEED?

For Christmas this year, we are going VERY low key for Cameron and Louise. Last year, I went crazy, and Cam doesn't play with most of the toys he got. Plus, he gets so much from our family members, that I wanted to focus on things he would really love and/or use. Louise is getting a bunch of chew toys...like a dog. I feel like we are constantly buying her stuff right now, so she doesn't need anything, and she really won't care what came in the wrapping paper (or if it was even for her), as long as she can play with it.

I'm sure most of you have seen the "four things" floating around Pinterest: want, wear, need and read. We are making our own version of this: something to do, something to play, something to wear and something to read. (Ours doesn't rhyme like the original, but that's ok.) We may or may not have bought more than one item per category, but we are still not going too crazy.....I hope.

Something to Do: Disney on Ice
I am loving "experiencing" things with Cameron, so I thought that this would be a good category for us. We are also doing Polar Express, but that's a family tradition, and it's before Christmas, so I don't think Cam will dig getting a present from the past. :) Chad, Cameron and I will be joining Mickey and friends in January, and Cam just might jump out of his seat when he sees Woody and Buzz. 

Something to Play:
Cam has recently gotten to the age where he understands games....kind of. We got him Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, so we'll see how THAT goes. 

Something to Wear: Superman Cape
No three year old is going to get excited about clothes, so this totally fits this category. :) One of my high school friends makes them (and other cute baby stuff), so I ordered this cape for Cam! She also personalizes capes with initials, but I know he will love the Superman cape the best! (Visit her Etsy shop here...such cute stuff for a little price tag!)

The October Citrus Lane box included a superhero eye mask that matches perfectly!

Something to Read:
Chris Van Dusen is one of our favorite authors and illustrators, and he happens to be from Maine.  Cam got Circus Ship from Jill and her boys for his 2nd birthday, and we became kind of obsessed.

Cam has If I Built a Car, so I know he will love If I Built a House. They are so fun to read together then talk about what his car would look like (although his would include superheros, guns and swords right now. Oy.)

What about you? Are you going all out or keeping it simple? With our small-ish house, I think that less is more and hopefully he will actually play with the few thing we got him (in addition to the millions of toys he already has).

Do you have any great toys for a 3 year old boy? (Something without guns and swords, which is all he wants...)

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, however you choose to celebrate! We will be cooking at home with a few family members and possibly taking a long stroll in between football games!

Polka-Dotty Place

It's Monday, but kind of like Thursday....

This past weekend was kind of slow, but I liked it.

Friday night, we ordered Chinese and ate at home with my Dad.

Saturday, we sent Cam to my dad's, and my mom took Louise so Chad and I could run some errands: Walmart to get stuff for our new mud room, Starbucks for a 15 minute coffee date and our local nursery for some paper whites and amaryllis. 

We moved stuff from our basement to our garage, unpacked some Christmas stuff (although we're waiting until Friday - or Thursday night - to decorate) and Chad set up our mudroom. What a good husband, huh?

Saturday night was franks and beans for dinner (It's a Saturday night tradition in Maine...anywhere else?) and some college football.

Sunday was family pictures (which came out GREAT despite Cameron's complete lack of interest in taking pictures). We bribed him with ice cream and Christmas lights in his bedroom, so we got a few OK shots...they're cute, but getting a shot with both kids looking great is tough. I can't wait to see what Jillian comes up with for our Christmas card!

Here's a little sneak peak until I get the rest....

3 generations living under one roof...what a fun ride it is!

And today has been full of shopping...oops! I really am trying not to buy what we don't NEED, but I can't help myself with these sales!

If you're a girl mom, I know that you totally agree that you can never have enough bows. And to have a bow in every color for under $5 is a no-brainer. Thanks, Amazon!

Diapers.com has, like, every brand on sale - Melissa & Doug, Baby Einstein, Radio Flyer, Bogs (These are NEVER on sale.) and Boon...Amazon priced matched the orange and white Boon high chair, so I snagged it. We eat at our bar, so it was either a high chair that reached that high or a clip on one...I opted for the super cute Boon high chair that has an adjustable height, that I've been lusting over since I was pregnant with Cam. Chad can't be mad, right? We needed it...

Oh, and Louise is getting an early Christmas gift from my mom, thanks to Diapers.com's sale:

Louise LOVES to jump, but we don't have any door frames except for bedrooms and bathrooms, so we had to find a jumping exersaucer! She is going to love it!

And some random pictures from our weekend, just because. :)

Our Maine boy upta camp, jumping in leaves and pushing down trees

Will massage back for candy. Nightly. 

"Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta" is Louise's favorite jam.

I love this picture so much because of Cam's face...he's totally my twin!

The Christmas lights we bribed Cam with during family pictures...totally worth it!

And, she's sitting...and loving it!

Bring on the crazy week(s) and month of holiday madness. I cannot wait! This is my FAVORITE time of year!

Five on Friday: Pictures, Lists and Shopping, Of Course!

Happy (rainy) Friday! (At least it's not snow!)

I just finished a 40 before 40 list and am working on a 101 things in 1001 days list.....and, I have a list for Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas party, work, home and basically every minute of my day planned. Is anyone else list-obsessed?

We are finally having pictures taken this weekend for Christmas cards. We had pictures done in July, when Peyton and Mica were here, so I didn't want to hire a photographer again, but I didn't want to use those pictures. So, I "hired" Cam's teacher's 16 year old daughter who takes good pictures. :) We may throw her a 20-bone and a gift card to Forever21. We both win.

Let's hope this one smiles a little better than this....he's already told me he's NOT smiling, so I told him that the pictures are for Santa, and he won't come, if he doesn't smile. #proudparenting

Have you all been checking Target's cartwheel app for their toy of the day? I check it daily, but I haven't found anything worth going for. Today, it's a 3' trampoline, but I see disaster written all over that situation, so I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings...

Speaking of shopping, our GAP store is having 50% off everything, even sale stuff! I snagged WAY too much yesterday, but my kids have cute clothes, sooooo....AND, this scarf is the most cozy thing ever. That's why it's called the cozy scarf. 

Last week, I said I wanted to start working out more. So far, I've worked out twice this week, and I plan on working out today. However, the scale has not moved, and I've eaten more blueberry chocolates than I can count, so that's not helping....

Speaking of shopping again, Brickyard Buffalo is so hit or miss, but they have a ton of cute stuff right now. They have bows, adorable clothes and some cute decorations. I try to stay away, but they keep posting cute things on IG! 

Clearly, you can tell that shopping is on my mind lately. I have most of our Christmas shopping done, so now I am focusing on our annual Christmas Eve Eve party and decorating for Christmas! It is killing me to wait another seven days, so I may start decorating as the boys snooze after Thanksgiving dinner. Don't judge. 

What's up Wednesday?

As if I needed another reason to shop for Louise, this list has me adding things to my Amazon cart left and right! I wasn't going to get her anything for Christmas, but I think Santa will be making a stop now!

Need a reason to purge? Here are 200 things to throw away. (I have used this list a couple of times a year for awhile now, and it's amazing how much you accumulate!) 

Love to try new stuff? Sign up for Smiley360, and they will send you products to use. You just review them, and that's it! Free and easy!

We are planning our annual Christmas Eve Eve party, and I am on the hunt for a fun cocktail. 
This  list is great!

PS Speaking of cocktails, Fancy Ashley created this gift guide for cocktail lovers! Feel free to buy me anything on her list. ;) 

And, if you need some fun new snacks, don't try these unless you want to gain 10 pounds. I seriously gained two pounds over the weekend, and these contributed to it.

Brookside Blueberry flavored Chocolate (or something like that) and Snyder's Salted Caramel Pretzels are seriously addicting. Like, I had to hide the bags so Chad didn't know how much I was eating. Or that I even bought them. 

That's all for now....it's Wednesday and cold, and I want to go home and drink a fun cocktail on my couch in front of the fire. Sound good? :) 

Target does it again...Christmas

Last year, I got so excited about H&M's Christmas line, but this year, it's not very impressive. However, Target if on point (of course). I just paid off my Target card, but I couldn't resist snagging a few things while they were on sale.

All of the items below are from their Classic Christmas line and had me weak in the knees. (And I obviously have an obsession with trees on top of cars.)

I always want to buy fun pillows for holidays, but I can't justify the prices of some that are close to $50! These were all $20 (except the 24" x 24" red plaid one, which was $30), and they include the actual pillow instead of just being the case! Thanks, Target!

Our house is very WHITE, so the garland will add some fun pops of color in our living room. 

The snow globe will go perfectly in our crazy 1/2 bath that already has red tartan plaid wallpaper and a white deer head on the wall. 

You can't have too many nativity scenes, and at $10, this one is a steal.

Lastly, I couldn't pass up the doormat at $12!!! I cannot wait to put these beauties out after Thanksgiving!

Everything was 15% off and some items were an additional 15% off. With my target red card 5% discount and ebates (click on "ebates" to sign up, if you haven't already, and we both get free money!) 1.5% back, I think I got some good deals!

I also snagged these very traditional stockings from PB, while they were having their sale and free shipping!! Some years, I love to mix up the decorations with some fun colors and funky prints, but this year, I am all about a classic theme. Maybe it's because we have a "real" house and not an apartment or condo. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to hang our stockings and light our tree in front of the bay window. Holidays have a whole new meaning these days!

Who else has great Christmas stuff this year (that's not crazy expensive)??

We partied all weekend

Yep, we were party hoppers to 4 and 5 year olds' birthday parties! Louise is a professional partier and Cameron wants a piñata permanently installed in our basement. 

First up was Mia's 5th birthday party at a fire station. Her grandfather is a dispatcher, so we got to hang out with the big boys. There was a pink My Little Pony piñata, ring pops, sand necklaces, balloons, lots of snacks and a cookie cake. There was also a cookie dough dip, which I suggest you make and eat with pretzels because the sweet and salty are to-die-for. 

Later that day, we headed to Jackson's 4th birthday party - a LumberJACK theme. Get it? We got it, but we totally missed the memo to deck our family out in Lumberjack clothing. I'm just happy we made it!

There was more food, dress up clothes (Cam turned into a frog for the night, and I don't have any proof.), wine (thank god), chocolate on chocolate cupcakes and another piñata. This time, it was in the garage, and we decided that it was kind of FIght Club like. But the kids loved it, and they filled their bags with goodies like rings, candy, beaded necklaces, whistles and more stuff that ended up in the trash can that night. (Sorry, Cam.)

Our plan was to do groceries on the way home, but paninis from Duckfat sounded way better.

Sunday morning, Louise and I did groceries, Chad cleaned and Cam destroyed my mom's house. We lounged all day while Chad cooked chili and worked. Louise had some acid reflux pains, so she took a nice nap in my arms. I managed to get some laundry done and prepare for the week (A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right?) then finally sat down to watch the Patriots barely beat the Giants. Shew. It was a fun, family and friend-filled weekend!

Oh yeah, this kid got put to bed at 6:30 because he was being a COMPLETE three-nager. Talking back and say no...then he said he was going to kill us. Normal? Please tell me yes. I don't even think he knows what that means, but he hears it on shows. I'm taking everything off his iPad except Disney Channel and PBS! 

I had washed his sheets and didn't even put them on his bed because I was so mad. 

Happy Monday! :)