Friday Fives: Fall Fashion (according to me)

It is, without a doubt, fall in Maine. It happened quickly, but I am prepared with some recent cheap finds. I am kind of loving the color scheme: burgundy, army green and navy are taking up a lot of space in my closet these days!

If you are into Stitch Fix, you may have seen an asymmetrical cardigan floating around (or you have probably gotten it in your box). I was SO EXCITED when it appeared in my box a few months ago, but when I tried it on, it sucked. The zipper sucked and the material was way too thick, which made me look lumpy. No thanks....not for $68!

Then I found this top from Forever 21. The color and fit are so much better in person! I bought a large and LOVE IT so much that I bought it in charcoal, too. For $20, how could you not? 

Army green is definitely my color (It brings out my eyes, they say.), so I grabbed this dress, too, when I was running through Forvever 21. (Does anyone else feel way too old to be shopping in there?)

I am going to wear the heck out of this dress...with leggings, boots, flats, whatever I can. It's so darn comfortable and fairly flattering for being so baggy. It's a whole $28, but totally worth it. ;)

While I am on my cheap-o shopping spree here, I will throw in the cross-body bag I bought from Old Navy. I carry a small clutch that holds just my phone and credit cards. I throw it in the diaper bag, and it works just fine. However, when I go somewhere without kids, I need something to throw my clutch and keys into, so I picked up this beauty for $18. Love the color. Love the style. (You could get the super nice Madewell version here, too!)

If you haven't seen Jess' IG shop, Pearl and Monroe, you are missing out! She posts products daily, and they are so affordable. I snagged this plaid poncho and can't stop wearing it. It's like being wrapped in a blanket all day!

BOOTIES...I have been on the hunt for the perfect bootie, and I picked up two pairs at Nordstrom Rack the other day, but I feel so clueless about how to wear them. It gets cold and snowy in Maine, so I don't want a gap between my boyfriend jeans and my booties because my ankles will get cold. Help me! How do you wear boyfriend jeans in the winter? And how do you wear booties? With leggings? I am still playing around, but I do love my finds!

What have you found for fall? I know some of you took advantage of the ShopBob Friends and Family sale, but I didn't get my act together in time. Whomp. Whomp.

Happy Weekend!


  1. fall fashion according to me involves yoga pants. so its a good thing you were in charge of writing this post.

    but booties FOR THE WIN. and i want to be wrapped in a blanket all day!!

  2. SUCH good picks! Booties are my fave ... skinny jeans, a dress, leggings ... anything really! Loving those colors, too!

  3. OMG all soo good! I love that poncho...need to investigate.

  4. I love that poncho. I have one that is more winter-ish (the colors) but I love it so.

  5. Pearl and Monroe has the best stuff! I haven't ordered anything yet but you bet I will be soon!

    I got toms booties last fall so I'm still learning how to wear them but I like them most with my bootcut jeans. I don't do much with leggings but will occasionally wear them with my skinny jeans. Though I'm no fashionista lol


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  8. So many cute things! I feel the same way about a lot of the things in my Stitch Fix boxes... although I still think it's fun and end up buying something from each box. I love my small cross body bag. When I take O out and it's just us I usually bring a bag with snacks, water etc. to keep in the car or stroller and I keep my keys / phone / wallet / sunglasses in my little cross body like you said. It's the best option right now!

  9. Bummer about the StitchFix top, but that dress is cute, as are the booties. It's sill very much not fall here, so I'll just pine away at all the great clothes everyone else gets to wear right now.

  10. I actually have the assymetrical sweater snd love it; however, I don't often zip it! And yay for booties. I still want a pair bit have yet to pick the perfect ones.