Our Weekend

This past weekend was not as action-packed as last weekend (maybe because it was only two days instead of four), but we still managed to have some fun and keep this cold going around our family.

Thursday, I bribed Cam with Mick-ack-donalds (as he calls it) to get his hair cut for picture day on Friday. When I picked him up from school after pictures, I asked him if he smiled, and he said, "No, I just didn't know what to do." So, we'll see how those come out. I'm hoping they're similar to last year's picture because I still laugh when I look at it. 

Anyways, Chad whipped up another delicious Plated dinner of Pork Chops, Sweet Potato and Apple Cider Polenta. YUM! (If you want a free week, leave your email address, and I'll send you an invite! It's the best!)

Friday afternoon, Cam had soccer and was still more interested in hanging on my leg and eating snacks. Maybe next year will be the year he actually kicks the ball!

Friday night, Chad and I had plans to go out with our friends, but their baby got sick, so we took advantage of a little "us" time. We shared lots of plates at Evo and Central Provisions and had a little too much wine (since Louise decided to wake up  eight times that night). Serioulsy, though, we always try to do at least one date a month, and this one was much needed!

When we got home, we had two sleeping beauties waiting for us.

Saturday, we got our new painting in the mail, ran a few errands, took some great naps then went to dinner with my dad. 

Sunday, Cam flew through the grocery store like he was in a rocket ship, tried to teach Louise how to roll over and broke in his new headphones. The Patriots won and both kids got a bath. #winning

He loves having his picture taken lately...

We started sleep training with Louise on Saturday night, and she screamed for 2.5 hours at bed time. She never stopped. She never fell asleep. So, I put her back in her Rock and Sleep, fed her, gave her a paci, and she slept all night. She took great naps on Sunday (1.5 - 2 hour naps!), fell asleep OK on Sunday night (only about 30 minutes of crying), but when it was time to wake up for a bottle around 11:30, she screamed for another 2 hours. I finally fed her at 1:30, and she slept until 6:30. The daily schedule and naps are going great (naps at 8:30, 12:30 and 5:00), but these night time feedings are a bear. Any tips? She's still in her Rock and Play, so she's comfortable, but she would not give in and fall asleep at 11:30! Home girl has GOT to start sleeping through the night consistently. 

Anyways, that was our weekend. Oh, yeah... I had a fever of 102 on Sunday night, could NOT get warm, then woke up drenched in sweat. Today, I can't swallow, and I just want to go to bed. Fun stuff. :)


  1. All of your food looks so delicious, I'm super hungry now. And your lil babies are sooo cute :)!

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Seeing your TV mounted on the wall reminds me I need to order a TV mount... It's the small things in life. :)

  3. Your Friday night dinner looks amazing!!! If call your weekend an overall success. Sorry for the baby screaming in the middle of the night. Ugh! That's so tough (on mom more than Louise I bet.) at least that's how it is for me.

  4. You ended on such a happy note too! Not. Feel better.

    That last picture is the sweetest even if she wouldn't go to sleep. I hate sleep. Or the lack thereof. Aria was a great sleeper as a baby but she took about 2 months to sleep train and self soothe. So, time I guess?

  5. Wildly jealous of your date night. We need more of those, but just don't have any family around to make it happen as often as we'd like.
    Sending all the luck and good vibes for sleep training. We had to do that with Marcus, and it wasn't much fun for anyone.

  6. A great weekend! Abigail calls it "old McDonald's" lol.

    I'm not ready for sleep training yet. She wakes up a lot but she never cries/screams. She either just wants to hang out and party with us, or eat and eat some more. I was more hard nosed with Abigail and made her cry it out and go to sleep, but I just can't this time around. I don't have it in me! I'll sleep again someday....zzzzz lol