Friday Favorites: Recent Finds

Happy Friday and long weekend!!

I love blogging for so many reasons but mostly because you all introduce to me to so many new things. It's usually clothes or home decor (and my husband hates you for it), but I have also come across so many new resources for cleaning, cooking, parenting, decorating, living, you name it...

So many of you have talked about it, so I bought this book and printed this list, and our house has less "stuff" in it. Chad loves me even more now and Goodwill just got a huge donation of really nice name brand clothes. Sigh. 

(Have you read it? It's pretty intense...I may do a Cliff's Note version of it.)

Maybe I am the last one to this party, but the Recipe Critic is my new best friend. Chad and I struggle between eating healthy and eating quick/cheap, but she has some delicious dinners (more on the quick/cheap side) that even I can make! Taco Stroganoff, Steak and Tortellini Salad...YUM!

I've also used Plated twice and LOVE IT. 
We didn't like Blue Apron, so I am happy that Plated works for us!

This blogger makes me insanely jealous of her wardrobe (which I'm sure she gets for free), but I basically told my Stitch Fix stylist to send me anything that she wears. :)

Also, her size 2 body makes anything look good, but I can still dream, right?!

Not only have a discovered a bunch of fun new mom blogs over the past few weeks, but they have introduced me to some wonderful parenting tips and ways to live life EASIER. Enter no bake energy balls. I know these are so 2008, but this recipe is SO EASY, and I can whip them up in a second. (We add cinnamon because we add cinnamon to everything, and they are delicious.)

Colleen is such a fun, hands-on mom, so when she shared this Fall Scavenger Hunt printout, I knew we would have to try it. (We are having four families, with seven kids, over this weekend, so I am totally printing this off to get the kids outside!)

Have a great long weekend!! We have a few plans - a fall festival, a football game, a football party (hence the four families and seven kids) and Monday of just me, Cam and Louise!


  1. We used the scavenger hunt during a neighborhood walk. We weren't able to find 3 items but that allowed us to carry the fun over to the next evening.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I've seen that book floating around a lot. Would LOVE the cliffnotes version :) haha And I've seen that girls outfit posts on Pinterest and I just drool over them! Her outfits are on my stitchfix board a lot. Hope you guys have a good weekend! Sounds like you'll have a full house!

  3. A cliftnotes version of that book would be wonderful! I've been meaning to read it but my Kindle is cluttered....I do love the irony of that statement.

  4. ok. i need to read that book. like a year ago.

    and i want her wardrobe too. AND her size 2 bod.

  5. I've been wanting to read that book too! Ahhh! xx

  6. I may be the only one not loving that book. I bought it, read a fourth of it and promptly forgot about it. At least it's on my kindle so I don't have to worry about throwing it away, right??

  7. Ah I see that girl all over Pinterest! I wanna be her.

  8. Best book ever! We just went room by room and it feel so good! We gave away so much and threw away so much! The deal was if we decluttered, we could get a cleaning lady - best deal ever! Clean house on so many levels!

  9. I have no idea who that blogger is but yeah, imma need both of the outfits she is wearing.

    1. I don't know if the top and bottom are the same, but its Caitlin from ! She wears the cutest stuff! Enjoy!

  10. Would love a cliff notes version of that book please! Need to seriously do some de-cluttering in my house...

  11. That book is on my to-read list too! But really I should be making Conor read it since he is he one who has a harder time getting rid of things.

  12. Pretty sure I need that book. My husband is always saying we have too much stuff.
    Those energy bites are a huge hit in our house! I shared that same recipe this week. Oh so delicious.