Five on Friday: Spending Money

I am spending money left and right. Chad thinks I have a part-time job that he doesn't know about, but really I just find really good deals or justify spending the money because we NEED something (yeah, right).

We are going to Roanoke, VA, next week and flying with both kids! I found tons of "helpful" lists, but this one took the cake. It has everything including different toys to bring for different age groups. I even bought the diaper backpack they suggested. So, if you're flying in the future with kiddos, check out this list!

I just bought one of these for each of the kids' closets, so I can pick out their outfits on Sunday, and have one less thing to do in the mornings. (You can take out the divider on the bottom two shelves, so there are five slots - one for each weekday!) I am way too excited to start using these. 

I am starting to collect some sweet stuffies (lovies) for Louise and am starting with the oh-so adorable Candy Kirby doll, Isla. Her hair is a little darker than Louise's (non-existent) hair, but I love the skirt and the bow, so she'll be just fine. Do you have any other shop recommendations that make adorable dolls or stuffed animals?

We had a get together awhile ago for Chad's co-workers, and his boss' wife was sweet enough to buy all of the kids a gift. One kid got a SmartMax set and one stick got left behind. It has been Cam's favorite toy for weeks. He sticks it to something to see if it's metal (magnetic) and thinks it's hilarious. He brings it to stores, Papa's house, restaurants, etc...I was going to buy him a set of his own, but A) I don't want those balls rolling around our house and B) He apparently doesn't need more than one stick to stay entertained!

Homegirl is our best friend right now because Louise has two teeth! We've been expecting teeth for about two moths now because Louise shoves her fist (and everything else) in her mouth and drools a river constantly. BUT, they finally popped through yesterday (10/22), so we are on the hunt for some great teething toys. Any suggestions?

I hope you all have a great weekend!! We have a few plans - a Pinnochio play for Cam, some friends over for dinner, oh, and the PATRIOTS game on Sunday!! I cannot wait to drink beer for twelve hours with no kids. :) (But I will miss them terribly, I know.)

Happy Weekend!


  1. HOORAY for teeth!!! We've been waiting on teeth over here... and that backpack looks amazing!

  2. Two teeth already!?! Crazy. Love that outfit organizer idea - genius! And have you heard of Magnatiles? The preschoolers LOVE them (and so do I actually!). They are so much fun and don't have any little parts. Hope you guys have a great weekend! xo

  3. TEETH ALREADY!!! damn girl!! so we love the zoli sticks. and nuby makes a toy that goes in the freezer that has a little outer case on it that doesnt get cold. so theyre hands stay warm. its cute!

    ONE STICK. i'm dying.

    and picking out everyones outfits for the week ahead? GENIUS.

  4. Love the organizer for clothes! That's such a great idea. :) and Sophie the giraffe is a favorite in our house too.

  5. Oh, that doll is so cute! Every baby needs a Sophie when teething.

  6. Sophie is our BFF too! I just know some toofers will be here any day but nothing! Just all the signs of it.

    Have a fun trip to VA!

  7. Love the idea of the organizer for the kids clothes for the week, I need to do that!

  8. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  9. That shelf divider is awesome!! I'm trying to justify if I need it (I do - I know the husband will disagree).
    Sophie! Marcus wasn't at all interested in her, but I'm hoping Julia will be. Though Julia is only 10 weeks, she's drooling quite a bit, and will stuff her pudgy little hands in her mouth if they make it to her face. Please tell me we aren't already teething.
    12 kid-free beer-drinking hours?!! So. Jealous.

  10. Ugh, teeth are the worst! And that doll is adorable. Unfortunately, neither of my boys have been into lovies!