Our (Extra) Long Weekend

Brace yourselves for too many pictures of our weekend...

We started off with a sick day for Cam and me on Friday (with a pit stop to McDonald's for breakfast and Home Depot for pumpkins). 

Dinner on Thursday, courtesy of Plated. DELICIOUS.
Hoisin chicken in steamed buns with brussels sprouts

Chad came home with some hardware, cash and a trip from his work award's ceremony.

Saturday, we went to the doctor because Cam's ear still hurt (no fluid, just inflammation), went to the grocery store, cleaned the house and ordered take out with my Dad. 

I'll just rock her stroller, so she doesn't cry, Momma. (Seriously?)

Sunday morning, we were all up early (or all night), watched some cartoons, tried to teach Louise how to roll, dressed Louise in a ridiculous Halloween outfit and got the house ready for our Patriots' party that afternoon. 

Thanks to Ashley for the heads up on the adorableness of these tights!

Then, eight adults, five toddlers and two babies took over our house...

Monday was day four of our weekend (which I could totally get used to), and it was 70 degrees outside. As much as I wanted to keep everyone in their pajamas, I got us all ready, and we went to Smiling Hill Farm for a hayride. (There was no hay on the wagon, by the way.)

My little pumpkin pie...

And, suddenly, through the 70 degree days, fall is in full bloom in Maine.

Shew, we had a busy weekend for not having any plans!! I hope you all had a nice weekend and are enjoying Tuesday!!!


  1. You and Chad make the most adorable kids! ;-) Aside from being sick, it looks like you guys had a great weekend and I LOVE your porch decorations! Beautiful!

  2. Minus the ear inflammation your weekend was pretty much perfect!
    I'm STILL trying desperately to get my family to a pumpkin patch/farm. If it doesn't happen in the next 10 days I'm convinced it won't be happening.
    Do I spy a few Sticky Bliss bows on Louise's head?? I might be slightly in love with those. :)

  3. You just can't beat fall on the east coast! It's so beautiful. Your trees are just gorgeous.

    I'm loving your mums and pumpkins on your front porch! So cute!

  4. It sounds like you had a really nice weekend! It sounds like Cam is a great big brother! XOXO

  5. ok. best weekend ever. can i come over for next weekend?


  6. Your meal from Plated looks delish! How cute is she!

  7. Your Plated dish looks amazing!
    I hope Cam is feeling a-okay! It sucks to have a little one hurting.

  8. Those leaf pictures are gorgeous! And I love the pumpkins on the steps!