P-A-T-S and C-H-A-D

This past weekend was our annual Patriots trip for Chad's birthday. (Let's be real, it's just as much of a gift to me, as it is for him!)

The weekend started off slowly because I had strep all week, Louise is teething, and it's cold. We ordered take out and didn't go anywhere, and I liked it.

Saturday, we got ready for the week, knowing Sunday would be full of football. Groceries, laundry and a little vacuuming to prepare for our dinner guest, The O'Briens. They have lived next to my dad since we moved in when I was ten, and the only time I see them is when Claire cleans my teeth twice a year. Thank goodness for Facebook.

So, no pictures, but Chad made a BOMB meatloaf, truffle mashed potatoes and rosemary/thyme green beans. They're such great, down-to-earth people, and it was refreshing to just drink some red wine from a regular cup and chat the night away.

Sunday, we were up EARLY to catch a 6:00 am bus to Foxboro!! After a little snooze on the bus, a hot cup of coffee and a bathroom break, we were ready to start our day of drinking.

The game was great (We won.), the weather was perfect (a little chilly, but super comfortable), and the company was amazing (Uncle Donnie, Aunt Stacey, Elizabeth and Mac).

We had a little scare on Saturday, when the company who we bought the package from called and said they didn't have tickets because they were so expensive and in-demand - The Pats are undefeated, and the Jets had only lost one game. I said, "Too bad. We're going to the game. We paid you a lot of money in August. Find us tickets." So, they did, and we went. :)

There's nothing like a Captain/Diet Coke with hot dogs, sausage and pasta salad at 9:00 am!

See all the people behind us? No? That's because there were none!! We were in the very last row in the very highest section!! BUT, there's no bad seat in the house, so we didn't care. :)

And, to top of the weekend, today is not only Chad's birthday, but my best friend, Elizabeth's birthday, too!!



  1. Ugh being sick and having a teething baby has to be hard, glad y'all are feeling better.

    Way to go telling the company to get you the tickets, BOOOYAH!

  2. Sounds like a blast!!! Love the pictures in the stadium! Football games are way more fun in person.

  3. Happy Birthday Chad! What an awesome weekend/gift.

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  5. So fun!!!
    I think I love tailgating as much (more than???) as the games themselves. Looks like you had yourself a pretty stellar weekend!